Wednesday, April 12, 2006

VH1 Behind the Music...

An early shot of Abby during a basement gig in '73. That was before the years of hard livin' and rock n roll took their toll. Man that dame could shred, And she could clobber any pre-schooler i ever met. Drink em right under the table. Once she hit the Kool-Aid that was it, it was all downhill after that.

That's it for now - check back later ya mugs!

Next time on behind the music...

"Where there's smoke... There's kids going too far with Popeye cigarettes"


Mitch said...

One day Abby's real parents are going to see one of these pics and come and get her.

What are you going to do if she takes your Guitar Hero axe and pulls a Pete Townshend?

SteveTP said...

God i hope not ;)

No worries about any axe smashing, she's got respect see ;) Incidentally, that was not a pre-meditated photo, i just sort of walked into the room and there she was, hence the "caught in the act" look on her mug. If she does go all PT, i got a spare.

Jon The Uncool said...

Abby Power took my eye in a barfight in 1984. I was watching John Parr open for Power Station, and he was testing the crowd's reaction to the overly sappy "St. Elmo's Fire". Personally I thought the song was bloody brilliant, but Abigail disagreed...quite fact by shredding my eye out with a bottle of Crown Royal.

bmwracer said...

Cute pic, STP.

Hmm, I never knew they made Stratocasters for kids... Is she using Peavey or Marshall amps?? ;)

SteveTP said...

Mesa Boogie cabs with a Marshall Mosfet head! :)

And that's a Gibson SG ;)

bmwracer said...

Mesa Boogie cabs with a Marshall Mosfet head! :)

And that's a Gibson SG ;)

Cool. *thumbs up*

Neil Hyde said...

Great picture Steve... hope she can kick the crack before it gets too "Hard-Core."

Unlike her dad. Lost case.

Tee he he.

Anonymous said...

LOL Steve you rule


Matt said...

Abby is the consimet rock star! total professional!


Plus, it's cute when we all make her through up the metal horns.

hehe :P

SteveTP said...

The poor child.