Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Stole this post! REDUX!

Because, at heart, aren't all of us Great Canadians thieving bastards, i stole this idea from Dan - this would be me, if i lived in South Park:

Thankfully, i don't live in South Park.

Dan found it here

I'll be back later with a real update.

"where there's smoke... There's a melting mind who's listened to Tool's latest album one time too many..."


bmwracer said...

C'mon STP, that's the second post you've pilferred in as many weeks... What's with you Canadians? ;)

Mitch said...

Hey, everybody, it's Constipated Kevin Smith!

Jondre the GianT said...

Man, that's hilarious! Sorry but
I'm going to have to steal this post from you man. It's a vicious cycle I know!

SteveTP said...

We're thieving bastards - that's all there is to it.

Kevin Smith? awww come on now!
And i poop fine thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

LOL thats wicked