Saturday, July 29, 2006

We all need a little shelter, just a little helper to get us by.

Saturday Update!

T- minus one week and counting! Wedding is next Saturday. Relatives have started showing up from parts unknown, and the monkey has landed! Kev is back from England.

In other news, my holidays kick in today at 6 pm, and i don't come back until August 15th, so updates and such may be a little light around here. I have a handful of reviews for the Busted Controller near complete, so hopefully i can actually do something over there over the break. Also have two or three DVD reviews that i may or may not get around to posting.

Meanwhile - word on the street is that the guys have something planned for me tomorrow night - which may or may not involve a few games of pool and Steve (that's me) getting destroyed. I've heard naught but the barest whisperings thus far, and none who i've approached have talked, despite threat of bodily harm (one even craoked in a pained voice, "If i talk, they'll kill me!"). I can wait, i'm a patient man.

Woah, there is a damn nice Monte Carlo outside the door right now...

Anyway. It's been a long week, with short nights, so i haven't had a whole lot of time to partake in the joyous things in life, no movies, not much in gaming (outside of the portable variety - love my PSP).

Yes, the new Tom Petty CD kicks arse, and i must track down a copy of Hardware on DVD.

That's all for now - short, i know. I'll see you folks around.

The Rundown:

Watching: Inside of my eyelids

Listening To: Tom Petty - Highway Companion / Sheavy - Synchronized / Chris Kirby on Rum and Religion / Jeff Martin - Exile and the Kingdom / Iron Maiden - Dance of Death

Reading: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin / Dune by Frank Herbert

Playing: Tekken: Dark Ressurection (PSP) / Miami Vice (PSP) / Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PSP) / Blade Dancer (PSP) / Guitar Hero (PS2)

Eating: Pizza!

Wishing: It were 6pm and i could go see Miami Vice tonight!

Since you lie and you're so shallow, I shall lie you in a shallow grave.

"Where there's smoke... There's a funeral Pyre burning the remains of my bachelor-hood"


Mitch said...

How the hell'd you score two weeks off?

I'd kill to be there next Saturday. I'm fucking bummed, bud.

SteveTP said...

I'm entitled dammit! put in as much time as i do, work for the same crowd for 7.5 years for the cash i'm making, and never complain ;)

It's gonna be a good time for sure - and i'd have loved to see ya there, there wll probably be pics floating around, i'll be sure to share.

I'll get the DJ to spin "Wish you were here" for ya ;)

Mitch said...

Just get me a pic of Johnny Z is his pretty pink dress and I'll be a happy man.

Jon The Uncool said...

Actually it's mauve.

Mitch said...

My bad.

maintcoder said...

One week to go - that is awesome. Again, my congratulations, Steve!

I am looking at less than 6 months to go... ;-)