Wednesday, September 27, 2006

As the day is long... We keep movin' on!

Really diggin' this whole new work schedule thing. It's almost like a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 gig. Except it's Tuesday to Saturday, and it's 10 to 6, except on Friday, when it's 2-10 - so in reality I guess it's nothing like a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 kinda gig - but that's cool - it works.

My house has actually been clean since Saturday - what the hell is going on?

First a few announcements:

- To new reader "Helmut" - that "Handsome Black man" bit is absolutely priceless - and i would have youtubed that sucker on here if i could have found it, thus violating my "no Youtube next update" stipulation. (Which i did anyway - see below...).

- To Maintcoder - welcome back - it's good to have you - congratulations, you ain't a slack ass. and i like your photos as well.

- To Mark (aka Soapy Johnson) - congratulations slackass - it's now been over a month since your last update - you sir, are a slackass.

Meanwhile - over in Stevetown, not too much exciting. I have a fouton in the filmcave now, which is solid i guess. And i may have mentioned already that my house has been clean since Saturday - which in itself is a miracle of diabetic physics or something.

Got to hear a few new CD's this past week - new releases by Sloan (great canadian rock!) and Jet (great Aussie rock).

Sloan have been puttering along for over a decade now, and are pretty well known in the maratimes, if not all of Canada, and even have a slowly growing mob of American followers. Their new one, called (cleverly enough) "Never Hear the end of It", is a collection of 30 (!) solid rock tracks pretty much in line with their past material. I don't think it's going to win them any new fans, but the old ones will surely be pleased.

Jet, meanwhile, had been coasting through the mainstream suffering the slings and arrows of the typically blase mentality of the MTV2 generation. Despite them being a kick ass Rock n roll band that play out like the bastard offspring of Oasis and AC/DC, they've been the object of ridicule on a near Metallica level. Well their sophmore album, titled (not so cleverly i guess) "Shine On", won't win them new fans either - but it most definitely kicks a lot of ass. They've mellowed out some, and the songwriting has matured drastically, which may turn off those who got into em purely for their AC/DC side. This one is more reminiscent of Oasis than anything else, with a little less of a "jangly" vibe. All i know is i really dig it - and "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" is one hell of an awesome lead-off single. No, they ain't quite as awesome as Wolfmother or Powderfinger, but they still kick ass.

Jet's new album - SHOCKER - they are actually Oasis in disguise!

Also muchos gracias goes out to the beatnick samurai, the Stray Dog himself, Dan Mancini. Got the "City Hall Fred" cd in the mail on Monday - and was suitably impressed - i didn't have enough funk in my life. Nicely done Dan. My one critique, if you guys ever plan a reunion album, get a graphic designer involved. Belly button Lint! in my naval Cavity! I had the cd riding whilst re-arranging the film cave to situate the new seating - and it actually hindered my productivity through "spontaneous strutting to the funky backbeat". That shit is fly, as they say!

Caught an advance screening of School for Scoundrels, which I walked out of enjoying in the end. Initial thoughts were that it was entertaining but ultimately disposable - but the more i think on it, the more i like it. Billy Bob had one great line to Jon Heder to the effect of "So? You kissed her... it's not like you adopted a boy from China or something." which I thought was pretty goddamn funny - I was the only guy in the theatre laughing at that one - oh well. Go see it if you enjoy the whole "Road Trip/Old School" brand of comedy. It rises above the average teenie-bopper fare, and the tennis scene is awesome. I still say the whole ball of wax was a little too light and fluffy though - it should have been MEANER. Great supporting role for Ben Stiller though - just when i was starting to hate his guts he redeems himself.

The Godfather for xbox360 kicks ass - Francis Ford dissed it something fierce, he doesn't know what he's talking about. I thought they treated the source material with dignity and respect, and the game just plays well to boot.

Don't bug me about The Busted Controller - i know it's been a while.

Over in the hollowed annals of reading at the Casa de Power, Johnny Zero (AKA blistering singing voice of NYTEWYNG - Johnny Talon!) saw fit to allow me to borrow his prestigious Conan trade paperbacks from Dark Horse Comics - these things are AMAZING! Based entirely on the writings of Robert E. Howard (adapted by Kurt Busiek, father of Astro City and one of the finest writers in funny book history - i shit you not!)and beautifully illustrated by Cary Nord. I consider them a must for funnybook or fantasy folk - just finished the first of the three books he's given me (Conan - the Frost Giant's Daughter and other Tales) and was riveted throughout. The second book is looking to be even better! To Dan Mancini in particular, who just recently waxed poetic about the virtues of Howard's original version of the big C, i must say - Man, you NEED to read this shit!


Also brought what I have left of my comic book collection from my Ma's place - and have dug into some old goodies (Frank Miller's 300, and Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer).

I'm gonna stop now.

I leave you with some RAWK! The power of FU MANCHU compels you!


Goddamn this plan has gone awry...


kevin said...

yes mark is a slackass.

damn those conan paperbacks look awesome. wish i had brought some of my conan mags with me to england. they were some of the best comics i read growing up, mostly because you always got your monies worth. 2.75 for a mainstream mag usually meant lots of full colour single panel pages and very little dialogue; but Conan mags were thick and juicy, even my Dad liked to read em.

i'm on comic book withdrawl..

(dude you're addicted to Youtube, have you watched Chad Vader yet??)

Mitch said...

Them Conan books is some good stuff.

SteveTP said...

Hell yes! Need to pick up my own copies - nice and cheap on Amazon.

Annie said...

Sloan cd? O_O

Whoops! I missed that one :(

Mark is a slacker! Love is no excuse!

Not that I've updated my blog since August >_>

p.s. I have a blog. It's very boring! I read yours though, so it's only fair. I'm coming out!!!


Dan Mancini said...

Thanks for the props, STP. Hindering productivity was our raison d'etre.

Yeah, the cover art is nothing to write home about, but not horrible considering it was made by an amateur nearly a decade ago. The picture of my, Rick's, and Dirk's heads convincingly superimposed on the bodies of babies is worth the price of admission, though. I almost wet myself when that monstrosity was unveiled.

No reunion is imminent. Why? 'Cause I've got a one-year-old, and a wife who doesn't want to be saddled with him by herself while I'm off galivanting with the boys the entire time we're in Chicago. Fair enough.

bmwracer said...

STP, check your e-mail for Musashi trade info. :)

Dan Mancini said...

Jet's new album - SHOCKER - they are actually Oasis in disguise!

I didn't realize until now that the corpse of Roy Orbison was in Jet.


SteveTP said...

That's where they get their soul!

maintcoder said...

Thanks for the shout-out, STP... and the compliments on the pics. I like what you did with it in Photoshop. Very nice indeed!