Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sign of the Gypsy Queen!

Hey Mitch!

Why the hell didn't you tell me about the awesomeness that is
STREETS OF FIRE! I know, i know, any self respecting Walter Hill fan should have seen this slice of fried 80's gold a decade or more ago.

Michael Pare (who?) stars as Tom Cody, bad ass extraordinaire. Tom is called back to town by his Sis (that chick what played Mercy in
THE WARRIORS) to rescue a rock n roll star, and old flame (played by a young and very very hot Diane Lane) who has been kidnapped by a motorcycle gang led by Willem Dafoe's Hair. Along the way we get some awesome music courtesy of Jim Steinman (that dude who wrote Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell albums), Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, and others. We get different street gangs a la Hill's "The Warriors", we get motorcycles bursting into flame as Tom shoots gas tanks from a nearby rooftop, and a final showdown between Pare's bad-ass dude and Dafoe's bad-ass 'do fought with sledgehammers. There's also some Bill Paxton, some great 50's style dialogue, and cops who cruise around the streets in Studebakers. Also worthnoting is Hill's beautiful photography - this film looks amazing! It's wonderful what a man can do after scoring his first big hit! (Streets of Fire was Hill's followup to the blockbuster 48 Hours)

I have to thank my homeboy Johnny Z for this one, he picked it up blind because he'd heard it was one of the inspirations for the arcade classic, Final Fight! Sorry Jon, Tom Cody is more bad-ass than Mike Haggar.

On the Oblivion Front. I'm done! The vile forces of Merhunes Dagon and the Mythic Dawn have been vanquished, and the cursed realm of Oblivion has been banished from Tamriel permanent-like. The final hours of the game were utterly fantastic, and what's better, i still have so much left to explore and do - greatest game ever? quite possibly.

Meanwhile over in music - Metal gods
IRON MAIDEN have posted the first single from their upcoming album over on their official site in video form. The positive buzz coming from the Maiden encampments surrounding this one is definitely something that gets me excited, and while the video was nothing special, a throwback to their 80's fare, the song, THE REINCARNATION OF BENJAMIN BREEG, is an awesome piece of work. Much more "riff-driven" than i'm used to from maiden, with a nice moody slow start followed by some great metal guitar. It's a "heavy" song for Maiden, very heavy actually, considering the band is usually more fast than heavy, with a more razor sharp guitar attack. This one hits with a more chugging, bass heavy vibe. It's experimental for Maiden, more in line with Bruce's more recent solo stuff, yet still easily identifiably Maiden. It's an awesome song, clocking in at somewhere around 7 and a half minutes. If teh rest of the album is this good - well... oh boy! It's not everyday the world's most popular metal band releases a new album, this one is gonna be a gem i'm sure. Check out the awesome cover art for A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH - which drops into music stores sometime in September.

In other news. Kev's brother Joe stopped by over the weekend and discussed photography for the wedding, before getting into our first real "game night" in ages. Myself n Joe had a damn heated match of Halo 2. I came out on top with 25 kills to his 24, but the whole match was intense, and my final kill was more fluke than anything, I round a corner, he's right in my face, and i just yank the trigger on my sniper rifle blindly. The guys were on edges of seats and there was much cheering (mostly for Joe) from the spectators. Then out came Street Fighter Alpha 3, goddamn Mark is good at this one - i'd love to say i was having an off night, but nope, Mark was just unstoppable with Zangief. 17 in a row was it Mark?

Everywhere I go, there's always an asshole.

That's it for now.

"Where there's smoke... there's Streets of Fire baby!"


Mitch said...

Hey, don't blame me. I figured even Canadians knew about the greatest rock & roll fable of all time.

You're right about Diane Lane. Man, she's friggin' hot in that movie.

SteveTP said...

hell yes.

and there's something about that soundtrack - lke i wouldn't be caught dead listening to it outside of the confines of the film, but when you're watching the flick - man it just WORKS! :)

Mitch said...

I'd grab a copy, but I know Universal will release an anamorphic version as soon as I do. I need to see if Hoss can burn me one to get me by.

SteveTP said...

