Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Many times i've wondered... how much there is to know!

Well, it's all over for the Canadiens. Carolina rallied back from a 2 game loss to wipe them out in 4 games straight. coincidentally, this is also when i personally started watching the games. Not so coincidentally, this is when Carolina swapped up their goaltenders. Bottom line, the Habs got in, and those first two games suprised a lot of people. Considering the skill that Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward has shown, and the fact that Montreal's captain has been sidelined since game 3, i'm proud of what they managed to accomplish. Now as long as a Canadian team takes the cup i'll be happy - which probably won't be the case...

I'll be back later today with more of an update - time is limited right now.

"Where there's smoke... there's Canada's lax marijuana laws."


Matt said...

well, at the very least, it wont be detroit/colorado, who always seem to win.

But, the cup this year is Ottawa's to lose.

Dunnyman's Castle said...

Oh it is, and they'll lose it to the San Jose Sharks....muahahahahahaha!!!

SteveTP said...

Y'know - i'd like to see the Sharks take it - if only so Thornton can get some props.