Saturday, September 02, 2006

Coldly considering an act of cruelty

Hey folks,

Just a quick one - yeah, so the big news:

We're gonna have a baby!!!

That's right. Come May of next year, Abby's gonna have a little brother or sister, which means myself and Sarah are gonna have either another daughter or a son!

Crazy hey!!

Personally, i rooting for a girl, guys are pigs!

Also MAD congrats to Jon and Beth for finally shacking up together - it's just a matter of time now Jonny boy , before that little plastic dipstick comes back blue.

Mad congrats to Andy, for not only hooking up with a nice gal (whom i haven't met yet but seems nice) and for landing a decent paying gig.

Mad congrats to Mark for finding a sweet new gal for me to flirt with (whom i have met and who's really sweet.)

That's it for now, catch you folks on the flip with a proper update...

"Where there's smoke... There's a romantic dinner for two and a candle related mishap."


reezon said...

good luck with the kid. we've got a 2 yr old and 8 monther. life gets silly from here on out.

Charlie said...

Holy jebus! congratulations!

SteveTP said...

Reezon - thanks - do i know you from the Verdict?

Chuck - Holey jeebuz indeed - thanks man :)

Mitch said...

You telling me the Zero is now living in sin? Have you Canucks no sense of morality?

Jon with a there's a scary thought.

Congrats again, bud. You dog.


Anonymous said...

WHOA, sweet, congratulations again! Two kids? Cute times! :D


kevin said...

holy guacomolie! that's crazy! (actually the bones that I've been casting saw this coming from a mile away...) congrats dude. If it's a boy you must name him Phillipe. if it is a girl you must name her Grizelda. if you do not there will be serious consequences.

jon and beth? very nice.
andy? way to go mang.
mark? she must be mad. (just kidding..)

Soap said...

Congrats Steve but I've already told that. :)

The ORIGINAL Mr. Zero said...

Not gonna happen to me padre.
I'm too smart. I mean, the way I have it figured, you gotta have sex to have a baby. Eh? Ehh? Catch what I'm throwin' you're way?

I have the internet...I'll never need sex again.


bmwracer said...

Big, huge, grotesquely large congrats to you and the wifey, STP. :)

Dan Mancini said...

Mega-congrats, STP. That's awesome.

Personally, i rooting for a girl, guys are pigs!

Boys are fun, man, lots of fun. Plus, you don't have to shell out 20 grand for a wedding when they grow up and wanna get hitched in some sort of wildly unrealistic princess-esque extravaganza. ;)

Dunnyman's Castle said...

Have you noticed, if you look reeeeaaall close in the mirror, that there's one or two grey hairs there?
Kids'll do that to ya....
Just something to think about.

SteveTP said...

As long as they're grey and not falling out then i don't give a shit ;)

Jondre the GianT said...

Hey man, I've already said this is the oh so trendy MSN Message, but congrats on the forth coming bundle-o-joy. Man, so much has happened and where was I?

Andy has a lady and a job? (I'm proud of ya man!)

Jon and Beth are living in sin? (Way to go dood and doodette)

Mark has a girlfriend? (He's come a long way from stumbling around Benders loaded, looking for more drinks).

Good news all around!

Cptn-Grey said...

Yes it's true, it certainly is marvelous times we're all living in :)

Chris (mombie) said...

Congrats! Now you'll be twice the father you are already!

I hope that Sarah has a smooth, easy pregnancy and that Abby adjusts easily to having a sibling.

Two is a total circus, lots of fun but a ridiculous amount of poop to deal with. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats my man! :]

And I got a new lady in my life...but you didn't mention her...for shame...

haha, I kid!

Congrats again man.