True enough, then again, the disc probably retails for like 6-7 bucks :)

If i grab it, i want the old cover (Theatrical poster edition) - not the newer "uglyfied" version that Jon has ;)

and the new Tom Petty is freaking awesome!

Soap said...

Well, it wouldn't have been so many in a row if it was on versus and I used multiple characters. Zangief just owns all :)

kevin said...

steve - either joe's gotten better or you're losing your touch. challaaenge! (the way i see it, there's gonna have to be some fierce team play going down...)
..have you seen the demo vid for Portal?? that looks real neat..

mark - i started the selection process for what cards i'm bringing...tee hee

Mitch said...

and the new Tom Petty is freaking awesome!

You damn dirty Canuck!

bmwracer said...

What ever happened to Michael Pare?

First The Greatest American Hero, then Streets of Fire, then oblivion....

SteveTP said...

Not that oblivion is a bad thing... he wasn't stellar by any stretch ;)

Mitch - if it makes ya feel better - i still don't have Pulse :)

Kev - We are DEFINITELY getting a game night on the go - there may be a guys only cabin run at some point before the nuptuals as well ;)

Jon The Uncool said...

Ooooh...I crave another game night. Those few bouts of Street Fighter left a longing in my soul that cannot be filled by wine nor women. Mark better watch himself though. I almost had his number with Guy, and I've been practicing. The outcome of your battle will be determined not by power, but by speed. And the Gief is going home in a f***in' box. After Mark has been bloodied and broken, we will massacre the hindu and the muslim, then the hebrew god will fall, and the christian god will be cast down and forgotten!! Soon Kali-Ma will rule the world!!

Dan Mancini said...

and the new Tom Petty is freaking awesome!

"Tom Petty" and "freaking awesome" in the same sentence is redundant.

if it makes ya feel better - i still don't have Pulse

Bwa-ha-ha. Mine was only a week late. But now I remember when I was young. I shone like the sun.

kevin said...

ahh..Jon the uncool. you forget that Koolridge is on his way back...he'll be kicking ass and not even bothering to take names..

Matt said...

I love the cover art to the new maiden album!

And I'll chalenge anyone to Halo! You seen my skills once! I can bring it! ;P

SteveTP said...

Dan - i'd have agreed with you until "The Last DJ", which to me, was two or three great songs and a lot of stuff that just didn't gel. This new one man - it's a '71 Barracuda, windows down, summer breeze type of album - Highway Companion is about the most apt title i could think of ;)

Kev and Jon - easy boys - save the hate for the battlefield :)

Matt - That cover is old Skool with a "k" I dig it immensely.

SteveTP said...

Oh, and Mercer - What a vivid imaginatioon you have...

Mitch said...

Mitch - if it makes ya feel better - i still don't have Pulse :)

Yeah, that makes me feel a little better.

And how the hell'd you get the Petty disc? It ain't supposed to be out until next week. Is this the work of the Dread Pirate Brown Beard?

Jondre the GianT said...

Hey!! Just pop in tekken, gimme a controller, and hook me up with King and I'll kick some candy ass. As for Street Fighter... I remember back in the olden days only being second to Steve-o on some tournament nights. And I'll whoop some ass at Halo if I have to.. don't you worry.. just let me know boys... let me know.. muhahahaha

SteveTP said...

Mitch - Dread Pirate Brown Beard could have been involved ;) I did hear sole salty sea-dog sort of talk, a lot of "aye's" and "yarrrs"

I'm listening to "Nowhere Fast" by Fire inc. Man that soundtrack is great even without the movie! :)

Jondre - I'll keep ya in the loop my good man, as soon as i know what's happenin' - you'll know! We should definitely break out the visual splendor that is Tekken 5! :)

Soap said...

3d fighters are weak... not including Psychic Force and Soul Calibur :)

Jon The Uncool said...

YOU'RE weak Mark.

Psychic Force? A game where they named the meglomaniacal psychic overlord...Keith? What the hell?

You'd never survive in our world Mark, a world where rock n' roll is king. Where the only law is a loaded gun. Where the beautiful, the brutal, and the brave all meet on Streets of Fire.