Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The sign says long haired freaky people need not apply.

The official kickoff of the Canadian summer season begins this upcoming weekend. Each and every year, for lovely Queen Victoria's birthday on May 24th, Canuckleheads everywhere pack up the camping gear, or take the boards off of the windows of the ole Cabin, and generally whoop it up Canadian style for the entirety of the long weekend. It's a great time of year (except for that one time it snowed and we had to cut our way out of a brand new 300 dollar tent that collapsed under the weight of the snow!). Judging by the weather lately, we won't be worrying about any freak post winter blizzards. Since yours truely doesn't get a "long" weekend per se, and since my folks are planning on making the jaunt to the aforementioned Cabin, we're planning a little shindig in the Backyard for this Sunday night. The new backyard is freakin immense, and has a nice little firepit - so we'll probably get a little fire going, have a few drinky drinks, and top it all off with some Barbecue. Here's hopin' a few people show up!

In preperation for the event, and what i hope will be an uneventful yet glorious summer, I picked up this beast yesterday:

Side burner complete with a griddle! Man, Sunday morning breakfast during the summer is gonna ROCK! Now i just need a smoke box for my wine soaked hickory, some butterfly pork chops, a baked potato or two, and a bottle of Kahlua!

Also broke down and got the brakes on the car done - she was sounding like a 767 coming in for a landing every time i touched the brake pedal. Suprisingly cheap, and the guys at the garage fixed the mystery dent! For FREE! I'll be going back there for any future repair work i'll wager.

Coming next week, biggest release of 2006 for me thus far:

I was a pretty big fan of the original film, but by all accounts this new version, with a full 50 minutes restored, plays out in truely classic fashion, putting it up there with the best of Hollywood's historical epics. 1 Week!

Been trying to have "1 Week of Ridley" leading up to KOH's release, watched the Director's Cut of Legend on sunday. I may watch Alien this evening.

That's it for now.

Every wolf suffers fleas. 'Tis easy enough to scratch!

"Where there's smoke... There's a bitchin' cookout!"


Mitch said...

I'll be there. What do you need me to bring?

I have nothing to do today, so I'm watching Munich. Great film.

One damn week. One damn week. And only two weeks until Smokey and the Bandit!

SteveTP said...

some nice Rye Whisky :)

and your copy of the Kingdom of Heaven Director's cut - cause i know you're gettin that shit early ;)

Mitch said...

I know they got the damn thing in stock. In fact, they've frigging had it since last Thursday. I'm hoping they ship it in the next couple of days. I won't be able to sit down with it until the week of the 30th, but I still want it now!

Matt said...

Me and Stacey will be there! :)

Soap said...

I already have my butteryfly porkchops, but I don't think I'll be having any drinky drinks or I'll pukey puke :)

kevin said...

damn you and your summer bbq...i will personally enter a trance on that day, leave my own body in an ethereal state, travel across the atlantic and kick all your asses....then have a couple of burgers, say hello to abby,play with all your video games and drink all your newfoundland beer. hehe

SteveTP said...

There will be a rubber duckie with your name taped to it present for the festivities! I'll take pictures ;)

Jondre the GianT said...

Man? Can I come?

SteveTP said...

I hope so! :)

Chuck said he was getting you or something! :)

Bring the missus too man!

Jondre the GianT said...

Yeah we will be there man. We woulda shown up uninvited anywayz lol!

SteveTP said...

Yeah i figured ;)

Here's hoping it doesn't rain!

Dunnyman's Castle said...

Now I dunno if you can get one of the great BBQ foods up there, but if you can find some Linguica, the semi-spicy Portugese sausage, it makes one of the great grill items...little mustard, little mayo, on a toasted roll, ohhhh good stuff.....whoops, forgot, needs to be washed down with beer, and nothing else. You Canucks drink the stuff every once in awhile, right?

SteveTP said...

Shouldn't be too hard to find a semi-spicey Portugese sausage (get yer minds out of the gutter!)

Beer, i hear some stores carry it this time of year ;)

Jon The Uncool said...

I have the day off and am bringing over some rather choice cuts of meat I believe. But enough about my girlfriends...I should probably bring something to cook as well.