Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Can Feel it Comin' in the Air Tonight... Oh Lord.

Computer troubles continue unabated. Looks like it's the CPU that's toast in my machine - which also means mad ducets need be spilt. On top of that, it seems Mom's computer (or as i like to call it, tempermental bitch) is having issues as well - restarting haphazardly and giving me power managment errors whenever there's a usb device plugged in. Tried formatting, and it crapped out mid-install - so much for that. I need some time to hook up some old gear and format again - maybe next week.

Getting geared up for Christmas, which means both myself and Abby have been crippled by what would appear to be the Ebola virus, but is in fact the flu combined with an ear infection. Joy. The Staff Christmas party is this Sunday night at our place, hoping to have everything set up by then - Festivus pole and all that. Should be a good time though.

Slowed down on movies this week - back to games again. For those "in the know", Legend of Zelda: The Twighlight Princess shipped for the Gamecube this week, and in my own opinion it annihilates the version released a month or so ago for Nintendo's new Wii console, which is essentially a Gamecube with a gimmicky motion sensitive wand which feels cumbersome and unwieldy. If you want to play this game, play it ohn the Cube for the love of Mary and Joseph. Also grabbed Metal Gear: Portable Ops for the PSP, which is impressing the hell outta me. Thanks to downloadable content, i am also once again neck deep into Oblivion. The "Knights of the Nine" content is freakin amazing stuff. Just last evening, Arames entered the sanctum of the order of the nine, and had to pass "The Gauntlet", challenging each of the spirits of the Nine to single combat. I emerged victorious, and am now scouring the continent in search of the Holy relics of the Crusader. This shit is gold!

I was gonna try and get some pics of the filmcave Version 2.0 up to share, but io left the damn digital cam at home. Sorry.

Still reading Sahara, almost done - man it takes me forever to read a book, and yet I'm a mega fast reader. Strange that.

Kev is in tomorrow, looks like i'm gonna be at the airport too. Woo!

I'm also hooked something fierce on Wendy's Bacon Chedder Melts. Dammit!

The Rundown:
Watching: The Barnyard / Miami Vice
Playing: Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess (cube)/Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP)/Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360)
Reading: Sahara by Clive Cussler
Listening To: Jeff Greene - Time to Heal / Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set / The Black Crowes - shake your Moneymaker / Starsailor - Silence is Easy
Eating: Nothing at the moment.

"Down on your marrow bones and prey!"


Mitch said...

Damn, bud, you got some kind of genetic Christmas malady? You were sick about this time last year, weren't you?

Vice finally showed up, so I gotta go.

SteveTP said...

Every year without fail man. The worst was two years ago - day before Christmas eve, i come down with an insane Stomach flu - spend the last four hours of my shift at work curled up on the floor. Thankfully it was dead that night.

Enjoy the Vice. Watch it twice, regardless of what you think the first time around.

kevin said...

I weep for your computer. and yeah...too bad about being sick. :P

I'm at the Halifax airport right now...damn i love wireless internet!

Mitch said...

Bird flu!

SteveTP said...

Bird flu? God i hope not. My immune system is pretty versatile, and i usually spit out whatever illness i get in a day or three - i blame the strict drug regimen. Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, Marijuana, Ecstasy, and Alcohol.

Kev - i'll see ya in about 90 minutes bud.

kevin said...

dude..i need wendy's stat.