Monday, August 14, 2006

Military Intelligence, two words combined that can't make sense

Hey folks.

It's been a long time i know. Holidays are winding down, back to work tomorrow, so i figured i'd post a little update.

First things first, the wedding was fantastic. The ceremony was short n sweet (about 30 minutes), and the reception went off without a hitch. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 guests, and everyone told us they had a swell time.

A few props before i go any further:

- My Groomsmen - Russ, Kev, Andy, Chuck, Jon. You guys were awesome - and like i said at the reception, no way i coulda done this without my army at my back. I aped a shot off of Chuck's website:
From left to right: Back: Russ, Jon, Me, Andy - Front: Kev, Chuck (thanks for the pic chuck!)

- Kev - Dude, you get on a plane from London, show up barely a week before the wedding, and you MC the shit out of it. Hat is off to you sir.

- Bob - Sarah's bro, you kept the kids in line during the few days of insanity leading upto the whole shebang, after flying from Calgary no less - above and beyond the call of duty.

- Barry Crocker - Our DJ, did a fantastic job with the tunes!

- Our parents - Both sides, you guys all did a fantastic job on getting everything ready, it all went off without a hitch, and i owe that to you guys - even if you don't understand why we'd spend 2 grand on a tv set.

Anyway, stuck around until a little after midnight, when the DJ spun "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynard Skynard, our chosen exit song. Spent the evning in the beautiful Bonavista Room at Leaside Manor, and breakfast at McDonald's the next day!

I'll share some photos of the whole thang when i get some :)

In other news, made a huge purchase last week, a brand spankin new 50 inch Sony Grand Vega LCD. This thing is sweet. Movies look awesome (hell even the non-anamorphic discs look decent!) than ks to the upconversion feature on the xbox360. Have that sucker pumping through the VGA input on the tele for all my 720p visual goodness. Goes without saying that 360 games look incredible. Of course the problem with a display so big, is that you'll see flaws inherent in source material that you just couldn't notice on a smaller display, and this is where my PS2 suffers a tad. Some games (Tekken 5, GT4) look amazing, while others show their age somewhat. Everything still looks damn swell, but some of the inherent flaws in the PS2 hardware are a little more evident.

You can see how this thing compares size wise by looking at the xbox360 on the left!

Caught a few flicks, Miami Vice was awesome - best pic of 06 thus far for me. Bon Cop, Bad Cop was an interesting little Canadian cop thriller in the same vein as Beverly Hills Cop or Lethal Weapon, and it was entertaining enough - the Characters were excellent, even if the Hockey-centric plot was more than a little hokey - also - best villian death ever! Pulse was a misfire - total waste of time - at least it was free.
Best flick of 06 thus far in my book!

Enough outta me for now, i'm off to try and get my DVD collection posted on DVDSpot.

The Rundown:

Watching: V For Vendetta / Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade / Raiders of the Lost Ark / Sky Blue / Cross of Iron

Listening To: Megadeth - Rust in Peace / The Tragically Hip - In Between Evolution / Aerosmith - Gold (one of the many greatest hits packages) / Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death (three song sampler) / Slayer - Christ Illusion

Reading: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Eating: Kraft Dinner

Wishing: I had just one day alone to burn through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on the new display.

"Where there's Smoke... There's a lit candle that got a little too close to the hairspray laced bridesmaids"


Matt said...

Man...I'm so sad i missed the wedding. :( I had to work, and it made me angry!

Congrats all the same though! I'm happy for ya bud! :D

And kutos on the new TV! She looks like a bute. I'll have to shee it in person very soon.

Mitch said...

I'll be up to steal the TV tomorrow.

SteveTP said...

you need directions? :)

Lebowski said...

Since I know next to nothing about fancy entertainment systems, when you said "Have that sucker pumping through the VGA input on the tele for all my 720p visual goodness," I almost expected you to start talking about what Melba Toast is packin' ;).

But anyway, congrats on the wedding.

Mitch said...

you need directions? :)

Hell no. Me, Hoss and the dog are parked down the street at the moment (need Hoss to help me carry it, and the dog to take care of your cats). ;)

Jon The Uncool said...

You forgot about the part of the equation where I dropkick you Mitch.

Just let me slip into my leotard.

Mitch said...

Just let me slip into my leotard.

Is it Steve's birthday already?

SteveTP said...

Not till the 23rd :)

Jon The Uncool said...

God I hope Beth doesn't read this.

Charlie said...

Cabin run for your birthday perhaps?

SteveTP said...

that'd be a hoot and a half!

I'll get the wheels turning, see what happens

Soap said...

yes please get a cabin run on the go!

Hopefully I won't be working.

Don't forget to let me know when you're going to watch the Lord of the Rings.