Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We have a security breach! Location unknown!

Well, it looks like The Canadians are into the NHL playoffs - That makes myself and Dad pretty happy (him moreso than me). Pretty disheartened to learn that Theodore got traded off to Colorodo - i really liked Theo. Here's hoping the guys and pull it together and put on a strong performance in the post season.

In other news, I have a headache. Anyone have any nuprin?

Meanwhile in big news this week, Hell has frozen over, The cows have come home (MOO!) and...


That's right, the Joel Schumacher directed epic about the plight of Cab drivers in 80's Washington, DC actually defied all odds and won out amongst it's peers in a particularly tame evening of DVD Survivor! It came down to the aforemention Hack-sterpiece and Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrells - and I must say, I really though there was no chance in hell of it's victory (an astonishing 4-2 win over Guy Ritchie's London gangster opus!). What does DC Cab have?

How about Mr. T crusading against the local Drug pusher/Pimp, who uses his blinged out classic auto to lure hapless teens into a life of drugs and debauchery ("It's that CAR Harold!").

Or perhaps the late Charlie Burnett, mentor to one Dave Chapelle, with a drug habit that would have made Richard Pryor blush! A roller wearing "dumb-ass nigger" with green rollers in his hair.

Best of hall, how about one Adam Baldwin (That's JANE from freakin FIREFLY!) playing wanna-be hack Albert "White bred chickenshit" Hockenberry. A man from the new south where we're all brothers!

You also get a politiking Bill Maher, That bailiff chick from Night Court, The Barbarian Brothers, and a coked out, conspiracy spewing Gary Busey (Bruce Lee aain't dead ya know. They got him kryptonized in a grain silo down in Chatworth and they're gonna thaw him out when the economy gets better!). Top it all off with a "cabbies foil kidnapping plot and get their own parade" plot, and you've got a winner!

Best obviously 80's flick of the 80's (The Irene Cara on the soundtrack is a dead giveaway).
I think the fact that i watched this religiously as a pre-teen says a lot for how i turned out.

Myself and Sarah watched king Kong last night, i liked it well enough first time around, though i was maybe a little let down. It's a good enough pic, stands with the first Jurassic Park anyway. Wasn't really any better second time around, and i fully expected it to play better in the confines of the film bunker - love the setup and the skull island stuff, but after that i think it slows down a tad. The New York stuff is just excessively pastiche. (look it up!)

That's it for now folks - stay frosty.

Don't let yer dick run your life... that's Mr. Rythm's good advice! Saved yer Ass! Only cost ya a quarter!

"Where there's smoke... There's someone ligthing the fireplace with a flamethrower!"


Mitch said...

Son of a bitch! Despite the fact that the chosen flick makes me feel old, I'd give my right eye to be there for this.

Jondre the GianT said...

Man, where's the Oblivion update? Don't tell me you're sick of it already? lol

SteveTP said...

Nah man - haven't had the time to play unfortunately. Worked all day Saturday, at the mall all Saturday night with Mark n Sarah m Abby - Easter crapola on Sunday - and cleaned the house for 5.5 hours Monday. :)

Mitch - it was awesome man! :)

bmwracer said...

The New York stuff is just excessively pastiche.

Interesting choice of words, STP. ;)

Snooze time in SoCal... Later, bud.

Yannick said...

Can't Great Canadians spell? It's Canadiens. ;)

I liked Theodore too, but Huet has been awesome since the Olympic break. Theodore was really uneven in net for the Habs this year.

Let's just hope Montreal can make it past Carolina :)

SteveTP said...

I know i know - i keep doin that - damn the French ;)

Theo definitely had his problems - i think the biggest is he was young, and the team was overworking him just a little. It ain't the same as Roy for me, Patrick was being a pompous ass, not showing up for team practices, ragging out teammates whenever a goal was scored against etc. And he and Demeurs hated one another. Roy was lazy. But Theo loved his team, he was proud to be playing with the Habs.

Maybe he'll get Colorodo a cup ;) As much as i'm required by law to hate the former Nordiques, it'd be nice to see.

Of course i'd love to see Koivu hoist that big ole cup - the kid deserves it like no one else in the game, but Carolina is gonna be a tough nut to crack - unless the Habbies can play like Buffalo did last night - Carolina couldn't even start a play! They get past Carolina, and things only get harder from there.
Motreal is a team full of suprises though.

Anonymous said...