Wednesday, May 09, 2007


L to R: Cecilia (my Mom), Tom (my Dad), Samantha (the small one), Sarah (Wifey), Me (The ugly one), Georgie (Sarah's Mom) - Sarah's Dad is absent - someone had to watch Abby!

Sorry it's been so long folks. Been busy!

Here it is:


born May 9th, 2007 2:30 am.

Mom and Baby are great!

Hope to hear from you all soon -

Miss the verdict gang - hope all is well.

My xbox360 came back today! (same day as the baby - you were right Danno)

It's 5:30 in the AM - i'm having a victory breakfast (Cold pizza hut and a diet Dr. Pepper) and then i'm going to sleep!

Life is grand!

Cheers all,



Mitch said...

Congats, bud! Let me know if you ever find out who the father is and we'll go kick his ass.

SteveTP said...

Thanks man, you gas up the truck and grab some firepower - this bastard is toast.

Jon said...

You guys wouldn't hit a man with glasses would you?

kevin said...

make sure you got your contacts in jon...they won'y hit a man in contacts...

bmwracer said...

Congrats, STP!!! :)

Chris (Mombie) said...

Congrats! Cute kid you've got there. :)

StoneGut said...

We holy crap - congrats man ... great new.

oh yah ... kid toooooo.

She's cute even though you're the dad. Go Figure!!

Talk to you soon my friend.

Annie said...

Whoa! Belated congratulations to you all from me! :D