Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cause i'll tell you everything about living free.

Another sparse week for updates, not a lot to talk about I guess.

E3 is currently raging in Los Angeles, video game geek mecca - Not much to get excited about this year. Sony's Ps3 looks nice, but there's not much software out there, the Nintendo Wii looks er, interesting, but there's not much there that interests me either. Microsoft, outside of totally CASTRATING Shadowrun (also known as one of the coolest RPG's of all time video game OR pen and paper), had a pretty solid showing. I'll get into that stuff more over on The BC.

Speaking of which, The Busted Controller is now in print! Woo! Local coffee house/pizza place free newspaper, The Town Cryer, has decided to run with a bi-weekly gaming column, and good buddy and former co-worker Neil has brought me on board for now! I'm happy, see how it unfolds i guess. It's a paying gig too! Bit of gas money!

Two flicks i missed during their theatrical runs took a bow on DVD this week, Munich, Steven Spielberg's film about a group of soldiers waging a war of retribution on the organizers of the Black September killings at the '72 Olympics in Munich. I've heard much said of this one, and i have a very good feeling about it - i may have to revise the "top 10 of '05" list after i sit down with this one. Also on tap is Terrence Malik's retelling of the Pocahontes story, The New World, which i think looks fantastic. Malik is not for everyone - the guy loves the "tone poem" style of shooting, and frequently employs internal monologues and such. I loved both The Thin Red Line, and Badlands - so i have high hopes for this one, some are saying it's his best.

Sarah was a very bad girl this past weekend. While traipsing around Future Shop she somehow managed to pick up and purchase a 7.2 megapixel Sony Cybershot camera! This thing is sweet! I may indulge the photography bug again - but if i decide to share, be warned that i'm no Ansel Adams. I've got a few pics from my excursion to Long Harbour (outport community here in NF)on Monday - i may share a few. I definitely have to get a day in downtown St. John's to snap some shots.

A while back i mentioned the whole fiction thing, yeah, i'm writing when i get the chance, but i'm taking a new approach. Instead of sitting down at a computron and typing, i'm using a pencil and a pad of office paper. I'm really digging it - i find myself more carefully considering my words, not just spewing them out as fast as my fingers can fly (which i will freely admit is faster than my brain can process what i'm actually thinking). I think this'll lead to higher quality output when i finally do share what i've got, we'll see i guess. I'm no Howard Phillips Lovecraft (here's hoping i'm no Dan Brown!)

Caught Mission: Impossible III over the weekend - was pretty cool. I may attempt a review when i'm in a more cognizent state.

Man that book of yours musta been one nutty ride!

"Where there's smoke... there's burning records, burning books. Holy soliders. Nazi looks!"
(name that reference!)


Mitch said...

Iron Maiden's "Holy Smoke." What do I win?

Congrats on the new gig, bud. Looking forward to reading it.

Jondre the GianT said...

Man, I usually try and write on pen and paper first (at least for the first few ideas). We actually debated the computer vs. paper writing in class the other day. The general consensus is that people use their computer for more formal things (such as essays, projects) and pen and paper for personal things (such as journals and creative writing). I personally have started to carry around a journal (a suggestion from Lisa Moore but often observed of from our own Woolarse) and write any ideas down in there. I sometimes may transfer these preliminary ideas over to PC and use the paper for more ideas, or I'll continue on.
Sheesh, this message has gone on far too long.

SteveTP said...

Mitch - Sorry man, you missed the entry deadline by 45 and a half seconds - better luck next time ;)

I can send ya a copy of the theatrical cut of Con Air if ya like ;)

Jon, That's pretty cool, maybe i am onto something then. I just find it more personal when i'm writing on paper, i put more thought into what i'm putting down. Eventually i know i'll enter it into a computron, and maybe that'll make things easier to revise or something. Instead of making like 8 passes at something on a computer, it might only take two or three ;) I should carry a journal dammit. Thanks for the sharing of the thoughts man, it's nice to get feedback from someone who's done a few writing courses and all that, and probably does a shitload more writing than i do.

Jondre the GianT said...

No problemo man, but I'm certainly no expert. I wish I wrote more than I do... I'm super lazy when it comes to anything, even writing which is supposed to be my passion. But carrying a journal around helps. It may not be as steady as Kevin across the pond, but writing is writing!

Mitch said...

No, thanks, ya bloody Newfie. I'd rather hit myself in the nuts with a hammer than sit thru that again.

bmwracer said...

Hey STP,

Looking forward to your more detailed thoughts on MI:3... :)

In the meantime, put on Steely Dan's Aja (shameless plug). :P

Dan Mancini said...

Congrats on the gig, STP!

Also, I'm struggling along at a mere 6.2 megapixels. How will I survive? Now I have pixel-envy.

SteveTP said...

Mitch - that's awesome, the grand prize just happens to be, a Hammer! And a block of wood to put under!

Beamer - I may just copy and paste what you said and sign my name to it ;)

Dawg - Thanks man. I did a little crash course in photography back when i did design, it'd be nice to put that to use again. 6.2 ain't nothing to sneeze at either though ;) We're moving up from a 3.1 that cost us 2.5 times more (in 2001) than the sony did .

bmwracer said...

Beamer - I may just copy and paste what you said and sign my name to it ;)

First you're copping Dawg's ideas, now my incoherent reviews???

STP, you're ready for public office. :P

SteveTP said...

My domestic policy: Fuck you

My Foriegn policy: Fuck you!

Vote for Steve - or he'll bust down your door and kick your ass!

The previous was a political announcement paid for by "Vote for Steve - because you love to put dummies in charge"

Mitch said...

And your campaign poster could be a pic of you holding the bloodied body of a baby seal you've clubbed to death.

SteveTP said...

Or how about this: Me striking the "Jack Burton" pose from the Big Trouble in Little China poster, clubbed baby seal in one hand - monstrous joint in the other, wearing a t-shirt that says Gay marriage ROCKS!

Mitch said...

That's it! Tell Sarah to grab the camera!

jgodsey said...

i envy you i can't write long hand...i can't even write on one of my 4 typewriters...i can only get things accomplished on the PC....i type to fast and jam the keys and with handwriting i freeze up i need slow my thoughts down and then i forget what i was planning to write.

i tried's not as much fun as non-fiction.

SteveTP said...

That's yer problem right there J, You're much more quick witted than I ;) My brain runs slow enough to go shorthand. I often find when i'm typing (somewhere around 90 wpm) the words fly out before my brain really processes what i'm saying - which probably explains half of the shit i say ;)