Friday, June 09, 2006

I don't need to Fight to prove I'm right and I don't need to be forgiven!

What a week, Car died on Sarah Wednesday afternoon, so i leave work in the afternoon and walk to meet up with her. Turns out the battery is toast, and they couldn't get her going with a boost. After much struggle, finally land a set of working cables, and a car with battery terminals big enough to suck some juice, and i get the beast rolling again (Thanks Nicole! You rock!). Quick once over at the garage tells me all is well under the hood.

Dan has pulled up stakes and shut down Stray Dog. He's still very much a part of the blogosphere (ugh, i hate that word), and you can find his new joint HERE. Glad to see the dude still abides.

In his first new/last old post, Dan brings up a great story abotu a Ouija board, which reminded me of an old experience with these things. Long story short:

People always talk to all of these foriegn dead guys, people like Adolf Hitler, or Jesus, or Mussolini, and what I've always wondered is this: Why the hell does EVERYONE speak English on a Ouija board? What's the dealio?!!

Anyway, Running Scared was awesome, great little slice of crime flick. Laced with noir sensebilities and solid perfomrances - i'll have a full review coming soon. Also did some weeding of the ole DVD collection and som buying of new materials, so the link to your right might be a little messed up right now.

Gonna go check out Cars with the familia tomorrow, should be fun.

Well, there are all manner of lesser imps and demons, Pete, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork.

"Where there's smoke... There's a glimpse of the future."


Mitch said...

Dude, the dead aren't all speaking English. The Ouija board allows you to understand other languages. Them's some mighty powerful people at Milton-Bradley.

I was going to see Cars, but my nephew bricked on me again. Maybe sometime next week.

kevin said...

ah yes..i rember fiddling with that when we were young...something about blood comes to mind. :p

kevin said...

of course i'm talking about the Ouija board....

SteveTP said...

fun times.
Who's blood did we put on the weegee board?

It's a universal transliterator! languages instantaneously switcherooed as you speak accross the veil into the astral plane - a single plastic marker and a placemat made of cardboard bearing the alphabet are your keys to this gateway of wonders that is the occult!!

kevin said...

i think it was Mooch..

SteveTP said...

Why does that not suprise me in the slightest?

Jondre the GianT said...

Ahhh.. the old Cabin trips.. lol

Us: So Hitler, what was that book your wrote?

Spirit Hitler: My Struggle

Andy: No....that was Mein Kempt (?)

Oakley: Mein Kempt is German for My Struggle.

Chuck, brandishing a hammer: Hold still Andy, I'm bound to miss.

kevin said...

ah yes jon, those were the good ole days.

Jon The Uncool said...

You fuckers are sick.

SteveTP said...

bah, you just wish you were there is all...