Saturday, March 25, 2006

Many times i've lied! Many times i've listened! Many times i've wondered, how much there is to know!


I'm really loving this early spring thing! The last three or four days have been quite nice! Temperatures are in the positive digits (actually into double digits yesterday!) Snow melting, sun Shining, it's all good - if a tad early in the year for us - i'm afraid the evil bitch that is Newfoundland winter may still have one bad one in store for us (April has seen a few nasty ones in past years). But with the improving of the weather comes a general thawing of my typically icy mood - i think i change with the seasons myself. I've even been nice to the lunch time candy gang - all of this positive energy is pretty cool!


*ahem* yeah, go buy it. If you have a decent PC, get it, if you have an xbox360, get it! If you have neither - go buy one and get it! This is one hell of an amazing game. Cliché as it may sound, I don't recall the last time a game had this profound an effect on me. I'm thinking about it right now. Want to play! I'm actually dreading seeing the whole of the province this game has to offer - wondering if the luster will wear off once I’ve seen every corner of the HUGE game world. I have a feeling it may not. I'm a level 6 Imperial Scout right now - decked out in the awesome looking roman-esque armor of the Imperial Blades, elite bodyguards to the Septim family, emperors of Tamriel since the dawn of the 2nd Era. Hero of Kvatch, sealer of the Oblivion gate! Many a Daedra will feel the sting of my Katana (or my larger Dai-Katana). Now if only I could get the damn Town Watch off my arse - the door was unlocked, the stuff was just lying there! I'm not a thief! Really! Thieves’ guild? I don't know what you're talking about! What is this guild of thieves which you speak of? I wish to Christ i could take screencaps from my 360 - I'd love to share this slice of fried gold with someone!

Myself and Johnny Z broke out the seminal Eddie Murphy classic, Metro at some point during the week, first time I’d seen it since the theatrical run, and I was impressed. Eddie plays “straight up serious cop” very well, and the direction (by some dude who apparently directed the pilot to Miami vice) was pretty damn excellent! Also very nice to see Michael Wincott in all his gravelly voiced fury! Sure the flick is your average ordinary everyday cop-thriller, but it’s done with style. I think it’s been largely ignored because it came out of the very arse end of the whole Hollywood cop movies decade of about ’85 to ’95 (Metro was released in ‘97).

Over in music, the new Hawksley Workman CD (Treeful of Starling) is pretty bitchin’! It’s mellow folky type stuff with some great lyrical things goin’ on. If you’re a fan of this sort of thing it’s worth checking out.

Enough out of me for one day – I’m gonna go update The Busted Controller.

The rundown:

Watching: Metro

Listening to: Iron Maiden – Best of the Beast (2-disc) / Hawksley Workman – Treeful of Starling / Fu Manchu – Start The Machine / Elder Scrolls: Oblivion soundtrack

Reading: Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlien

Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox360)

Eating: A cup o’ Tea (Orange Pekoe)

Wishing: I was playing Oblivion!

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!

"Where there's smoke...there’s Steve’s computer with too many programs running simultaneously.”


Mitch said...!

I'm gonna go hit the Controller. 'Bout time you updated it.

SteveTP said...

Yeah, it takes a little more rational thought than good ole blowin' smoke, somethign that's been in short supply the last two weeks :)
Hoping to get two reviews up tomorrow :)
ahhh who am i kiddin' i'll probably just play more Oblivion. It's killing me that i don't have a nice HD Display now :)

I still gotta give it to Stairway, that tune has somethign for everyone... it's like an all you can eat lunch buffet, but yeah - i do love me some Over the Hills...

I don't think there's a Zep tune in existance i DON'T enjoy on some level.