Saturday, April 08, 2006

He can't be a man cause he doesn't smoke the same Cigarettes as me!


Feeling much better, cough is lingering, but otherwise things are vastly improved. Good stuff.
Man it's nice here again! It really appears that winter is in fact over! And the peasants rejoiced!

I almost had a streak going this week, missed it by two days, sorry about that folks - things got a little crazy towards the end of the week. Lost a long time dear friend of the family on Thursday - she was 72, had the flu, something happened, and suddenly she was gone. Not many outside my family would have known Mary Bursey, or "Aunt Mary" as we all called her. She was the Matriarch of the Signal Hill Bursey Clan, her family has lived next to mine in their ancestral homes on Signal hill since the beginning pretty much. My father's first job at 15 was driving a Bursey's delivery truck for Mary's parents, One of my first jobs was working the produce warehouse for Bursey's trucking. The only thing that Seperates the Burseys from the Powers is a last name. She always did her best to talk to me, no matter how huge the crowd, she was my childhood source of dirty jokes and off color humor, She's been my godmother's best friend for longer than i've been on this planet, and she was present at every Power family gathering. Pure sass, with a wonderful sense of humor, and one of those houses decked out with the tack - trinkets and ornaments galore that could only have come from a dollar store or flea market. If she were born in another era she'd have been a bordello madame. You'll be missed Aunt Mary, may you rest in peace, i just wish you could have seen the wedding!

On a lighter note, making headway in Oblivion after the disasterous save game incident. Once again i've got my snazzy Orcish armor, bought a house in Anvil only to learn it was haunted by the spirit of a dead Necromancer and the spirits he enslaved to guard the premises. Bastard tricked me into bringing his spirit back into our world - and then he met his final end at the hands of Umbra, the cursed blade. Not sure what i want to do next, maybe take on the Arena again. Try to regain my Grand Champion status.

Had a little sneak preview of the new Sam Roberts album, Chemical city, last night. Was VERY impressed! Can't wait until Tuesday now. The album premieres on KROCK 97.5 tomorrow evening at 6pm local time -
Click here to listen to KROCK live, it's not like many of us have anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon. That's like 4:30 Eastern Standard time for my American brothers. Tune in! See why i love the Sammy so much! Hell, check out some KROCK while yer at it - get a dose of local radio. As far as classic rock stations go it's pretty damned good. Why is Sam so cool. Well i told the story about him showing up at a pary here in St. John's, so i won't rehash it - but how about this one: After releasing his first full length, We Were Born in a Flame, Sam promptly hopped on a plane with his then girlfriend (now wife) and hit Europe and the middle east. The first single hits number one, and no one can find the guy! His manager finally tracks him down and is all, "You have to get back here now! We need to do publicity!" So Sam hops another plane, and goes to Spain. His first single has just hit number one in Canada, and Sam is being beat up by muggers in an alley in Spain somewhere. After the tour and all of the craziness subsides, Sam again escaped into parts unknown, wandering the African desert and eventually bringign the band back together on the west coast of Australia in a converted church to record the new album. That to me, is just plain cool. The fact that, once again, the guy is really forsaking any sort of hardcore publicity or promo work, and just throwing the new work out there and letting his label handle whatever, speaks volumes for how he feels about teh whole deal. He's a musician first and foremost - the Sam Roberts Band are like the Canadian equivalent of Pearl Jam in that regard. Musically speaking, if Pearl Jam are a modernized blend of The Who and hardcore punk like The Stooges, then Sam Roberts would be the same, only replace The Who with "Revolver" or maybe "White Album" era Beatles crossed with Bob Dylan/folk styling singer songwriter type of stuff. There's a very damned good chance that Chemical City will be my album of '06, though Pearl Jam may give it a run for it's money.

Gonna be a good one! Yessiriee!

Finally, i've started work on my little fiction experiment. Turn of the 19th Century, Olde America New England setting, some ideas i think are pretty damned interesting. My central character is looking like a cross between a dime-store pulp adventure character and your typical Poe or Lovecraft protagonist. We'll see how it reads, i may be way off on that one... stay tuned.

