Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh but ain't that america? Somethin to see baby!


Bit of an interesting week for Steve, first off, got a call from a friend the other day, and i "may" have a shot at two columns in a local paper, one video game related, the other based on film. It's theoretical at this point, just a social call to see if i would be interested in him bringing me to the Boss's attention. I won't get my hopes up, but i was flattered that this person even thought about me, and if things can fall into place, well, that would be awesome. Fingers crossed.

Other news, Good friend Deeanne stopped by last sunday and had her Cat, Hugs, in tow (long story). The little fuzzbucket hung out for 4 hours or so, and Sid did pretty well. So when her Cat-sitting arrangements went pear-shaped earlier this week, Sarah asked if we could take the little punk in. I left it up to her, explaining only my terms if she decided to offer, and now it looks like we have a second cat. Hugs is a cute little bugger, i'll give her that, and Sid is suprisingly docile. We're talking a 20 plus pound coal black colossus of a cat that once literally scared the shit out of two full grown Siberian Huskeys, ripped the face off of a neighborhood Tomcat when it tried to get into the apartment a few years back, and generally carries himself like Don Vito Corleone, against a wimpy little 8-pound female tabby. He's certainly not gay anyway, but Hugs could be a little more friendly with him. I figure it'll all work out ok, but neither of em was too eager to hit their food this morning. Well, Sid certainly liked the smell of Hugs' tinned soft food (something i'd NEVER give him). Have to see what we can do about getting her onto hard food excluseively, make things a little easier.

Arames' adventures in the land of Cyrodil continue. My services have been invaluable to the Dark Brotherhood, and though a life as a hired assassin isn't altogether unprofitable, the moral impact has me sort of debating my future in this relationship, Surely the men i've killed have been unpure souls, but the nature of those i work for is disconcerting, how long can one gaze into the abyss before it gazes back and all that. I think Vincente Valtieri's offer to endow me with the Dark gift of Vampirism has turned me from their flock. Perhaps I should venture back to the more comfortable surroundings of the Thieves guild. Also between horses right now, sent "Patches" back to Waynon Priory, figured the old mustang had see enough bloodshed and open road, a break might do him some good. Unfortunately the Black mere that was purchased for a king's ransom lasted less than 24 hours, as Bandits ambushed me on teh road from Cyrodill and the poor Black ,though swift as a bird on the wing, couldn't take the glass battle-axe the cursed Bandit was carrying. So for now i'm on foot - i may look into buying a sturdier mount, or perhaps taking good ole Patches out of retierment.

Totally wish i could take screengrabs of this damn game!

Managed to get to Avalon Ford this morning, and sat in one of the new Mustangs for 5 minutes or so. Would have taken one for a test drive for an hour or so before work if i hadn't forgotten my damn wallet at home! While i'm pretty sure i'm going to end up in a Pontiac Persuit, simply because that would be easiest (my current lease is with the local Pontiac dealer, and i'd like to get out a little early rather than wait until January to get a new car during the dead of winter), i'd LOVE to get into one of the '06 Mustangs! It's not even the money that would be an issue, it's the fact that i woudl have to turn my other car in in January, dead of winter, and either pay cash for damages (nasty crack in the front bumper and a dented fender) or pay between now and then out of my own pocket, and i'd have to come up with a sizeable downpayment to keep the lease rates in a region i could afford (under 350 Canadian per month). But goddamn if the 'stang wasn't one of the nicest feeling cars i've ever sat in, it feels perfect! Fits me like a glove. Maybe i'll win the lotto between now and whenever ;) Also - the Ford GT 40 they had set up in the showroom was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I'm going back in on Monday, driver's liscence in hand, and i'm taking one of these babies out!
If only i could find a way!

That's it for now, there's work to be done. May try and check out United 93 tomorrow evening.

Don't worry, buddy. I won't kill her unless you approve.

"Where there's Smoke... There's Steve burning the rear wheels off a Test driven Mustang!"


Banana Librarian said...

Cats are amazing creatures. Hope Sid and Hugs continue to stay pals. And yeah, that canned cat food is shit.

As for the Mustang, years ago, my oldest brother had a 1964 1/2 (or was it '65 and a half?) powder blue Mustang. It was his dream car and was it SWEET!! I say go for it. Figure out a way to get it!

And thanks for leaving the comment about that Metallica wedding on the beach from my blog. You should show it and the photo that's up there now to your fiance'. Have her read the words. Maybe that would convince her?

Mitch said...

I take back what I said about wishing you luck on the writing gigs. Mitchell "The Bastard" Hattway, huh? You're dead to me now, Power, dead! You and your gay cat can both kiss my ass!

Damn, that's a nice looking car. Imagine playing Bullitt in that sumbitch.

SteveTP said...

Hey thanks for reading!

Funny thing is i've never been a ford fan, outside of the 60's era Mustang, and now the new one! Which is a beautiful piece of machinery i must say! :)

I fear no amount of convincing would do - she's all too farmiliar with the song, both the Metallica and Bif Naked Versions (she's a bit of a rock n roll gal). Her Grandfather is also doing the service, old fashioned United minister, if we did it and he ever found out, we'd probably be killed ;)

SteveTP said...

I could have called you "The Gay Bastard", but i don't think it would have went over well with that crowd ;)

Nuthin but love for ya buddy - in a purely heterosexual Blain and Poncho sorta way - "you got time to duck?"

I want me one of these cars - they don't make em in Bullit green - only the more expensive limited Bullit edition - bastards.

Mitch said...

I had thought about calling you "Steve 'The Broke-Dick Dog' Power," but that probably wouldn't have gone over too well, either. ;)

If these column deals work out for you, you are going to share them with your adoring American fans, right? God knows you've suffered through my stuff long enough. The least I can do is return the favor. ;)

SteveTP said...

I woulda laughed my ass off anyway ;)

I'll definitely share em yeah, probably post the film ones right here, game ones over at the BC.

My habs just lost, GMAC still hasn't taken my damn car payment out yet, and i just found out i have Abby tomorrow night so no United 93 for Steve... BAH! ;)