Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No use in complainin' when you got a job to do!

Well, she must have liked what i'd done up to this point, as i have more design work coming my way! Very exciting! The confidance is reassured, and i get to have some more fun on my own time with Photoshop and Illustrator!

Unfortunately - Oblivion (concentrated crack in Video game form) Was released on Tuesday - and i've managed to plug in almost 10 hours in less than 24! This is something unprecendented for me! I'm at work right now, and all i can think about is this stupid game! It's THAT freakin good! After work this evening i plan on playing some more - but the split tomorrow will be devoted entirely to design work, and likewise Friday morning. When the weekend hits... well, we'll see what we can see.

Sarah also started another new job this week at Pleasemum - a retail outlet devoted to brand name kiddie clothes! So that's three for her and two for me - what is it with work suddenly turing into Pokemon? JOBS - gotta catch 'em all!

So yeah, between us both and the two year old, things are gonna be a tad hairy around here with updates i'm thinking, then again, since most of mine are done at work, there may be no change at all... we'll see. Work has been picking up lately as well - now that the traditional post-Christmas vaccum has ended and new releases worth buying are coming down the pipe.

Sam Roberts is playing this Saturday night in the city, and i have yet to secure a ticket, not sure how that's gonna go down.

In other news, finally managed to hit Boston Pizza this past weekend - simply amazing! Wonderful pizza! wonderful spaghetti! wonderful dessert! Wonderful Service, all around amazing place - i'll be going back! It's a tad expensive though, I split a pizza with Deeanne and Sarah had the 'ghetti, add drinks and dessert = 75 bucks. Not too bad considering the quality of the joint.

My dear officer, you could not even give me a parking ticket!

"Where there's smoke... there's a white boat comin up the river"


Mitch said...

Damn, bud, way to go.

"I'd start getting used to that sort of view."

SteveTP said...

Thanks man!

The bad guys, did ya get em? they all dead?

Mitch said...


Jon The Uncool said...

Who is the dickhead now hey?

Soap said...

While I do like Boston Pizza I find it too expensive for what you get. I don't eat out nearly as much as I once did, so when I do feel like splurging on pizza at a restaurant I consider Pizza Hut a much better cost vs. quality ratio.

To each their own however :)