Saturday, May 20, 2006

He's got kung fu grooves that can never be imitated, she's got a fashion queen walk and she wears her blue jeans faded...

Saturday Update!

May two four is, and has always been a weekend about plans, plans for out of doors activities involving good times. May two four is also all about rain, high winds, cold, and sometimes even snow, laying waste to said plans. Unfortunately, the weather forcast for the whole weekend was chilly temps with some rain - fortunately, our weather forcast these days is about as accurate as Ray Charles with a high powered sniper rifle in high wind. It's been sunny and pleasent. Hopefully this continues through tomorrow so the big BBQ goes off without a hitch (I think there may be quite a few people coming!). Should be a good time, i'll try to get pictures.

In other news, I broke my blog trying to get my fancy new title bar up there! You see it!? Isn't it GREAT!?? But things are back now - sad thing is i royally fucked my template - and lost all of my links! So if i had ya linked previously, and you don't see your name next door in the linky column, drom me a line and i'll remedy the situation. How's that for service!

Meanwhile - there are three PSP's here right now - people are throwin the smackdown in multiplayer, and i think i may join in. Game wise i've been into the first person shooters all week, still got a little Oblivion squeezed in there, but i've been trying to give my poor neglected PS2 a little love.

Musicwise this week - Mark has finally suceeded in REALLY getting me interested in a band, thanks to his 5.1 DTS DVDAudio version of Deadwing by a Brit prog-metal band called Porcupine Tree. Damn cool album. Tool, if they were still musical and concerned about harmonies instead of anger. I hear bits of Floyd and Bush (remember them?) as well.

That's all for now - sorry if the substance ain't up to my usual Saturday standard.

The rundown:

Watching: Undergrads

Listening to: Sheavy - Republic? / Sheavy - Celestial Hi fi / Wolfmother / David Gilmour - On an Island / Porcupine Tree - Deadwing / Sam Roberts - We Were Born in a Flame

Reading: A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin

Playing: Killzone (ps2) / Call of Duty 2 (xbox360) / Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (xbox360)

Eating: Barbecue, hopefully!

Wishing: It were Tuesday already! Kingdom of Heaven DC!

Who wants to go home? And who wants to go with ME!!?

"Where there's smoke... There's the finest weed in the southfarthing."


Mitch said...

Looks like Johnny Zero's link is missing. Hurry up and fix it before he gets his panties in a twist.

How's that Wolfmother disc?

Did you give up on Da Vinci? Game of Thrones--that's good stuff. I've read the first three, and the fourth is in the pipeline.

I know Season 2 of Deadwod is in the mail, but I want my frigging Kingdom of Heaven!

Smokestack Jones said...

Hey Steve,

Dude, check my thread at the Verdict. Shows ya how to do it...

...oh, molly musta got there before me. Oh well, check it out anyway. It'll show ya how to get rid of that boring title Blogger likes to slap up there.


SteveTP said...

When he updates! I'll put him back in ;)

NEED KOH! I'm hitting Wal Mart 8AM on Tuesday, literally 5 minutes walk from the house. Then i get to work all day and stare at the packaging ;)

Gotta find a way to grab up Deadwood as well - man i love that show.

SteveTP said...

Heya SJ,

I basically went back through old threads last night as i recalled you posting something about it a WHILE ago ;)

I still managed to bollocks the whole thing though. I think it's all good now - seems to be on my end anyway.

Thanks though, without your old post I wouldn't even know where to start. Also, some of my old Software Development/C++ braincells must have fired up again - all that code in teh template ALMOST made sense! ;)

Mitch said...

In other words, you ain't never gonna put Zero back in. ;)

I hear ya on KoH. I want to look at it, hold it, open it up, and then listen to it call to me for five days before I can actually watch it. I need a fix, man!

SteveTP said...

likewise - this was supposed to be my week of Ridley, and i wound up watching zip all week - go figure! :)

I'll be watching this bastard at exactly 6:07 PM (NST) on Tuesday evening - I get off at 6, and it should take me the extra minutes to get home, pour up a big glass o something, and get to the couch in the bunker! :)

SteveTP said...

May try my hand at a serious review then on Wednesday ;)

Mitch said...

You're not gonna believe this, but after I posted that comment I walked out to the mailbox, and, uh, wanna take a guess as to what was in there? I didn't even know the thing had been shipped, but apparently it went out Tuesday or Wednesday.

The packaging is a bit weird. I've never seen one fold out quite like this.


SteveTP said...


You magnificent bastard!!!

It IS a fold out then? pretty artwork and all?

I was afraid i'd be getting two double slim cases in a cardboard sleeve a la Over There! :)

I'm so jealous!

Soap said...

I'll repeat Mitch's sentiment: You've given up on DaVinci in favor of A Game of Thrones? If so, good man!

Mitch: The fourth book in a song of ice and fire is good but it's not as good as the previous three books since it's basiacilly have of a story that's spread out in two books. It was good but not when you consider that it took him 5 years to get that one out. On the plus side the next book should be out in a year, give or take.

I'm glad you like Porcupine Tree Steve. We still have two DVD-A's to go when they arrive :) Also I don't want to be 'Mark's Place' I want my riboflavin back haha

SteveTP said...

ok then, i'll fix ya up.

Mitch said...

It's a fold out, with some photos across both sides. What surprised me--and this is going to be a piss poor way of describing it--is that there are four spots for the discs, but they're stacked on top of each other on two sorta hinged plastic trays.

And I promise not to start watching it until you get yours. I probably oughtta start working my way thru Home Movies anyway. ;)


SteveTP said...

Sounds groovy!!

Man i can't wait!

Cptn-Grey said...

Can't wait till the bbq! Hopefuly it won't rain...

bmwracer said...

Happy Victoria Day, STP...! :)