Saturday, May 27, 2006

He's got a big cool ring that says Jesus Saves!

Saturday update!

How's everyone? Good? Yeah, that's grand. Not too much going on over this way. Last Sunday's May two four bbq event went pretty well. Of course it rained, poured even. Go figure. thankfully it stopped shortly before the cooking began, unfortunately it started up again afterwards, which killed any hope of a night outside with a roaring campfire. Everyone went indors, and split off into the Basement Guitar-hero playin' crew, the living room not-so social club, and the upstairs PC geeks. I spent most of the night going back and forth between the three, but truth be told i was a little stoned, and didn't know where I was half the time (thanks Dr. C! THC strikes again!).

Shout out to everyone who showed, Johnny Z and Beth (hey baby!), Jondre and Kate (way to rock the geetar hero there jondre), Chuck, Andy, Matt, Mark, and Jeff. JZ - that Chilli was fuckin awesome man! I was looking for the pot the next day, you must have snuck out with the leftovers... bastard. Beth i owe you a campfire! Maybe next Saturday night for Andy's B-day - that's right - Saturday June 3rd - another get together at the casa de Power! Same drill as last time i figure (only no weed for Steve! I'm gettin' too old for this shit!). Come on out guys! celebrate Andy's 31st with us! It'll be fun, and hopefully sunny, so this time we can roast marshmallows! Andy is bringing those crazy pickled wieners that everyone tends to scarf down at his place over new years - so there's reason enough right there! Leave the damn shrimp tray at home Andy - i don't want no stinkin seafood in my house!

In other news, the Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut review i posted earlier this week drew some pretty positive feedback, i'd just like to thank you fine folk who appreciated the review and sent me some positive notices - I really appreciate it, it gives me the confidance to keep at these things. Nice to know my stuff is worth reading at least once in a while, and a few people outside of the normal loop are browsing. I'll try to present some more of this style of material on a semi regular basis.

Meanwhile, watched The Dukes of Hazzard last night, yes, the remake. I won't go any further than that.

Second article for the Town Cryer is out - recieveing some decent feedback from some of the regular store customers - thanks for the support guys. And thanks to these M80 guys who keep offering me free games even after I sort of panned Full Auto - you guys are great!

In the animal department - the cats continue to live in a relatively fragile state of peace - Sid gave Hugs a whack on the head this morning that sent her flying accross the kitchen floor - if Sid weren't declawed i think he'd have decapitated the little tabby. Nice to see him fighting back. Enough of this bitch kicking him around! Go sid! I did take a cute photo of them both curled up on my bed together, but figured you fine folk could do without pictures of my pets (though i may put some Abby pics up tomorrow, for shits n giggles).

Literary stuff, still trying to get through The DaVinci Crap by Dan "hack on a stick" Brown. The book gives me a damn headache, but the story is actually pretty good - i can only imagine what it'd have been like if it weren't written by a meandering, academic, jackass! Still haven't checked out the movie. Back in my youth i read a lot of these old cruddy TSR novels, Dragonlance, Forgotton Realms, Spelljammer, Greyhawk, all that Dungeons and Dragons crud. Some of these books have actually aged pretty well, i started reading Chronicles, one of the very first TSR trilogies printed way back when,and i was immensely suprised how much i enjoyed it (after Pool Of Radiance and most of Salvatore's old stuff read like a video game). Well Devil's Due Publishing, an upstart little company that ressurected Marvel's old G.I Joe comic a few years back ,actually publishes comic adaptations of the old TSR stuff these days. They first tackled some of Salvatore's old Drizz't books, which are about as exciting as a root canal, but their second project was Chronicles! I picked up the trade paperback collecting the entirety of the first novel in the trilogy (Dragons of Autumn Twighlight) and was suitably impressed. It's a pretty faithful adaptation, could have used a few more pages so that sequences wouldn't feel so rushed (maybe 15-20 issues instead of 8 i think it was) but overall it was a damn fine read, and the artwork was jaw-droppingly georgeous! The characters were beautifully portrayed, and facial expression, body movement and such was human and fluid (a problem i typically see with too many comic books that kind of pulled me away from the whole funnybook scene as i got older). The book had a thickly painted look, almost as though the characters were penciled and watercouloured - though i'm sure this wa san all digital coloring effort. It was a tad darker than I expected, i always pictured Chronicles as more bright and sunny, at it's grayest maybe slightly darker than Willow (the '88 swords n sorcery epic from George Lucas and Ron Howard), but the book is pretty gloomy looking overall, and I like it - it ain't your typical D&D Toesucking material. It'd make a GREAT movie with a few sequences snipped.

That's all for now i'm thinking.

The rundown:

Watching: Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut / Police Academy / The Dukes of Hazzard: Unrated / Black Rain

Listening to: Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam / Johnny Cash - Legacy / Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here / Porcupine Tree - Deadwing / Sam Roberts - Chemical City

Reading: Dragonlance: Chronicles - Dragons of Autumn Twighlight (Graphic novel)

Playing: Hitman: Blood Money (demo - Xbox360) / Diablo (PC)

Eating: Poutine

Wishing: I didn't have such a monstrous headache.

I am the greatest swordsman who's ever LIVED!

"Where there's smoke... There's a blowtorch caramelizing the lunch time candy kiddies."


Mitch said...

I see you're listening to the greatest album of all time. ;)

I'll be watching KoH as soon as I'm fully awake.

Ben Shultz said...

Hey, how do you post your links to stuff like your collection and other blogs? By the way, I know I'm late to the party, but that was a pretty terrific review of K of H.

SteveTP said...

You need to edit the code in your Template under your blog's "Template" tab in Blogger's settings.
Look for the following sort of line:

**h2 class="sidebar-title">Links**
href="">My DVD Collection - High in Fibre! **

Each link is entered in like the above example - my dvd collection link. It should be about 3/4ths of the way down the page of gobbledegook code in your template.

And thanks for the kind words regarding the KoH review!


kevin said...

dude...i am online...sweet mother of god...

SteveTP said...

Welcome back to the land of the plugged in - get MSN on the go now ;)