Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Post Christmas Update

Hello loyal readers (all 2 or 3 of you). Hope your Christmas was good all around. Bit of a mixed bag for me this year. Found out, while at my aunt's place for the traditional "KFC on Christmas Eve at Signal Hill" get together, that one of the most cherished people in my life, the closest thing in the world i have to a sister, passed away suddenly. Angela was home just this past August, when she and her daughter Chelsea (whom Abby gets her middle name from) were bridesmaids at the wedding. She was 33 years young, and we still don't know for sure what happened. Initial belief was that she took her own life, but we're waiting for confirmation on that one.The funeral was yesterday, myself and Sarah trekked out over the highway to be there, and i was a pallbearer, which was an honor. It was great to see Chelsea (my other sis) who's taking it pretty well, and her dad, whom i haven't seen in over ten years. She's going to be moving in with him and starting in a new school - i wish her all the best. Sad times all around.

The Christmas Eve get together at the Casa De Power did go off without a hitch, and i did my best to enjoy myself - the Sake was awesome Johnny boy.

Christmas day was awesome - Satan Claus was kind, as usual:

- Darth Tater and a Spudtrooper from Abby
- M:I: III in a nice limited tin - Guitar Hero II (rock!)
- A new leather Desk Chair (from the inlaws)
- Kiss pajamas!
- Optimus Prime in all his Transformers: Alternators glory
- Rob Roy (thanks Mark)
- A Hot Wheels radar gun! (i'm dishing out speedin' tickets to the cats!)
- Some assorted Junk food

And best of all Some new speakers for the home theatre!
These things sound awesome.

Abby did well also - got her fish tank, a few movies, and some toys, and Sarah got enough DVD season sets to keep her busy for a few weeks, and her book (Where is My Cow - by Terry Pratchett) was a huge hit. Work was insane throughout the week - Andy's place the day after Boxing Day was quite a bit of fun, and there's another get-together coming up at my place tomorrow night that should be a hoot.

That's it for now - there may be some big news coming in the next week or two - stay tuned.

The Annual top-10 should also be posted by Tuesday at the latest.


"They Didn't Even Ask Me Any Questions..."


Mitch said...

Big news? What big news? (At least this time I know what it's not.)

I'm headed up there so we can test them speakers out. I'm bringing my Blu-ray player, Kingdom of Heaven, and The Last Samurai. Want me to grab Pearl Harbor too? Them sumbitches are nice. I had to Google 'em; they don't sell 'em down here.

SteveTP said...

Sure - why not grab Pearl Harbor. Especially If it's the Director's cut with the extra bits of hamburger added.

Yeah, damn nice speakers - from what i've been told they're built by JBL for Quest specifically for the Canadian market. Always liked JBL - my old JBL 800's have served me very well over the years. Bring it on man!

Mitch said...

The Pearl Harbor Blu-ray is the theatrical cut. No severed head, no intestines, no racial insensitivity from Sizemore. But I didn't have to pay for it, so I ain't complaining.

Those speakers do look a little JBL-ish. My brother used to have some JBLs. You could put a stick of dynamite in the bass port and not damage those things.

I'm thinking about picking up a new subwoofer. My nephew's dying to use the Best Buy gift card he got for Christmas, so it looks like a road trip is in order.

Dunnyman's Castle said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, my friend. 33 is way too young to go.

Dan Mancini said...

Big news? What big news?

He's finally getting gender-reassignment surgery. It's gonna be kinda weird when you're finally a full-fledged man with bobo and everything, Steve. Just know that we've accepted and supported you through the long years of cross-dressing and hormone therapy, and we'll continue to accept and support you during and after the surgery.

You're the man, Steve (or at least you will be).

SteveTP said...

Dammit Dan, i said it was too early!

Mitch said...

Thank the maker. Steve sure made one damn ugly woman.

Dan Mancini said...

Steve sure made one damn ugly woman.

That's just a Steve thing. Steve doesn't have what it takes to pull off that face, whichever gender he chooses. I mean, Steve's features look pretty friggin' adorable on Abby, but on Steve they just look like, well, Steve.

Or maybe it's the beard.

Mitch said...

I still say Abby looks like the milkman.

Dan Mancini said...

Well, it would serve Steve right for being so lazy he can't get off his ass, go to the grocery, and buy milk.

Since this is Canada we're talking about, it's probably a government-subsidized milkman, too.

Mitch said...

I hope so. The thought of Steve being cuckolded by a civil servant has made my day.

SteveTP said...

We don't have a Milkman dammit! That's one of those Americana concepts that's totally foreign to us Canucks. Like Barry Manilow.

Dan Mancini said...

All right, boys. I swear I'm gonna slap together the skeleton of "...Walk into a Bar" this weekend. I'll get it all set up with RSS feeds to my Verdict reviews and Mitch's DVDTalk Blu-Ray reviews (bastard!), a first stab at a title banner so we're not generic, etc. We can figure out the rest over the next week or so.

It should be a winner, considering our comment sections are usually more entertaining than our actual posts. Man, we suck.