Saturday, July 15, 2006

Your scene doesn't do anything for me, it doesn't do anything at all.

Wow, what a slow week it's been.

Wedding plans are coming along well. Pretty much everything is now looked after on my end. Sarah still needs to get dresses and such nailed down, but i've looked after pretty much everything else. DJ has been hired (i originally wanted to go "live band", but time was not on my side). We found a sweet car to get taxied around in during the festivities ('57 Chevy hard top), and i have a beautiful room booked at one of the manor houses here in town for the night of, so we don't have to flee back to our own house. Also pretty sure we have the wedding rings taken care of. It's all really happening i guess. 3 weeks from today! I hope Kev is down with pulling Master of Ceremonies duties! We haven't really talked much about it outside of me dropping it in casual comversation.

I'm really amazed at how relaxed i am over the whole thing, i've got relatives coming in for the "do" from places like New Hampshire and Massechusettes (spelled wrong?), My Mother, and Sarah are stressed to the max, and i'm just like, "chill people, it'll all work out, and if it doesn't it's only 6-7 hours out of one day of our lives, It's all over on August 6th and we won't have to worry either way." Sometimes i think i'm just too damn mellow.

In other news, i'm normally not one to condone genocide, well not often anyway, but i propose the following solution to the mounting tensions in the Middle East:

I'm just getting sick and tired of two groups of people so obviously determined NOT to reach a common ground that they must wipe each other out. I say we do 'em a goddamn favor.

Not much else going on, caught the tail end of Star Wars Episode III last night while Sarah finished it up. Man, that was a pretty awful film, mostly from an acting standpoint. I don't understand why so many looneys went ga-ga over Ian McDiarmid. The guy dialed so far over the top in this one that he couldn't breathe without an oxygen tank. In the older films, hell, even in the first two prequels, he was a far more menacing and shadowy evil, but here he blows through like a cartoon super-villian. Hell, performances all around were pretty terrible, worst of the six films, so many scenes that should have had balls to spare and huge emotional impact just fell flatter than a house of cards in high winds due to line delivery and canned reactions (yeah, i'm talking about the "The first Galactic Empire!!" scene). I'm not a prequel hater or a Lucas basher by any stretch, i love the guy, but i just don't think a return to the director's chair after 20-odd years was a very good idea. What frustrates me the most about the prequels, is not that they're terrible films (they aren't, just total cheeseball), it's that with some minor changes in each, and some more assured direction, they could have been classics!

Also caught Superman Returns. It was ok i guess, but without the Donner flicks to add the wistful pang of nostalgia, it just sort of fell flat for me. Superman doesn't really do a whole hell of a lot, and the final act was uttlerly rediculous. No way this should have been over 150 minutes.

Also having a HUGE hankering to sit back and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy again - maybe tomorrow.

Fear the Rogue Trooper

The rundown:
Watching: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith / Superman Returns / Ghost in the shell

Listening to: Blind Melon - Blind Melon / Blind Melon - soup / Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn / Pink Floyd - Wish you Were Here / Sam Roberts - Chemical City / The Trews - Den of Thieves / Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Reading: Call of Cuthulhu (d20 Edition) - yeah it's an RPG.

Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360)
/ Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2) / Rogue Trooper (ps2)

Eating: PB n Jelly bitch!

Wishing: I could find a nice collected volume of Lovecraft stuff!

I'm not going to kill you, but i don't have to save you.
"Where there's smoke... There's an H-bomb, and an itchy trigger finger."


Mitch said...

Nostalgia for the Donner flicks won't make Returns any better. It will only make you long for the days when a Superman movie actually moved.

kevin said...

dude...we're checking out supes tonight.
and as for MCEE...I'm already working on a possible speech. we'l sort it out when i gets back dawg.

SteveTP said...

Mitch - Duely noted. I swear i've never seen Singer so "blah". I used to REALLY like the guy. Hell, even Apt Pupil!

Kev - Coolio bud. We'll do lunch :)

Smokestack Jones said...

Hey Steve,

Whoa, reading D20 CoC, huh? Good read and a great translation of the original, Sanity rules and all (although I do like the way the original BRP version works). Good choice.


SteveTP said...

Hey SJ,

Really dig the simplicity of the d20 version. One of our biggest hang ups is character creation - it generally takes my typical group a session or two. CoC D20 seems pretty efficient in that department. And i know it ain't trendy or hip to say it amongst the veterens, but i really dig the D20 system at low levels, and CoC seems to counteract the problems i've had with higher level d20 characters being nigh unstoppable. I still say the system they used for Legend of the 5 Rings was the best i've played with.

bmwracer said...

Little Boy??

I would've thought you'd use Fat Man: more destructive yield. ;)

SteveTP said...

couldn't find a decent picture :)

And punching "fat man" into Google image search is generally not recommended ;)

bmwracer said...

''And punching "fat man" into Google image search is generally not recommended ;)''

Just look it up in Wiki... :)

maintcoder said...

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials, Steve... I think you have the right mindset about it - everything will work out in the end.

SteveTP said...

Racer - what's a wiki? That like a chair made out of strands of bamboo?

Maintcode - thanks for the kind wishes, i don't get worked up about very much, "everything will work out" is kind of my mantra for life ;)

bmwracer said...

Wiki =

Sorry, thought everyone knew that 'net abbreviation... :)

SteveTP said...

Yeah, it clicked in about a half hour after i typed my reply - i'm slow, what can i say :)