Saturday, November 04, 2006

I been meaning to call you...

Back from the dead!

Sorry it's been so long - i was going to move my own blog into the slackasses column, but i didn't actually bother to make the effort - that's how slack ass I've been!

Life has been busy, very very busy. The new store is finally shaping up. Everything sort of has a home now, and I've finally stopped stickering and re-stickering inventory. I typically work solo, and with the extra traffic we've been seeing, i just haven't had the mental capacity to sit down and update for a while (some would argue i never did have the mental capacity to begin with, fair enough.)

Halloween was this past week, and myself and Abby took it upon ourselves to carve us a bitchin' jack-o-lantern - the fruits of our labors follows:

I thought it was awesome, Abby loved 'im - but Sarah made fun of us - go figure...

In other news, I've grown a little tired of Ye Olde Jury Room of late. It doesn't have anything to do with the people or the political nastiness and sniping that tends to go on in the special forum (or Special Ed forum as i like to call it). But there's been a very slowly developing paradigm shift towards television and classic cinema that's been happening over the last year or so, and it's finally reached the point where I'm just not on the same page as most of these people. I pretty much tend to just crack wise and pop in and out of the more testy threads to try and bring the levels down these days. I know my contemporary film loving self is not alone over there, but my kin have all been less chatty of late - leaving conversation to those who pretty much focus on oldies, cult or obscure as all hell horror stuff, niche bunk, and television - all topics i couldn't really give two shits about these days.

ASIDE: As far as I'm concerned, and i know this is going to sound egotistical (and there's no way around that, but people who know me personally will DEFINITELY back me up on this comment):

if i haven't heard of it - it's NOT A CLASSIC FILM!

It might be niche, it could even be a film you love, but it's not a classic because it was made before 1971, is black and white, fits the definition of film noir, won an oscar back in nineteen-tickety-two, or any combination of the above criteria. It takes a certain something special to become a classic - some of those things are public recognition and accessibility.

Back on track:
There's that bit of bile out of the way (hope i didn't burn no bridges). I'm not leaving the JR or anything, I'll still be in and out - but probably less frequently (*thank GOD* say some). I have some great friends over there, and i will always be popping in and out, but i just don't feel i have much worthwhile to add to the forum in it's present state that wouldn't cost me some friends and/or get me banned ;) Meanwhile - I've been posting a bit over on the Evil Avatar forums under the pseudonym "Virtual Machine". I strongly advise you to tread lightly over there if you decide to check it out - it's full of hardcore video game fan boys - a hive of scum and villainy if you will.

New Tragically Hip album (Called World Container for those not paying attention) kicks a lot of ass! Not quite as good as their last two, which disappointed me a tad - but still damn solid - and in my top 5 of 06 for sure!

Final Fantasy XII on PS2 is a strong... VERY VERY strong contender for game of the year! It just might have the stuff to knock Oblivion off of it's lofty perch.

A Prairie Home Companion - Robert Altman, ho hum, no interest whatsoever. Who knew it would be so damn good!

That's all for now.



"Its not hard to knock em down, it's getting them to stay down that's the trick."


Mitch said...

Sarah's nuts. That Mr. Bill pumpkin rules.

Jon said...

She is nuts, he's making his "Oh-Oh-Oh" face.

Beth and I carved a fairly rocking jack-o-latern, though it looked like an Asian super villain from the 60s.

"The Fifteen Fighting Horrors of Fin Fang Foom!!"

kevin said...

totally bitchin pumpkin. ours has mold on it now. its always sad when you have to put em down.

dude...your kitchen looks clean. how did that happen? hehe

SteveTP said...

When i clean- ohhh i clean. It's clean today too!

I'm posting from work - we had a death in the family yesterday.

My computer has bitten the big one. It went into standby mode Saturday night and never woke up. :(

Mr. Bill pumpkin! "ooohhhh nooooooo"!

kevin said...

welcome to the world of pc troubles. maybe you got the curse too now? bad voodoo magic. bad voodo..

SteveTP said...

pc troubles nothin - it's DEAD!

Dr. Criddle said...

Hey Steve,

I'm kinda feelin' you on the Jury Room getting less exciting. Although I'm pretty into oldies and obscure niche pieces, but I just about never watch TV shows with long plot arcs - who the hell has the time? I'd rather be watching a real movie.

