Monday, April 24, 2006

Get out the way of Old Dan Tucker, you're to late to get your supper!

Try to keep this one quick:

Silent Hill was intense. I laughed, i cried, i was goddamn terrified and slept with my scooby-doo nightlite on (ok so i didn't laugh). Being both a video game flick AND a horror flick, you knoew it was absolutely doomed from a critical standpoint. But don't let the whole video game factor detract you, this thing doesn't play out at all like your typical VG movie. This is no Resident Evil or Doom. And did i mention the intensity? Freaking loved every minute of it, one of the most original, and completely fucked up horror films i've ever seen. GREAT stuff. Oh yes, it's also gruesome.

The Wild was also awesome! The animation wowed me more than anything i've seen from pixar, the characters were all pretty entertaining (loved the Limey Koala), and the storyline, despite simlarities to the vastly inferior Madagascar, was actually pretty damn entertaining. If you go in for all that CG animated stuff (which there really is FAR to much of these days, this is one of the better ones to come long in a good while. Abby enjoyed herself as well.

My Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence 2-disc SE showed up today from - just 9 days after i ordered it! Call me very very impressed! The disc is also absolutely amazing. The English dub, what i've heard of it so far, is fantastic (it's great hearing Richard Epcar's farmiliar voice coming from Batou's mouth). Can't wait to sit down and watch the whole thing. I did look at some of the supplements, the interview with Mamoru Oshii is simply incredible, and sheds some light on the man i consider to be quite simply the most unique and creative force in anime right now. Thought it was great that he's a huge fan of Ridley Scott, and his favorite films are Blade Runner, Alien, and Alien 3 ;) This interview is a must see - the guy is amazing.

Also capitulated to the mob mentality and grabbed a copy of The Davinci Code. Gonna read it before i check out the movie next month, which i think looks freakin awesome. There's some damn good shit comin' down the pipe in May - this summer looks like it's gonna be a good one!

That's it for now.

I've got popcorn up me bum!


"Where there's smoke... There are coal fires underground... still burning after 30 years."


Mitch said...

How much did that GITS 2 disc set you back? I hate the North American disc. Hate it!

Can wait to hear what you think of The DaVinci Code. ;)

SteveTP said...

All told, 31 bucks Canadian charged to my visa - and man the set is amazing. After the interview with Oshii i just don't know how anyone could not respect the guy.

On Chapter 5 of DaVinci now - the writing is drug store schlock, Dan Brown showing off his big brain and how thorough his research of Paris was before he put pen to paper - but man the storyline is cool! It's a real page turner.

Mitch said...

31 Canadian? Must investigate.

I got about 100 pages into DaVinci before I threw it against the wall. Dan Brown is the only writer whose stuff could actually be improved by Akiva Goldsman. ;)

SteveTP said...

best 31 dollars i ever spent - just finished the English dub in DTS - man o man. Considering the Dreamworks 1-disc was going for anywhere from 24.99 to 29.99 PLUS taxes (grand total locally of 28.74 to 34.49) then the R2 was a STEAL!

I don't know what your experience with the series has been in the past, whether or not you've watched the original or the Stand Alone complex series dubbed in english or not, but the series is one of those rare occurances where the dub plays out so much better for me - the characters are all far too nuanced to be portrayed in subtitles. And hearing those familiar voices man ,it was awesome! The "quoting" that bugged so many people originally in Innocence plays out much better as well. Manga gave this one the royal treatment! I wonder how long Dreamworks holds the North American distribution rights for?

I will say, the picture wasn't as nice as the Dreamworks disc, but i think that's more the fault of the player i have to play my R2 stuff on (old Shinsonic DVD-100) - the 1:85:1 Transfer was slightly distorted (almost looked like 1:66:1) which i've been told is a flaw in the player's converting of the PAL signal, and it would show up perfect on a 16x9 set with the player set proper. And i always found i noticed some digital noise that could easily be mistaken for compression artifacts with that player, stuff that my other players just don't pick up. One of these days i'll invest in a better code free player.

As for DaVinci - don't really like how the book is jumping around ,goes from Tom Hanks - er - i mean Langdon crawling under a portcullis to some cardinal on a plane for what seems like a 2 second interlude then back again. And the history lessons are grating, but goddammit i just can't stop flipping pages.

Goldsman ain't all bad -just mostly bad. ;)
I do have a lot of hope for this one... Love Hanks, love Betteny, love McKellan, and who doesn't love Reno, and freakin Audrey!

Mitch said...

It's a shame Manga didn't get the North American rights. I like what they did with the SE of the first flick. Nine thousand audio options!

I think what's getting to you about DaVinci (the repetitive structure) is what ultimately made me stop reading it. I especially got tired of Langdon figuring something out, then taking five pages of BS to finally get through his explanation, only to do the exact same thing two chapters later. If they cut out the crap and just stick to the basic plot, it will probably make a pretty fun popcorn flick. And, like you said, there's Audrey. ;)

SteveTP said...

Yeah, i have a feeling it's gonna be a little different from the book.

As for GITS, the new one has:

English 5.1
English 2.0
Japanese 5.1
Japanese 2.0

and on disc 2

English DTS 5.1
Japanese DTS 5.1

How's that for choice?

The making of Innocence is the same as the one included on the R1 disc, though it's been re-translated. Likewise with the commentary.

Disc 2 has the interview
and a full episode of Stand Alone Complex: 2nd gig (episode 5)in english 5.1

Dan Mancini said...

Wow. I didn't realize that Silent Hill was a feature film adaptation of the cover art for Jethro Tull's Aqualung.

I hope Christophe Gans tackles Sticky Fingers for his next flick.

SteveTP said...


Which one just had the picture of the dude on a stool with a flute - that should be next ;)

Mitch said...

He could probably make Houses of the Holy work.

Matt said...

Me and Stacey enjoyed the Wild very much.

And I was also blown away at the animation....and at the fact Keefer(sp?) Sutherland had emotion.