Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't go swimmin' past the Drop Off!

Updating from work. Still no computer at home, the computer room feels cold and lifeless, no living thing has set foot in there in weeks outside of the cats taking a dump or whatever. It's damn eerie really - you can tell when a room doesn't see much traffic - it's like that fancy room at yer grandma's place that you were never allowed to go near. Like a museum or something - without any exhibits. Odd feeling. I don't even like setting foot in there now - i get the heebie jeebies. Maybe the room is haunted or something.

Doing a bit of work around the house in prep for Christmas, hung a French door in the front porch, which I need to install a doorknob on, and stain, I'd rather just paint the bastard, wood stain is a pain in the arse, but what the woman wants, she gets I suppose. The master bedroom has been painted as well, though not without incident. Spilled about a quarter gallon of white denim onto the carpet, which wasn't cool at all, but got all that shit out. You'd never know it was there now, which is no small feat i can tell ya. The room looks pretty good, but we need to get some shit up on the walls now. Up next is the basement, really need to pick up some drywall and get the damn walls painted. The laminate flooring may have to wait for post-Christmas due to finances, but I'd love to get the whole thing done in time for the work Christmas party - which is looking like it'll be the Sunday before Christmas.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch. Time has pretty much been evenly devoted between Final Fantasy XII, which I'm hoping to review for The Busted Controller within the next week or so, Call of Duty 3, which is still awesome, and Gears of War, which is also awesome. Awesome!

Back on a bit of a movie kick this week - watched 2 on Monday, two yesterday. Mitch, i know you my dog and all, but i actually kinda liked Renegade man. Pretty trippy, and weird as all hell, and Juliette should NEVER sing, but overall I was pretty happy with the flick. Watched Sahara, based on the Clive Cussler novel which I'm also currently reading through, and had a total blast with it. My kind of movie. I'd love to see that cast in some more Dirk Pitt adventure yarns in the future. Too bad Clive is a rotten ole bastard when it comes to movies.
yep, i liked it

Last night was Michael Mann twofer with Heat and Collateral. Heat is pretty well known and has earned its reputation. amazing flick, but Collateral is the real gem here. I freakin love the flick. Mann presents LA in such an amazing light, and the mood and tone of the whole thing is excellent. Put Tom Cruise at his very very best and Jamie Foxx alongside a great supporting cast, and you have one hell of a flick - by far the best film of 2004, and one of my absolute favorites. Can't wait to lay mitts on Miami Vice tomorrow or the next day - see if it holds up to repeat viewings as well as Collateral did.

Quick note of sadness - RIP To director Robert Altman, who died this past week - I wasn't the biggest of Bob Altman fans, I will freely admit (not enough guns or swords). Outside of
M*A*S*H, Nashville, and Gosford Park, I'd never really found anything worth repeating - but I freakin loved his most recent work, A Prairie Home Companion, and I figure he's been such a well regarded director throughout his career, he's certainly earned his fair share of fans, and it's probably a sad week for them.

Matt Mays CD was released recently, titled "When The Angels Make Contact". Pretty strange stuff overall, but so far i dig it. Still listening to the latest Tragically Hip effort as well, which grows stronger and stronger with each listen. I'm also as surprised as anyone that i actually enjoy the new Incubus CD! Gears of War, first new track off of Megadeth's forthcoming album, United Abominations, is up for free download over at the official site - get it while it's hot. It's pretty awesome.

That's it for now,

The Rundown:
Watching: Heat/Collateral/Sahara/Renegade/Clerks II
Playing: Final Fantasy XII (Ps2)/Call of Duty 3 (xbox360)/Gears of War (xbox360)/Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360)
Reading: Sahara by Clive Cussler
Listening To:
The Tragically Hip - World Container/Matt Mays - When the Angels Make Contact/The Tea Party - The Interzone Mantras/Incubus - Light Grenades
Eating: Doritos!


"That guy's being awfully forward with that donkey."


Mitch said...

You must be some kinda crazy person. Even the French hated Renegade.

SteveTP said...

The French hated it? That's because it's not about sexual self-discovery or eating croissants. Or socially retarded criminals with homosexual tenancies. Or perfectly normal situations made incomprehensible by "experimental" film making ;)

It's also not about cheese or surrendering.