Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Me and You, You and I, Watch the World Explode From My Celestial HiFi"

Why in God's name am I watching Armageddon?

DVD player at work is toast, so i'm working through our pretty extensive VHS library, which has been pretty fun. Man I love the 90's. As far as movies go, it's really a total mirror of the 70's - for every daring bit of original filmmaking, stuff like Seven, Pulp Fiction, Miller's Crossing, or The Usual Suspects, we had our cheese-ridden spectacles like Armageddon or Independance Day. It's the biggest kind of irony that so many people who were "of age" when 70's cinema was in it's prime look down their noses at the 90's - both decades were pretty much identical. Ok, so the 90's didn't have Francis Coppola firing on all cylinders, but other than that? The same. I suppose you're gonna tell me The Towering Inferno is better than Twister hey? Inferno may have had McQueen, but it didn't have the Paxton Factor, or evil corporate stormchasers.

In other news - God has finally hit his "fook you" switch and dumped on us. We had something like 45 centimetres overnight Sunday and Monday, which pretty much means a 20-foot high pile of snow in the center of our street, and 4-5 feet of snow in the place of sidewalks on the major roadways. Coming in one of our major highways last night i felt inclined to start quoting the Death Star run from star wars. I coulda sworn that as i approached my exit i could hear Ben Kenobi's voice in my head, "Use the force Steve... this is your exit... hit your turn signal..."

Sheavy played a particularly kick ass show on February 10th, unfortunately i missed their show the week before, which i'm told also kicked ass. Imagine my pleasant suprise when i get home last night after an excursion to costco to find the entirety of the 10th show waiting for me in my inbox (sort of). Great quality recording taken right from the soundboard (Thanks Dan, yer a prince). I left the camera at home this time, so no pictures.

In other Sheavy news, the guys are planning a new album and DVD release tentatively for May, the DVD shoot will be happening on March 3rd at Holy Heart Auditorium. I'm told there's gonna be an amazing light show, a wall of Marshall amplification, and one hell of a tight set of rock n roll. If you're able - you should really be there. I'll be bringing along the camcorder and shooting handheld all night - should be a blast!

Blog wise - it seems like both Mitch and Dan are now AWOL. Figures. Not me baby! I might even start another one, and update the Busted Controller sometime this century.

Not a whole lot going on game-wise, or movie-wise for that matter. Hell, not a whole lot going on in general. Playing PSone games on PSP is pretty awesome. Have Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger and Vagrant Story

The Rundown:

Watching: Raiders of the Lost Ark / The Italian Job / Armageddon / The Mummy / Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Listening To: Sheavy - Republic / Powderfinger - Vulture Street / Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome

Reading: Nada right now.

Playing: Chrono Trigger (psone) / Call of Duty 3 (xbox360) / Oblivion (xbox360)

Eating: Granola bars.


"This is the Earth, at a time when the Dinosaurs roamed a lush and fertile planet. A piece of rock just 6 miles wide changed all that."


Mitch said...

Yeah, yeah, whatever. It's not my fault. Well, I guess it is my fault. I was screwing around with someone I knew nothing about and messed the template up royally.

And you're watching Armageddon because it rules.

SteveTP said...

Shoulda used protection.

And yeah, i guess elements of Armageddon do rule - man that cast was insane.

Mitch said...

Shit--I meant "something I knew nothing about." Can't yell at my nephew and type at the same time.

Jarhead--Saturday night.

"If I weren't a Christian, I'd be throwin' yo fat, pineapple-eatin' ass through the window!"

SteveTP said...

ahh, gotcha. I miss the Thunder Mitch...

Let me know what you think. Don't expect Three Kings or non-stop action and you shouldn't be disappointed.

"Little Richard, we goin to the top baby!"

Mitch said...

Have no fear, bud--the Thunder shall return.

"Hang in there, Little Richard! Somebody dial 911!"

He who is Jon said...

Take your most cunningly designed technological thriller...your most explosive action spectacular...your most mind-blowing special effects extravaganza...and multiply it by Paxton.

SteveTP said...

Are you ready for Action???

Action to the power of PAXTON!


bmwracer said...

Hey STP,

Just dropped by to say hi... It's been a while. :)

SteveTP said...

Good to see ya beamer.

I still drop by your joint every now and again ;)