Monday, August 27, 2007

"Up so early feel so bright! Didn't get much sleep last night!"

Once more into the breech. Been ages, sick of apologizing to you guys - you understand i'm sure. Life's been hectic, baby, work, blah blah blah...

On August 23rd i turned 30, which was fine, and Saturday past (the 25th) Sarah threw me a little suprise shindig, which was amazing! I've got a nice Kent gift card to work with - the DVD Shelves will be done ASA-friggin-P!

Huge shout outs to everybody, Sarah N Nicole (my ladies!), Russ n Lisa, Chuck n Nicole, Andy n Tracy(Gun show!), Jon n Beth (Love the book - you spoil me dammit!), Jon n Kate, Chris, Brian n Sandra, and of course, my folks and the in-laws for just being awesome.
Huge props also to the guys who couldn't make it: Dana, Jeff (Great to hang out n play games again man... ) Kev (miss ya bro, can't wait till yer back in town), Mark n Daisy (who made up for it with Montanas! Hope you guys had a GREAT first anniversary!) Mark n Mike (two great guys to work with), and Ken (compadre, and senior Microplay guy). And anyone else i may have missed.

Maybe it's the age and what not - but being all introspective and sappy - a guy couldn't ask for a better circle of friends, you guys all kick ass.

So yeah, A message to Southpeak interactive: Where the fuck is my copy of Two Worlds you sons of bitches! People in America have been playing this damn game since last week - and after having it's ship date shuffled oh, somewhere between 10 and 200 times, I STILL don't have a copy of the damn game (which i pre-paid, i might add.) in my hands! If i didn't love the PC version so much when i tried it a few months back - i'd say screw your damn title and move on . I haven't seen this degree of unprofessional bullshit from a software publisher since the NES days.

In other game news, Bioshock is as good as you've heard. It's downright amazing on a game design level. Not quite the counter-argument to Ebert's "Games are not art." comment, but still amazing stuff. Oddly enough, from a storytelling point of view- i still prefer The Darkness - but that's just me. Also been playing a lot of Guitar Hero II on the 360, and Sheavy axe-slinger Dan Moore has seen fit to give the vanilla-white blandness of the 360's X-plorer guitar a fresh lick of paint for me - the results were downright amazing.

In other news - I have become a total Conan freak! My love of Robert E. Howard's sullen-eyed Cimmerian has become something boardering on obsession. I've picked up some amazing books, including "Conan: The Ultimate Guide To The World's Most Savage Barbarian", which was a fascinating read, and the latest collected TPB of Dark Horse Comic's amazing Conan run. Doubly exciting is our return to pen and paper RPG-ing. Mark's been running a damn fun Eberron campaign, and in September i'll be starting up a campaign set in Conan's own Hyborian Age! I can't freaking wait.

Musically - the new Sheavy CD - The Machine That Won The War - has finally made it into my posession - and i must say, it is one hell of a package. Beautifully done 2-disc set. If you can track down a copy, i highly recommend it.

Haven't seen too much in movies lately - Wild Hogs sucked bad, The Simpsons movie was damned awesome, and i'm on a bit of a Robocop kick.

Samantha is doing awesome - she's got a grin that would light up a room, Abby is doing well, Sarah is good, and Work is the same as always (we're moving shop in September, which is going to be busy as hell, and also suck very much).

That's all for now,

The Rundown:

Watching: Pathfinder/Robocop/Rome Seasons 1 & 2/Deadwood Season 3/Basilisk
Playing: TMNT (xbox360)/Persona 3 (ps2)/Conan(xbox)
Listening To: Powderfinger - Dream Days at the Hotel Existence/Jet - Shine On/The Travelling Wilburys vols 1 n 3
Reading: Conan (D20)/Conan - The Hall of the Dead and Other Stories / Dragonlance: The Elven Nations Trilogy
Working On (tm & (c) KJCW): Nothing at the moment.


"This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, then please, leave me be."


Mitch said...

Moving shop? Didn't you guys just switch locations last year?

Jon said...

Yeah, but it just hasn't been the same since I quit. they figure a change of scenery will downplay the depression of being Jonless.

SteveTP said...

We took over a larger store- now we're moving that store. I think back to how much it blew moving the contents of our place into the location we're in now - and i shudder at the thought of how much it's gonna blow moving ALL THAT SHIT AND MORE into our new digs. Right now it's an empty shell in a strip mall, and my boss has recruited me (the only one he'll trust with a hammer, saw or paint brush) to aid in the rennovations - fun times! I spent all morning running coaxial cable for the TV's and painting T-bar in the cieling.