Great to see Dan back at the fiction racket again as well - looks like my coaxing worked! His shit is damn good! Love his characters, they have such... character. Kinda Coen-ish. Of course, i then pissed him off by dissing The Police, which caused an unfair attack on the awesome, eternally youthful stylings of one Bryan Adams (sheeeyeah!? As if! Washed up old fart.)

Enough outta me.

The rundown:

Watching: Pearl Jam - Single Video Theory

Listening to: Oasis - Standing on the Shoulder of Giants / Starsailor - On the Outside / Pearl Jam - Binaural / Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon / Sheavy - Synchronized

Reading: Future Noir - The Making of Blade Runner by Paul Sammon

Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360) / Black (xbox)

Eating: Tim Hortons!

Wishing: I wasn't working.

Liberate tutemae ex infernis

EDIT: Fixed the K-rock link! Check out the Sammy! It's good shit!


"Where there's smoke... There's a malfunctioning VCR eating your copy of Ninja Turtles: The Movie!"


Mitch said...

There's some good stuff in Future Noir, but that guy's even less of a writer than I am.

Really digging the new PJ. "Severed Hand" kicks all kind of ass. Thanks again, bud.

SteveTP said...

Sammon's book on Ridley is a little better - just too brief to be the "all encompassing" retrospective it should be. Still pretty informative. thought Future Noir did a pretty good job of chronicling the Blade Runner experience, it was informative, but it was far from well written.

Severed Hand is indeed awesome! Really digging Life Wasted as well. One of the guys actually "procured" the full album last night - what i heard over the phone sounded amazing. There are a few accoustic numbers mixed in there. I'm debating snagging it off of him, or just waiting for the release.

Glad yer diggin it man ;)

Mitch said...

One of the guys actually "procured" the full album last night - what i heard over the phone sounded amazing.

Something about that strikes me as funny. Better hope nobody tapped the phone.

Never knew Sammon wrote a book on Rid. Problem is, that kind of book can't be comprehensive if the subject is still alive. I have a massive bio of David Lean I've been meaning to get around to reading.

Speaking of Rid, six weeks to KoH Director's Cut. Know what I'll be doing that weekend.

SteveTP said...

Ridley Scott: The Making of His movies. The most extensive chapters were on The Duellists, Legend, Blade Runner (just info gleaned from Future Noir), and Alien (which was actually pretty good stuff). The rest of the stuff is glossed over in a few pages each really. It's pretty light reading, could probably kill it in an evening. Rid had just started pre-production on Gladiator when the last edition was published. You do get a fair bit of info on Rid's thoughts on each film, how involved he was in whatever film, like how Black Rain was his first job as a hired gun, brought in to replace Paul Verhoven, and how joyous the shoot was. But "The Making of his movies" is a tad deceptive... You're still pretty clueless at the end. Nice touch though, the Appendices reprint all of the Variety reviews of rid's films to that date, which was pretty cool. There's also a solid chapter on Rid's early years - it's informative and all, but i'd rather a Future Noir sized book on each film ;)

Cannot wait for KoH, it sounds increidble! I'll probably be devourign that one over the weekend after release as well.

Mitch said...

From what I've read, every quibble I had with KoH is rectified in the DC. Can't wait.

I'll look around and see if I can find a used copy of the Rid book. Might be worth it if I can get it on the cheap.

SteveTP said...

I'll send ya my copy if ya like - it only cost me something like 4 bucks :)

Mitch said...

I checked at Powells and they're selling the trade paperback for something like 5 bucks. Thanks for the offer, though.

kevin said...

dude, sorry to hear about Aunt Mary...i only knew her through reputation. take it easy man.

i must play Oblivion. Catherine is already prepared for my dissaperance...

bmwracer said...

Hey STP, post something new so I can rip it, willya? :P

Hope you're having a good one, bud. :D

SteveTP said...

later today :)

Patience my good man - you will have your chance ;)