Saturday, July 14, 2007

"There's something happening here... what it is ain't exactly clear..."

It's been ages, I know. I'm at that point in my life where i'm kept so goddamn busy that what little free time i do get is wasted on some unwinding with a game or a movie. To say i just haven't had the mental fortitude to write anything witty or worthwhile would be the understatement of the year. And rather than look at this whole bloggity thing as a chore - and waste my time with half assed attempts and polls and such, I figure i'd just wait until my head was in the right place and go from there - so here I am.

First things first - The Busted controller as many may remember it no longer exists. I just haven't had the time or energy to focus on reviews like i once did. the move from Microplay to Microplay-Jumbo Video combo store has drained any possibility of creativity whilst working from me, and reviews in the past were always something i could put together in the slow time and polish at home. So it's looking like the Dead rising review (published over there in October of 2006) was my last for the time being. Don't get me wrong - there are a ton of games out there that i would love to share my opinion on in a more professionally written manner - the big guns of last year, some of the amazing stuff we've seen so far this year, and some of the stuff to come. I may get back into the swing of things down the road - and i hope i do, but for now i've converted the BC into a collection list. so yeah, head on over there if you want to check out my Game collection in all of it's glory. I've been doing a solid job of keeping my excel spreadsheet updated, and it's relatively easy to port that stuff over to the site - so expect to see it maintained regularly. I'll also be spicing up the look a little in the days or weeks to come.

was freaking excellent - go see it if you haven't, and if you have, go see it again! Live Free or Die Hard was a colossal letdown - don't waste your time on castrated action fare. Am I the only person alive looking forward to The Simpsons Movie?

Family update - Samantha is doing very well. Alert, aware, laughing and cooing, all that fun stuff. Abby has been giving us a bit of grief around bedtime - just being an almost 4 year old i guess. Hard to believe it's been that long. But everyone is good, and that's all that matters.

Game wise - Snagged Guitar Hero II for the Xbox360, and find it improved on the PS2 one in a big way, most notably in the Iron Maiden department - The Trooper kicks ass! Also getting back into Oblivion again. I'd lost all my save games in a memory card related mishap, so i've started over - and the game still blows my mind with how damn good it is. I've just hit the Shivering Isles expansion, and it's excellent so far.

Best of '07 so far!

Ran through The Darkness - a first person shooter based on a shitty comic book from the mid-90's. The game was freakin excellent all around. One of the best new titles i've played so far this year. Solid 9 game!
kicks ass as well. If the idea of playing as a Sauron looking mother fucker with a hoard of gremlins following you around eating sheep and burning hobbits (sorry, Harflin's), all infused with that trademark British wit by way of Pratchett/Python sounds like a good time to you, well - find this game. It's an 8 for sure.

Tracked down a copy of the new
Smashing Pumpkins CD, called Zeitgeist, over the last week or two, and i must say it is goddamn awesome (thanks Mark!). It'd been ages since i've listened to the band - i did own Mellen Collie and Siamese Dream back in the day, but sold them off shortly after Adore killed my interest. I've since gone back and re-listed to a bunch of the old stuff - man these guys were amazing in the day. I'd put Siamese Dream right up there with Ten, Nevermind, and Badmotorfinger as classic representations of the best the 90's had to offer musically. Need to re-buy all their discs now... damn.

Dang fine little Reunion album ya got there!

See Renaissance yet? No? Dammit people what's with you? It'll be available on R1 DVD from July 24th, after that you have no excuse!

Buy it! Watch it! Love it!

Ta for now,

The rundown:

Renaissance / The Relic / The Thing / Platoon / Falling Down / Transformers

Oblivion (xbox360) / Guitar Hero II (xbox360) / The Darkness (xbox360) / Overlord (xbox360) / Motorstorm (PS3) / Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)


Listening to:
Sheavy - The Machine That Won The War / Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist / Smashing Pumpkins - Mellen Collie and the Infinite Sadness / Chris Kirby - on Rum and Religion / The Music - Welcome to the North

Looking Forward to:
Pathfinder: Unrated (DVD) / 300 (DVD) / Two Worlds (xbox360)



"First we find her, then we sleep."


Mitch said...

Yep, you're the only person alive looking forward to The Simpsons Movie.

SteveTP said...

Sometimes it feels that way - seems like every person i talk to is all, "Simpsons has sucked for years - movie shoulda came out 10 years ago... blah blah Conan O'Brian... blah blah blah Phil Hartman..."

Lebowski said...

Even though it might have been better 10 years ago (no way of knowing yet, since I haven't seen it of course), better late than never. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm sure I'll laugh a few times.

Lebowski said...

It was hilarious.