Saturday, June 03, 2006

Some people call me the space cowboy...

Saturday update.

Lack of updates over the last week, I apologize... no i don't.

Not a whole lot going on. Over in busted controller land, i'll be putting up the long awaited (by 1 or 2 people anyway)review of Oblivion sometime over the next two or three days. It'll also come out in print in the Town Cryer sometime around the middle of next week.

Meanwhile, Arames continues his travels in Cyrodil, most recently, the long lost armor of first emperor Tiber Septim was uncovered and returned to the Imperial Blades. Several of the accursed Oblivion gates have been sealed, one of which was done with the assistance of the Bruma town watch. Heronimus Lex, scourge of the Grey Fox and sworn enemy of the Thieves guild has been "re-assigned" out of the Imperial City, thanks to some subterfuge on my part. He can carry on his campaign against the Guild in the remote city of Anvil, where he'll do the least damage. Also came accross a small town and got caught up in some sort of vile scheme, which resulted in the residents pulling swords and killing one another.

I'm quickly falling out of the loop, still haven't seen The DaVinci Code or X3, i'll probably wind up waiting for DVD for both - especialy considering the fact that X3 is looking and sounding like ass. We're gonna see Cars with Abby next weekend, it looks like a bit of fun. I'm actually not overly excited about Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which amazes me as i LOVED the first one. I fear they're going to play Jack Sparrow up far too much, and images of him puffing on a fire will tied to a spit don't exactly instill confidence that it will be a solid blend of action adventure and not overt screwball sight gags and shitty comedy - the whole "We have to wait for jack" cue 1000 angry pygmies... "Never mind" gag was ass as well, and again, doesn't fill me with a great deal of hope for a worthy sequel.

Speaking of the DaVinci Code - man the book SUCKS! I implore people not to read this piece of crap - yet i soldier on. Dan Brown is a goddamn terrible author. Your average chapter consists of a shitload of pseudo-academic rambling dumbed down for 40 year old soccer moms followed up by Tom Hanks - er - Robert Langdon shouting aloud - or in internal monologue - DAVINCI! In his best "Eureka!" vibe. It's far too repetetive, structurally speaking, and Dan Brown's attention to detail is self-serving and utterly pointless to the story - We know they get on a private jet and fly to England, we DO NOT need to know what brand, series, model number, or serial number. We don't need the pilot's name, pilot's grandmother's maiden name, , nor what sort of engines and how powerful they are - we just need to know they're on a plane. How the FUCK did this asshair get published! This is some of the most retarted bullshit i have ever read - it makes the turgid TSR novels of the 80's look like Shakespere. There are some great ideas here, and it's a solid enough pulp story - but the writing just SUCKS any sort of joy out of the reading. It's HORRID!

Ya know, this ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.

Other news, BBQ at my place this evening - to celebrate Andy's birthday. Campfire at my place tomorrow evening - hopefully.

I guess that's enough outta me for now.

The rundown:

Watching: Undergrads: Season 1

Listening to:Fu Manchu - California Crossing/Fu Manchu - King of the Road/ Judas Priest - British Steel/ Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam / Sam Roberts - Chemical City

Reading: The DaVinci Code by Dan "Asshat" Brown

Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360)/ Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (PC) / Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP)

Eating:Tim Horton's!

Wishing: eh.

I'm always thinking of her, drunk or sober. What else is there to think about, except my job, my dirty job?

"Where there's smoke... The pyro at a Metallica concert has gotten outta hand, and James Hetfield is on fire again."


Mitch said...

'Bout damn time.

You been wonkin' with the template again? Everything suddenly got big.

I'm halfway thru Firewall. It's like they took Ford's character from Air Force One and stuck him in Panic Room.

Can't wait for you to finish Da Vinci. Hoping for a long rant.

I can pick up a used copy of Black for the X-Box for 20 bucks. Worth it?

Jack Sparrow trying to blow out the fire while tied to a spit...why does that look familiar?

SteveTP said...

I never touched my template - honest! That's messed up - it looks fine on my end. DAMMIT I hate the interweb, and computrons, and HTMBBQL.

That description of firewall doesn't sound to bad... was it meant to? :)

Oh, you'll be getting a rant i figure - Black is DEFINITELY worth 20 bones!

I think i saw the whole tied to spit/blowin on fire gag in Bugs bunny once or twice, or maybe a hundred times - who can say.

Mitch said...

The font on the links and on all of the posts from "Playing" on today's post on down is HUGE. I was pretty sure you hadn't messed with it, otherwise it would be uniform.

Firewall is okay. It gets to be a bit much at the end. The acting and direction are find, but the script's a little rote.

Yeah, I think Bugs Bunny did do the blowin' on the fire gag. Seems Han Solo might have done it once, too.

I'm probably taking the nephew to see Cars on Friday. Rhino is in the same shopping center, so maybe I'll swing by and grab Black.

BBQ and a campfire, huh? Too damn hot here to do either one.

SteveTP said...

I complain way too much about the winter to even bother complaining about heat in the summer! Mind you i'd say your heat would cook one of us pretty quickly.

I'll take a look, see if i can fix the issues with the template - but it's all spanish to me...

Mitch said...

It's probably a Blogger issue. You know it has to act a little funny every two weeks or so.

SteveTP said...

every ten minuts or so?

It should be a-ok there now. Dug waaay back to my rudimentary HTML training and bus'ed a few caps in blogger's ass!

Mitch said...

It's all good now.

Yeah, you're right--it's closer to every ten minutes. Just thought I'd try to be nice for a change. ;)


kevin said...

i was sucked in..for some reason i knew it was written badly (even complained about it to Catherine while reading it)...but I still couldn't put it down. even bought the hardcover illustrated edition. even bought Angels and Demons (which I hear is also in the works for film treatment..ack). yes i'm nuts...