Saturday, May 06, 2006

Baby take my hand, we'll be able to fly...


Slow week this week. Not a whole lot going on really.

Grabbed a new DVD player, a cheap-o brand Wal Mart special, like 30 bones, and region free out of the box! (and it doesn't screw up aspect ratios like the shitsonic). Diamond Vision DVD 870 or something, the fact that these guys don't even have a website i can link to instills me with confidance, but so far so good!

Hey Chuck! congrats on getting into grad school bud! Pretty soon we'll be calling you Dr. Chuck! And Steve'll know TWO whole respectable peoples! (a teacher with a pencheant for physcial violence, and a pothead philosopher with a doctorate!)

In other news, we're back to being a one car family, the damn Kia is gone! (A second car is convenient and all, but it'll be much easier to keep one car in gas, which is nice). Meanwhile i'm pretty much abandoning any hope of getting into a Mustang. I'll probably go with the '06 Persuit coupe - which was still a pretty swell ride.

Hey Chuck again! You remember that crazy fantasy anime (Herioc Legend of Arislan) you rented from Blockbuster when you were in like Junior High?? We watched it last night! It's aged pretty well! I'm gonna have copies on DVD later this week.

No Lodoss War, but still pretty cool!

Finally managed to sit through Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid without falling asleep this week. And i freakin loved it. I think it may even be my personal best of Peckinpah's westerns. Yeah, i liked it more than The Wild Bunch i think - Kris Kristofferson and James Coburn are so much cooler than Earnest Borgnine.
Not even bob Dylan's acting could ruin this one!

Over in weather - goddamn it's been nice all week! Love it! Starting to walk home from work when i get the opportunity.

Last but certainly not least, there are two things you can always count on to whip the internet pinheads into a frenzy, a new Metallica album, or a new version of Star Wars on DVD

Campfire in my backyard sometime this month!

That's it, go do something with your life!

The rundown:
Watching: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid / Heroic Legend of Arislan / Record of Lodoss War

Listening to:
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam / Pearl Jam - No Code / Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - Walking into Clarksdale / Experience Hendrix - The best of Jimi Hendrix

Reading: The DaVinci code by Dan Brown

Playing: Nothing this week.

Eating: Peanut Smarties - pretty gross really!

Wishing: I had more money.

Da Wabbit kicked da bucket! Da wabbit kicked da bucket!

"Where there's Smoke... There's Steve havin a campfire, roastin marshmellows, eating hot dogs, and drinkin grape soda!"


Mitch said...

You like Pat Garrett more than The Wild Bunch? Ya hippie!

SteveTP said...

I think so ;)

I really have to sit down and watch The wild Bunch again ;)

I've only made it through Ride the High Country(awesome) and Pat n Billy thus far. Sarah is working until 11pm, i'm off at 6, so i'm gonna have the house to myself all evening this evening - think i'm gonna have my own little Peckinpah tribute ;) Wild Bunch, Cable Hogue, Swisher cigar i've been holding onto for a bit and half a 26 oz bottle of rum.

Incidentally - you watch both cuts of Pat n billy? The second disc (1988 version) opens much cooler (print isn't half as good though).

Mitch said...

I watched the new cut. I'll have to pop in the other one and check it out.

Agree with you completely about High Country. Still have to watch Cable Hogue.

Jon The Uncool said...

Arislan was amazing, I spent 85% of it passed out on the couch and I still loved it. That dude who looked like a cross between Garlan from Final Fantasy, and The Grand Oppresser from Teddy Ruxpin...glorious.

Dan Mancini said...

George Lucas is raping my thirties.

Also, No Code: sweet.

Also, note how many tunes on Pearl Jam were co-written by Stone Gossard, then consider the record's greatness. I'm just sayin'.

kevin said...

i was about to say something about you knowing THREE respectable people, but then i remembered i did a BFA...d'oh!

Anonymous said...

Nice you gotta watch that movie i gave ya

Anonymous said...

Ya Steve ya gotta watch that movie i gave ya