Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hot Blooded! Check it and see! Got a fever of 103!

It's Saturday, and there's one thing you can always rely on for Saturday - the freestyle update! Why do I call it the freestyle update? Because normally I try to retain some sort of sanity in my updates. Yeah, I usually fail, sue me - but on Saturday, anything goes! Right Willie?

I always thought archaeologists were silly little men looking for their mommies...

Yeah, whatever, shutup bitch.

Weather is freaking awesome today, Daylight savings time kicks in tonight, and the winter parking ban ended as of today! Spring is in the air! *fingers crossed*.

Abby is moving over to a "big girl bed" sometime over the weekend - man o man the time has flown. It's really funny how much more sensitive I've gotten since the little spud came along. I was some of these ice cold villains - cynical to a fault. Now anything gets to me. K-ROCK is holding their Janeway Children's hospital fundraising marathon this weekend. They broadcast live from the hospital, and every now and again they'll interview a few of the kids, or play a 5-10 minute clip of a mother telling their story, usually involving some sickness in their child that I couldn't possibly imagine having to deal with - they'll often accompany these tearful stories with strains of music like Adia or Angel by Sarah Machlachlan, or Learning to Fly by Tom Petty - and these things punch me in the gut like you wouldn't believe. Choke me up like a pathetic little girlie man. Before Abby came along I wouldn't have batted an eyelash, but now? Hell even movies that have nothing to do with kids, I get all emotional - not quite weepy or anything, but the emotion is there ya'know. And going against my manly man tendencies, I have to say, it makes me feel so much more alive! So yeah, I recommend Children to anyone with a head on their shoulders. Best experience ever.

Robot chicken kicks ass!! Optimus Prime! Prostate Cancer! Need I say more! This stuff is gold! Buy it!

Also grabbed John Carpenter's entry in the Masters of Horror anthology series, called Cigarette Burns. Haven't watched it yet, but I did watch the trailers for the other entries in the series, and I must say that this stuff looks AWESOME! I think I may have to collect em all. I'm particularly interested in Tobe Hooper and Don Coscarelli's contributions, they look fantastic. No mention of the Takeshi Miike entry on the disc, I hope they have the balls to release it- apparently it was too much for even Cable TV. What did you winners expect? You don't give the man who made Ichi The Killer carte Blanche to make a HORROR story and expect it to be watchable by human beings.

Haven't played Oblivion in 24 hours - having severe withdrawal.

Have you heard the latest on the whole Seal Hunt debacle? Apparently some American Wildlife activists released a list of restaurants who had signed on to boycott Canadian seafood until the seal hunt ends. Turns out the majority of the restaurants on the list had never heard of any such ban, and many of them didn't even have seafood on their menus - only THREE of these establishments even knew of or acknowledged the boycott! Nice job you nature nuts are doing, way to get people to support your cause, I'm even more likely to chuck a brick at Paul Watson and his retard cohorts now than I was last week. Hang on, we must bow and scrape and give in to international bullying because an air headed big breasted hypocrite, a singer/guitarist, and a washed up French actress think seals are cute? We'll get right on that you fucking retarded morons. (enough of that bitter pill).

The rundown:

Watching: Robot Chicken season 1

Listening to: Iron Maiden - Dance of Death / The Darkness - One way Ticket / The Trews - Den of Thieves / Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth

Reading: Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlien

Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360)

Eating: Pizza (and damn is it good!)

Wishing: I was playing Oblivion!

A gun rack? I don't even own a gun! Let alone the many guns necessary to facilitate an entire rack! What the hell would I do with a gun rack?

"Where there's smoke...There's certainly NOT Steve smoking, no sir, not me!”


Mitch said...

I really enjoyed this post. You went from being a wuss to being a hardass in the space of three paragraphs. Nice save. ;)

Who poop rast!?! WHO POOP RAST!?!
Man, I gotta go pick that up.

Cross of Iron, bud. Two freakin' weeks!

SteveTP said...

Greatest new game show from JAPAN!

Myself and jon were in tears last night laughing at it man - my sides still hurt! :)

Ben Franklin's on the top rope! He's going for the C-Note! THE C-NOTE!!!

The extras are fantastic too :)
Seth Green is my idol :)

Two weeks cannot come soon enough - same day as the new Sam Roberts, Jeff Martin's AWESOME sounding solo debut (dude from the Tea Party - as if i haven't rambled on enough in that department) and the day before Sarah's birthday! (haven't got a copy of the Discworld playstation game you wanna part with for cheap do ya?)

And then there's Easter!

I'm soooo broke

Mitch said...

Sorry, bud, can't help you on Discworld. Guess you'll be in the doghouse on that one. ;)

That Kill Bunny shit on Robot Chicken is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. And the zombie Kurt Cobain blowing his own head off again was fucking brilliant.

I just found out my copies of Mr. Arkadin, the M:I collector's edition, and Cross of Iron are all in stock, but I don't know if they're going to break street dates this early. SHIT!

June's gonna kill me. Four or five movies and Deadwood Season 2. Sheesh.

SteveTP said...

Where do you hook up with this stuff!!??

Canadian Street on Cross of Iron doesn't appear to be until April 18th and HMV doesn't even have it in their system... bastards. Plus side, they do have the new Jeff Martin CD in the store right now, but of course won't be selling it till the 11th. I was afraid it was gonna be hard to find. They have a gajillion copies of Sammy comin' so i ain't worried there.

May is brutal wicked for me - Kingdom of Heaven and Deadwood! Plus there's some new stuff coming i'm interested in.

I probably won't be too worried about games for a while anyway - Oblivion pretty much put the kibosh on my interest in the 6 or 7 out there that i'd been wanting to pick up ;)

Seacrest OUT!
"Tell em about all the sweet deals at Radio Shed Ving!" *BLAM!*

Mitch said...

I usually order from digitaleyes. I trade in the crap I review for good stuff. Normally have my orders three or four days before street date. Not that that would help you, cuz Customs would hold it two weeks anyway. :)

You can take your bar and shove it up your ass! I'm watching TIVO!