The problem's not that people talk to much about old/obscure stuff, it's that they never talk about or like anything that I've actually seen. Nothing that comes out these days will ever be as good as said film from before the invention of the automobile. I can't count the number of times I've come back from the theater all giddy, and like two people have seen the movie in question. Five months later, the DVD comes out, everyone blind-buys it and then complains about how they wish they hadn't.

Mitch said...

Damn, Criddle's pic is cool.

Lebowski said...

Hey Mr. Power, glad to see you liked Prarie Home Companion. I loved that flick, it'll probably be on my 10 Best list (of '06) at year's end. Just so damn beautiful.

I agree about the JR room. That place is pretty dull. Hell, I'd even welcome a locked thread. I think much of the fun of that place comes from Sax these days.

SteveTP said...

I just remember the days when we could all talk about a director who hasn't been dead for 25 years or is otherwise a cult phenom. When i see threads dissing Lucas and Spielberg and Cruise and whoever i pine for the days of the Julia Roberts hate threads, when these people were still cool. :)

Dr. C - i like you man - and i don't want to sound like i'm attacking your interests in any way - but the whole tone has just shifted too far afield of what i'm used to i guess. Hell - i don't see my boy Mitch posting much these days either ;)

Lebowski - I think Prarie may woind up on mine as well - what a fun little flick. The "dangerous woman" subplot was a little iffy - but overall i loved it.

That Dusty/Lefty number towards the end had me grinnin like an idiot. I don't know who did a better job of stealing the pic, them or Kevin Kline.

I can't but think how much cooler it would have been if Clooney were actually able to play Guy Noir ;)

Mitch said...

Hell - i don't see my boy Mitch posting much these days either ;)

Place is boring now, bud. It's like a damn nursing home. Couple of old farts having the same conversations over and over. Not even a Shane Black thread-jacking could do any good. ;)

Smokestack Jones said...

Hey Steve,

Sorry you're not around the JR as much. While I'm a Classic Film lover (we can argue some other time), I hear ya about the shift towards TV on DVD (or just plain ol' TV). that's why I stopped listening to the podcasts; seems every episode was taken up with what's new on the tube.


SteveTP said...

Place is boring now, bud. It's like a damn nursing home. Couple of old farts having the same conversations over and over. Not even a Shane Black thread-jacking could do any good. ;)

I hear ya. Sense of Humor factor has gone way down as well...

While I'm a Classic Film lover (we can argue some other time)

What better place than here? What beter time than now? :)

It's not that i'm anti-classic or anything. I just see too many fatally flawed or otherwise dated or moronic, cinematic turds passed off as classics just because they starred so and so or were directed by such and such - and they're old - and more often than not, that just ain't the case. And these people turn around and shit on some damn fine modern flicks (like the '06 version of Running Scared) that deserve so much better. That whole air of pretention just pisses me off to no end. I've got nothing against lovers of classic film (i love a lot of it myself) but i hate these assholes who can't dish out the same respect for those of us who love contemporary cinema.

Mitch said...

I forgot to mention something else that gets old real fast in the JR: all the damn Joss Whedon ass-kissing. ;)

You were right--M:I:3 was pretty cool.

SteveTP said...

Yeah, i second that.

As much as i dig Firefly ;)

M:I:3 was awesome man.Sets the tone with the opening and never really lets up.

Cliche as that sounds.

Mitch said...

I thought the ending was the only weak part. Man, Abrams can actually direct...unlike Whedon. ;)

And Maggie Q's got really nice legs. Makes me wanna buy rubbers.

SteveTP said...

I really liked the ending... go figure. Especially the little epilogue.

And amen - god bless Maggie Q.

Mitch said...

Man, when she gets outta that car...hubba-hubba.

Smokestack Jones said...

While I'm a Classic Film lover (we can argue some other time)

What better place than here? What beter time than now? :)

Hey Steve,

Uh, because I don't like to argue? :-)

Anyway, I understnd your viewpoint. I've never been one to pooh-pooh current films (to me that's a sign of getting old and stodgy), but damn, it's gettin' hard to find really good movies any more.

And yeah, I hate the Whedon-kissing too. I wish I'd have never heard of the Buffyverse (or Dawson's Creek but don't get me started on other teen angst-fests).