Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm gonna take a freight train, down at the station. I don't care where it goes.

The spring trend continues. Nice weather. No more snow! *fingers crossed*

You ever have one of those weeks where you feel you're completely surrounded by disease? Sarah and abby were both suffering last week, and a few of the guys who pop into work on a regular basis all had the sniffles. I'd managed to dodge the bullet until yesterday. I hate being sick. For me the worst is usually over after about 24 hours, so most of it has been burned out of my system. Just the lingering after effects now. And boy do they linger.

In exciting news, very good friend Kev has booked his ticket and will be home from England for the nuptuals in August! Sweet! Here's hoping he's up for MC duties as well. I could think of no one better to entertain a fleet of drunken Irish Roman Catholics for an hour or three. This is gonna be a good time!

Arames has just crossed the level 13 mark. I Purchased a wonderful home in the northern settlement of Bruma, away from the hustle and bustle of the Imperial City. Sure it's cold, but I can deal, the Nord company is great, and the mountain scenery is unmatched anywhere in Cyrodil. I'm also close to my work, as both the stronghold of the Imperial Blades and one of my fences for ill gotton gains are a hop,skip, and jump away. Also currently sporting some very nice looking Orcish armor, and still brandishing the cursed longsword, Umbra. Thus far I have not caved to the wiles of the tainted blade, my psyche is strong enough to resist it's urges. I have also picked up a second name, The Crimson Blade, GRAND CHAMPION of the Imperial Arena. It was a hollow victory, as Agronak, the Grey Prince, was left winded and despondant after learning he was the halfbreed spawn of Orc and Vampire. I felt the pang of sympathy and regret as i cut him down, but it was what he wanted. Had i known the outcome i may never have offered to travel the long distance to Fort Crowhaven to uncover the secrets of his past. Meanwhile - the not so good work of the Thieves guild continues. My most recent contract involved sneaking into a Countess' bedroom and stealing a family ring from a locked jewelry box right next to where said countess was snoozing under cover of darkness. It went off without a hitch, and it felt exhilirating. Up next is the quest for the skeleton key, artifact of Nocturne, goddess of thieves, the ultimate lockpick. Have i mentioned how amazing Oblivion is lately? I've now seen all of the cities for the most part, Anvil was really nice, but Bruma is where i lay my head.

In other news, i'm actually considering starting up a third blog. Following the lead of Verdict femme fatale Molly, and her fantastic Blogging efforts, and in memory of Dan's awesome short bites of narrative at the old Mondo, i may share some prose with you fine folk. (Molly recently changed the format of Sicpress, focusing on a bit of fiction called The Magic Bookstore, which is a great read! And i miss Dan's fiction in a huge way! Update Dawg Tales ya bastard!) I've had a few things in mind. It's not something i'd update all too regularly, maybe once every two weeks with a new chapter. We'll see. I have a great bit of Lovecraftian prose flowing around in that brain of mine - whether or not i'll be able to get pen to paper (or finger to keyboard as it were) remains to be seen, but i'd sure like to do something.

but enough outta me, lets hear from you.

Is it secret?!! Is it safe!??

"Where there's smoke... there's the end of times, fire and brimstone..."

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