Saturday, July 01, 2006

Roller! She's a high roller baby!

Saturday update.

the SHEAVY show was awesome! Myself, Russ(the best man), Jondre, Kate and Andy, hit downtown about 11:00 or so (Russ's other half, Lisa, showed up a little later), just in time to catch the end of Inciduim's set. Crazy death metal complete with snarling and cussing and rapid fire guitarwork. I'm not a huge death metal fan, but the guys sure were fun to watch, and they were damn good at the stuff. I wonder if they play weddings?

Next up was JKW, a sort of punk rock/ska/funk or something hybrid with St. John's music scene veteren Ritchie Perez on guitar. These guys were a hoot and a half. They were at their best for the first half of the set, including one song titled "Surf Nazis Must Die!" Their lead singer was also a freakin maniac, climbing speakers, jumping around, generally channelling the ghosts of Robert Plant and Jim Morrison's stage presences all rolled into one. The band had an almost Franz Ferdinand-ish vibe going on. Fun times!

Sheavy meanwhile, were in top form. Simply freakin' amazing show! One of the best Sheavy shows i have ever seen (and i've seen quite a few!).

My little "gang" have all been Sheavy fans since the mid-90's, and live shows used to be a weekly or bi-weekly affair. They were always good, but around '97 they became a rarity. They played St. Kevin's Parish Hall one night in the Goulds (my hometown), and didn't play another live show for something like a year (Electric Sleep release party at the Edge). There were a handful (something like 3) of shows that summer and a one off that Winter. The band was split all over North America. 2 years later, after releasing Celestial Hi-Fi, the band got together at The Corner Stone and FILLED the joint with an amazing show over Christmas in 2000. Everyone split off again, an album came, no live shows. Then, in the spring of last year came the Masonic Temple get-together, which was recorded for a live DVD, and in August of last year, a freaking amazing Bar-show at Junctions. And then there's last night's action. Part of what makes a Sheavy show so damned special is that you only get em every so often, and being such fans of the band as we are (they transcend the "local" term to become a truely world class rock n roll band in my mind), they never fail to impress. Last night's wasn't anything memorable in terms of the crowd or the location (the PACKED upper floor - something like 500 people - of the Corner Stone and Tom dunphy's intense light show in 2000 was probably the topper for sheer mindblowing spectacle), but in terms of the band themselves, it's probably the best show i've seen! Night before the Canada Day weekend means the crowd wasn't huge or anything, maybe 70-100 people, but the band were just SO into it. The guys seemed to be having a blast, and the "less is more" light show actually impressed the hell out of me. The whole show had a very earthy look. Steve's Alice Cooper crossed with The Crow's "mime from hell" look was inspired, and the guy NEVER stops jumping around. The setlist was also a great mix of old and new material (No "What's up Mr. Zero!"!), and the guys played it damn fast n loose. GREAT freaking show. The guys are off to Germany in a few days for 12 or 13 shows over there, i wish em all the best! We should be seeing another show locally in August or September, and another shortly thereafter that will be recorded for a live DVD, and the boys are back into the studio immediately after the Germany gigs to work on a follow-up to last year's "Republic?" album. It's great to see them back into the game fulltime! Can't wait to hear what they cook up next.

I managed to capture some video (a tune called "Saving Me" from The Electric Sleep album) and i took a pile of photos, the best of which i'll share here. The guys use pretty minimalist lighting, nice n dark, and Steve jumps around like a ferret high on angel dust, so you'll see some motion blurring and such due to lower shutter speeds. You really need some nice night-time photography skills and an old school Camera to capture Sheavy in all their glory, digital just ain't as good in that sort of environ. That said, i was impressed with how the shots came out on the new Sony, and a lot of the blurring and stuff gives it a cool "high energy" look. Check this shit out!

Steve Hennessey (vocals/general insanity) rocks through the set. Keith Foley provides all the "bow bow bow bow bababa bow"

From L. to R.: Tommy Boland (guitar), Keith Foley (bass), Steve Hennessey (vox.)

Tommy Boland, newest addition to the band. Gee-tar #2

Dan Moore, Sheavy riffmiester

Rockin out!

Keith "out of focus!" Foley - Sheavy's low end, chief cook and bottlewahser.

Steve - intense - "Is my make up running?"

Not much else going on this week. Caught Ultraviolet - what glorious trash it was! I loved it! Also grabbed a bunch of cheap shit, like the fourth Crow Sequel! God love blockbuster trade credit and 2 for 12 dollars sales.

HST in Newfoundland drops one percent today! We are now paying 14% tax on everything we buy instead of 15! Hey, it's a start.

That's all for now.

The rundown:

Ultraviolet / Death Watch / Kingdom of Heaven: The Path to Redemption / Gladiator

Listening to:
The Trews - Den of Thieves / Wolfmother / The Ramones

Reading: Some Edgar Allen Poe

Playing: Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (xbox360) / Call of duty 2 (xbox360) / Resident Evil 4 (ps2)

Eating: Spaghetti n meatballs... from a can

Wishing: I could afford a nice large screen display - getting sick of 27 inches.

Don't worry, I saw Lord of the Rings. I'm not going to end this 17 times.

"Where there's smoke... There's roasted Marshmallows!"


kevin said...

man wish i could have been there. according to their website they're playing a show in london! crazee..

SteveTP said...

london followed by Germany - pretty wild stuff!