Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Got my soul singing my soul singing!"

Yep, still alive. It's been a while, for that I apologize, or accept your gratuitous thanks, whichever you prefer. At any rate, if you look foreward to our little visits - be happy. If you've been praising the Gods in my absense, you're prayers remain unanswered - perhaps a change of faith is in order. I recommend Chinese Alchemaen Sorcery (you are not put upon this world to GET IT!).

What's all the news? Well, the Sheavy DVD show was awesome - i shot a bunch of raw stuff from all over the place. Whether any of it gets used is out of my hands - but i thought it turned out pretty good. At any rate - the guys put on an amazing show, simply amazing. And this DVD is going to own.

Myself and a small crew (The wife, Mark, Daisy, Chris, Jon, Larry) caught the midnight launch screening of 300, which was quite the piece of work. Quite possibly the best theater-going experience I've had since Lord of the Rings Trilogy Tuesday back in '04. Beautifully filmed, with some wonderfully staged and jaw-droppingly beautiful action sequences. Old-school epic storytelling at it's finest. It's going to take a lot to knock this one off of the best of '07 throne, but the year is young.

Amazing stuff!

Meanwhile, work has been madness since Monique left - leaving pretty much all of the "behind the scenes" mumbojumbo resting on my shoulders. My days have become far too short to get much of anything done, and work just keeps piling. A few weeks back, myself and a few of the guys whooked up on Xboxlive for a bit of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 action (which is awesome by the way) and had a total blast. Ken runs out into gunfire, gets downed, myself and Dan provide cover fire while Brian runs out to get his sorry ass off the ground, all of us shouting into headsets frantically the whole time. Awesomeness. So after a particularly hairy Tuesday and Wednesday last week, i get home from work - quickly change into a pair of flannells, grab a Coors Lite, and head for the xbox 360. Pop in Graw 2, get a game invite from the Stringvulture almost instantly, and my system dies. An entire night of Xbox live action gone, and my 360 wasted along with it. So I have 15 or so 360 games in various states of completion sitting on the shelf gathering dust while i find a way to replace my busted box. Yes, it sucks. I've been catching up on my PS2 stuff at any rate. Actually enjoying the first God of War - who'd a thunk it?

The bane of my existence!

In other news, we did grab an upscale DVD player after returning our bunk Laser printer (no toner??? WTF???) and I've been catching up on my movies. Finally managed to see Children of Men and Blood Diamond, which have caused me to re-think my top ten of '06 list in a big way. Both were amazingly well done flicks. The picture on this bad boy through HDMI on the 50" is goddamn awesome too. Grabbed a few of the Bond re-releases on the cheap, and have been enjoying them to - which I figured wouldn't be possible after the awesomeness of Casino Royale. Even scarier, For Your Eyes Only, a goddamn Roger Moore outing, is probably in my Bond top 5.

Mark has been bringing around a crazy amount of board games lately - not like Sorry or Monopoly or any of that shit - but full fledged strategy boardgames like A Game of Thrones (based on the George R.R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire books) The Fury of Dracula, which is awesome, and War of the Ring (based, of course on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings) which is downright godly. Sarah has gotten in on the action - more so than i have - i burn out on board games pretty quickly - but i must say, we've been having a blast!

Finally, I've finally, after 16 years of hunting, landed a box of G.I Joe trading cards. These things were first released back in 1991, amidst the Marvel Super Heroes/DC Heros trading card fad that lasted 2-3 years, and were near impossible to find in my neck of the woods. Cracked that sucker open (still factory sealed!) and started sorting - and came up 22 cards short of a full set. Still, these things are awesome, and a must for any fan of the "real American Hero" era of G.I. Joe. Now i need to scour the interweb for mint condition singles!

One box of AWESOME!

Less than 5 weeks till Sarah's due - Mom n Baby are coming along fine.

I'll be back within the week with my revised "Top 10 movies of 2007 - complete with new best film of the year". Stay tuned

The Rundown:

Children of men / Blood Diamond / The Spy Who Loved Me / For Your Eyes Only / Happy Feet / 300 / Sahara / Megadeth - That one Night (Live in Argentina)

Playing: God of War (ps2) / God of War II (Ps2) / Driver: Paralell Lines (xbox) / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Listening to:
The Tragically hip - In Between Evolution / Sheavy - Republic / Megadeth - The System has Failed / The Black Crowes - Lions

Working on (borrowing from Kev):
Getting the game library catalogued in Excel / The book / The Script



"That diamond is my ticket off this godforsaken continent!"


Mitch said...

Took ya long enough.

For Your Eyes Only is a great flick. (Mmmm...Carole Bouquet.) I think The Spy Who Loved Me is the best typical Moore Bond flick (you know--goofy and over the top), but FYEO still blows it outta the water.

Planning on getting to Running Scared this weeked, along with Happy Feet and Children of Men. I need something to get the taste of Black Christmas out of my mouth.

SteveTP said...


Freakin loved Running Scared, watched it again last week actually. Don't listen to the pretentious wankers on the Verdict. Vera is awesome...

Really enjoyed The Spy Who Loved Me too actually - MUCH better than the old Connery Blofeld junk.

Children of Men is fighting for top spot on my list right now - amazing flick - suprisingly breezy though compared to what i was expecting.

Happy Feet was great too, in that "warm the heart" sorta way.

Mitch said...

When have you ever known me to listen to those pretentious wankers? Screw 'em.

And we'll probably have to listen to the same shit when Smokin' Aces hits. Screw 'em then, too.

Jon said...

You sandbaggin' son of a b****!! Took you long enough.

So, five weeks until you're not allowed to leave the house, you get outnumbered three to one, and Sarah makes you sell off all your old action movies to make room for Baby Einstein DVDs? Or is this little one going to learn at a very young age what Roger Murtaugh thinks of diplomatic immunity?

Man, that short lived reign of the board games was a scary time, and I didn't play a single one.

Sorry I haven't been around as much. I'm up to my neck in storyboards, and myself and the rest of the Animated Dead are thinking of quitting our jobs if we can score a loan and just going flat out on this until we can sell it. That would sure beat answering phones for Sprint. I hate Murphy Brown.

SteveTP said...

5 weeks till none of the above - well except for the outnumbered part. But i fight best when i'm outnumbered. ;)

i can dig the free time thing - still hoping to get pen n paper action started very soon - have a new player on the line, and Dana is still interested.

Jon said...

Yeah, I think I've just about had my fill of the verdict now. They're running Dirty Harry through the politics and religion debate crap. Dirty Harry!! Bunch of pretentious prigs.

Kai-chan said...

if your xbox reaches the ring of death, do the follow trick:
you just wrap a towel around it and turn your xbox on for 10 minutes. then turn your xbox off. take the towel off and turn you xbox back on.