Thursday, March 30, 2006


Man i wish this idiot would just fucking LEAVE! He's been stroling around for 45 minutes, i've asked him if he's looking for anything in particular, attempts at light conversation are swallowed by the silence he wears like a cloak. Just buy a fucking game or get the hell out of my goddamn sight you moody bastard. Yes, i'm at work, at the "other" store, and things aren't going that well.

Yeah so the ole mood is running afoul - regurgitated winter does that to me. They tease me with spring weather, then i'm stuck shovelling my driveway twice a day for the next few days. Fuck this shit! I quit! Cue Mitch with a weather update from somewhere down in Georgia, immediately followed by excessive clenching of jaw and grinding of teeth by yours truely.

So yeah, there are a few things that have really been bugging the crap-ola out of me lately...

First up, this Snakes on a Plane thing. What the hell is with you people??? This has to be one of the most assasnine concepts i've ever heard! This film is going to be a cult hit because Sam Jackson utters "There's snakes on the muthafuckin' plane" in his best "Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction" impersonation? Give me a goddamn break! This film has no soul! It's the first attempt by Hollywood to market a film directly to us Internet lamers, and it's working - you morons are swallowing the bait! This isn't Shaun of the Dead! This isn't bubba Ho-Tep! This is being directed by the same auteur who brought us Homeward Bound II, Final Destination 2: Turn up teh sux0rZ, and Cellular!! Alarm bells are ringing Willie!!! But Sam Jackson signed on based on the title alone? Good for him! Sam Jackson also made The Man, and has probably huffed more lines in his dusthead days than his mind can handle. I'm waving the white flag, i'm tapping out, i'm marching into the field with my rifle over my head - i surrender - fuck this movie, fuck it up it's stupid ass. If that makes me lame, so be it - i'm used to the idea.

Dunnyman posted some good shizzle over his way about the state of young people these days, he thinks it's all the drugs their parents consumed... fair assumption i figure, i made the following retort, i'm sharing it here, because hell, i thought it was pretty good.

What's with kids today? I don't even think it's the drugs man, i think it's the change in the way children are treated. Parents are overbearing, pampering wuss-bags. Teachers and other community leaders have had all of their disciplinary powers stripped from them. No fucking wonder our children are growing up to be self-absorbed unintelligent sociopaths. They've been taught that they are the centre of the universe, they haven't had to have any sort of thought for themselves since society handles everything for them nowadays, and they have no fear of those older than they, because the law has become such that the figures who we were scared shitless of in our day, yes, even our own parents, have been stripped of any sort of rights that would make them fearful - it's gotton so bad that a raised voice can be seen as abuseive behavior. "Comfort, play, and teach" might look nice on paper - but what fucking good is it when your kid is 10-12 years old and completely out of hand - and you don't know how to deal with it because you still see that sweet little toddler who's idea of discipline was sitting on a step for five minutes. Society is falling apart. Things are only gonna get worse, as these mentally disfunctional youngsters start having families of their own and things get even more restricted.

As for ADD and OCD and all of that bullshit - it's always been around - we just didn't have names

In other news, design work is done for the time being, the lady i was doing the stuff for is in Cuba for a bit, maybe next week i'll find out what the pay situation looks like. This whole thing stressed me out a little more than it should have, i'm relieved that i'm done for now, and at the same time i yearn for more... go figure.

Meanwhile in the land of Tamriel. Arames continues his climb up the ranks in the Imperial Arena, taking a break before challenging for the rank of "hero" a stepping stone from Grand Master. He has sunk into the shadows in some of the outlying cities. After dark, no lock is safe, and any and all posessions left lying about are his to take, and sell to fences for rediculously low prices. I came accross the legendary Umbra, not so much a woman of Redguard as an empty vessel posessed by the evil spirit of the blade which bears the namesake. After fleeing like a little baby and hiding out while the town watch spanked her down, i promptly emerged from the shadows and stole her armor and that all too pretty sword. Level 10 now, about 32 hours under my belt, and no sign of slowing down. I'm also now officially a Knight Brother of the Imperial Blades! What's so damned amazing about this game is how engrossing it has become - i've found myself, of all things, really putting thought into what kind of person my character is! The interactions and events i've witnessed have actually given my character a personality - something akin to a Han Solo without the ego, or maybe Malcom Reynolds in a medieval fantasy setting. The fact that the game has managed to ensnare me so speaks volumes for it's quality.


"Where there's smoke... there's an Argonian Skooma den and a shitload of stoned lizardmen."


Dan Mancini said...

Get off my lawn!

Mitch said...

Damn, dude. Just calm down and say, "I don't give a fuck." I say it. That's why I don't have an ulcer.

It's supposed to be sunny and pushing 80 degrees here today. Back to you, Steve. :-P

SteveTP said...

my mantra.

It used to work.

As for the weather - damn it's nice here today - if i didn't look accross the parking lot and see a 12 foot high bank of snow i'd say it was May! :)

Probably gonna snow again Monday... sheesh.

Mitch said...

Don't you Canucks ever get used to the weather? It's not like the place was ever the Bahamas.

Oh, damn, I think I see a cloud. :P

SteveTP said...

we're tough goddammit! Weathered! Like old leather! But we live in it, which gives us the right to complain about it ;)
It's really goddamn nice here today! like 12 degrees and sunny! Cut a good chunk of the snow down :)

Anonymous said...

*pokes head out from around corner* Steve, I'm sorry.. but I'm kind of excited about Snakes on a Plane.

You may throw blunt objects at me the next time you see me, if you wish. Rocks, or maybe kittens.

Are kittens blunt? O_o



SteveTP said...

-A- you lemming... follow the mob whydoncha ;)

My cat is pretty blunt - you'd probably rather i throw a sack of potatoes at you though - he's kinda heavy, and he flails around a bit, and he's a biter, and... well - i just don't think throwing him is a good idea.

Seriously though, You're excited? That's cool. I buy into hype myself many a time.

Me, i'd rather see Slither 100 times than Snakes on a Plane once. Hell Slither has Nathan "Coolest Canadian ever!" Fillon! And it has a soul ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll be honest and admit that insidious marketing plots such as this one (and pretty much every one ever) have been getting to me more than usual lately. Being manipulated really stresses me out.. but in this case, I'm not sure I can resist the allure! X-D

Seriously though, it's these that get me X-) Well, some of 'em.

I'll admit that I was much more excited about SoaP before they did the reshoots. I think it would have been a lot funnier with a PG-13 rating. So maybe I'm like.. the rebel lemming with the nose ring or tattoo or something. Every once in a while, you've just gotta jump off the damned cliff anyway. Or something!

As for Slither, I'll admit, I'm curious - I saw a clip of it last night and it looked SO weird! And yeah, Nathan Fillion > all. ALL!!! Have you seen it yet???


Anonymous said...

Whoa I admit a lot of stuff! I should watch that - I'll end up in jail or getting sued :x

Anyway listen I forgot to mention that I am afraid to go see Slither because, it looks like it will either be too gross, or too scary, or both, for me. So please please please post the ick/eek factors here after you see it.

Cheers! -A-

SteveTP said...

Will do! I'll keep ya posted. I'm guessing we'll be looking at a high Ick factor for sure...