Saturday, March 18, 2006

Paaaaa-Na-MAH! Paaaaa-Na-MAH-ah!

Saturday Freestyle

Pretty interesting week thus far:

The design job is proceeding, i'm pretty far along, just a little bit left, maybe 2 or 3 hours worth of work. It's been a lot of fun flexing muscles i haven't used in a good long while - Graphics in photoshop, text in illustrator. The amount of time i've been spending at the computer is somewhat alarming - typically i don't touch the blasted thing at home, but i have a strict "keep the jobs seperate" policy that precludes me working on design projects while at work (Yet, if i weren't getting paid for it i probably wouldn't give a shit... wierd that.) My Right arm is definitely feeling the impact though - goddamn i'm sore (bad Shoulder from a fork-lift related misshap a few years back).

I'm starting to think i'm an insecure bastard though - i sent a few samples and a rough comprehensive to the wonderful lady who gave me this little job, and i'm worried sick that she's going to think that what i have done is total shit. I typically have more confidence in my own abilities than this, it's bugging me. This could lead to future jobs, and i guess i'm just worried about my work coming off as ameturish or half assed. Fingers crossed. I'm gonna play it straight up - if she doesn't like it, i ain't gonna charge her for it - anyone else think that's a retarded move on my part?

Bought a few games this week, The newest Driver title (Driver Parallel Lines), The "director's cut" of Metal Gear Solid 3, Pre-paid my copy of Oblivion for the xbox360 - which i know is gonna be something sick, and grabbed a PSP game (Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror). So far all are pretty awesome. I like it when that happens.

Music wise, The locals, K-Rock, have started playing both the new Pearl Jam and the new Sam Roberts tunes - which is bloody awesome, but even better - they've started this new radio show on weeknights called "Big Hairy Tunes" and they've been playing IRON freakin' MAIDEN! Run to The Hills bitches! Pretty much on a nightly basis, 2 Minutes ot Midnight, Aces High, Wasted Years... ooooh the classics, makes me wanna break out my Maiden CD's. Bad enough i just, er, accquired the entire run of Cinderella discs, and am enjoying them immensely! I don't even know who i am anymore!! No worries though - the daytime slots are still filled with Kim Mitchell and David fucking Wilcox (two people i'd love to see pull a Randy Rhodes imitation).

Also got into a game of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (aka: best shooter on the planet) on Xboxlive last night with DVD Verdict judge and all around swell guy Dave Johnson - Nice to finally "sort of" meet one of the guys i've been conversing with all these years through forum posts - Was a good time - outside of the network problems. Hope to catch you online again Dave! Now if only i could get Mitch into an Xbox360, a copy of Advanced Warfighter, a headset, and an XboxLive account. I'm sure that all kinds of insanity would follow.

The rundown:
Watching: A History of Violence
Listening to: Megadeth - Rust in Peace / The Trews - House of ill Fame / Led Zeppelin
Reading: Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlien
Playing: Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (xbox360) / Shadowrun (SNES) / Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2) / Driver: Parallel Lines (Xbox)
Eating: Oatmeal Crisp cereal
Wishing: I could get to a theatre this evening to see V For Vendetta.

Here lies David St. Hubbins, and Why not.

"Where there's smoke...There's Blogger's file servers melting down... again."


Mitch said...

Send me $600 and I'll see what I can do.

SteveTP said...

I'll get right on that ;)

Jon The Uncool said...

Or you could always rob an armoured car Mitch. Now, if taht is the path you choose, you should know that they are a lot tougher than your standard American "armored" car. I believe it's due to the addition of the letter 'U', a surprisingly resiliant vowel.

Matt said...

Sammy Heygar(SP?) > David Lee Roth

SteveTP said...

Oh, Haggar most definitely dominates The old Roth Van Halen (and Haggar's pre and post VH stuff kicks ass as well) - but Panama was playing on the ole music bawx whilst i was titling this update, and as tradition would dictate - i must rip a lyric out of whatever happens to be playing at a given time when i post an update - like if i were to post an update right now, it would be "Wild Horses couldn't drag me away" as Krock is playing wild Horses by the Stones - and my post would probably be heavy on the Oblivion content. Clever, no? There you have it, a glimpse into how my mind operates...

Mitch said...

There's no question Sammy is a better singer than Diamond Dave, but the first VH album still smokes everything that came after.

Dunnyman's Castle said...

Good luck on the graphics job! Remember the important rule: Clients are stupid. Just assume they're eediots, and you'll be much happier.

JD said...

Iron Maiden fucking rules

SteveTP said...

yes, yes they do!