Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning! I don't know where i'll be tomorrow!

Another week - biggest news this week - i landed a bit of Graphic Design work - i have a little less than a week to put together a handful of ads, and i can't find my goddamn photoshop CS disc. Go Figure! That'll teach me to format my machine and re-install my apps on an "as needed" basis. I work better under pressure anyway. Wish me luck with this one!

In other news, the damn APC (battery backup for the computron) here at work is beeping like mad - apparently we need to change the battery. The damn thing has been going constant since Friday - i can hear it in my sleep!

Meanwhile - i get home after my little Design meeting last night to find Sarah camped out on the couch in the film bunker, controller in hand, headset donned, playing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter on Xbox Live! Between this and Project Gotham 3, i think Sarah likes her some Xbox360! could it be that i've finally punched a hole through her Nintendo fangirl armor? I can't believe she's playing a tactical shooter! Online! Against other human beings! A pretty far cry from stomping turtles with fat plumbers and whacking critters with cute n cuddly mammals. I'm so proud!

Not much else to report. Looks like it may be a slow week.

This job'd be great if it weren't for the fuckin' customers

"Where there's Smoke... There's the US Embassy in Mexico City, exploding just as i set foot in the parking lot."


jgodsey said...

good for you
i would kill for some designwork....that paid.
i try to install all my big apps at once to see if there are any conflicts
right now i can't get photoshop 7 to work on my laptop at all.
which is a pain in the kiester.

kevin said...

Dude that is awesome...finally Sarah's playing something that has nothing to do with Monkey's Balls...sweet. oh and getting some design work is okay too..i guess. :)

(j/k...sweet deal man...sweeeet)

SteveTP said...

Yeah, it might actually pay well too!

And the procrastination has ceased - i've found my copy of Photoshop CS.

Matt said...

Sarah did really well during the game too! She held her own, and stayed alive longer than me on more than one ocasion. ;P