Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here i am, on the road again!

Slow week for updates, for that I apologize. Not like anyone cares anyway – I’m sure you can find better ways to waste your time

To start off with a bang, we officially have a WEDDING DATE!!! Saturday, August 5th! The hall is booked – the guest list is more or less complete, the bridal party and groomsmen have been chosen – there’s no turning back now (As my Dad would say, You can’t be happy all your life!) Now I just have to worry about weather or not my Master of Ceremonies and his very pretty girlfriend can get their asses home from England for long enough to attend ;) (Hey Kev! Hope your reading this and shitting your clothes – or shouting HOLEY MOLEY!)

Mitch, Dan, you guys are on the unofficial official guest list ;)

Meanwhile, over in Sarah-town, Sarah starts a new job today! We had originally been talking about her getting some part time retail work, or otherwise work that didn’t involve children. Turns out a Daycare center came to her! Offered her full time work, with damn good pay, and a list of perks and benefits as long as my arm (I wish it was as long as something else!). She started there part time while she continues to work for the family she’s been with for the last two years or so (awesome people!). She hasn’t been in a Day Care environment for a few years, but the place seems nice, the co-workers seem great, and Sarah has all kinds of “dealing with multiple rug rats” experience. Here’s hoping it goes well!

Over to Frank in weather, We’re getting freaking hammered this week. Saturday saw us score a whopping 60 centimeters of snow in the span of 12 or so hours. Wind was up as well. Store was closed, so I scored a three day weekend! Myself and Sarah chilled out, had a pajama day, and watched Treasure Planet with Abby. Great little flick – I love it anyway. Abby seemed interested as well, though every time the action would heat up she would ask what was happening. Saturday night myself and Sarah finally broke out the Clerks X special edition and watched the first cut of the film. There were definitely a few moments I caught that weren’t in the feature, but the original ending sucked, and the Sony soundtrack was much better. The wind and snow finally gave up sometime around midnight.

So it took us about a few hours to dig out on Sunday – the driveway was pretty good, but there was about 5 feet of snow in both walkways and blocking both doors. The three of us went out together and played around in the snow while I shoveled – fun times. There were some flurries throughout the week – and again last night we get hammered!! We only managed 25 centimeters this time, but more than enough to make life difficult. Couldn’t see a damn thing on the roads, and managed to get Sarah’s car stuck on the street in front of the driveway – had to slam it in neutral and shove it into the driveway myself *flex* I’m in fucking pain today.

In other news, I’m definitely a geek. What child of the 80’s didn’t have some sort of interest in Transformers? I had a pile of these things, beat the living hell out of many, and moved back to G.I Joe – but I always had a soft spot for them. Well a few years back, my Mom gave me a few of these Transformers Alternators toys for Christmas back in ’04 – she always picks up some random toys for me, just for fun – and I thought these things were some of the most awesome toys I’d ever laid eyes on. Picture those 1:24th scale die-cast cars you can buy in toy departments and drug stores everywhere, now picture a transformation sequence akin to a rubick’s cube and a fully poseable 8-9 inch tall bad assed robot bearing the visage and namesake of a character you loved at the tender age of 8 or 9 on the classic cartoon! Yeah, these things kick ass! I’m up to five toal now, every time Wal-Mart gets a new batch in I feel inclined to grab a couple – yesterday was one such day. Grabbed Tracks (C5 Corvette Z06) and Skids (Scion XB) – and they are both freakin’ awesome! Check this out:

The 80's model

The New for '06 BADASS version!

Review for Full Auto (Xbox360) is up over at The Busted Controller if you feel so inclined – Reviews for Black (Xbox, PS2) and Grandia III (ps2) are forthcoming.

If you ain’t up here shoppin’, you’re up here shopliftin’



“Where there’s smoke… there’s a fire so goddamn big the God’s will notice us again!”


Mitch said...

Offered her full time work, with damn good pay, and a list of perks and benefits as long as my arm (I wish it was as long as something else!).

Well, at least we finally know why she puts up with you. ;)

Congrats, bud...even if you have been shacking up for so long this doesn't seem like that big a deal. ;)

Three questions:
1) Will there be booze?
2) Will there be any hot bridesmaids?
3) Will it be okay I if try to combine #1 and #2?

kevin said...



SteveTP said...


1) Definitely
2) Almost Definitely
3) I forsee no problems with that particular combination


come on man, the Transformer wasn't THAT cool was he? :)

Seriously though - i hope you can make it bud - need your brand of insanity to EmCee this puppy! :) And you're one of the groomsmen! :) Your folks will probably be invited as well :)

Mitch said...

Done deal, bud. I'll pick you up a copy of the Crtierion Armageddon as a wedding gift.

Regarding Clerks X--hearing Smith and Mosier pick on Jeff Healey is great. You need to watch the video commentary. Good stuff.

Dunnyman's Castle said...

Congrats on the making Ball & Chain official!

Dan Mancini said...


Re: 60 centimeters of snow.

::Dan looks as baffled as Spinal Tap trying to figure out military time::

What is that, like, 8 feet? Hold on. 20 inches? Wait. A yard-and-a-half?

Jondre the GianT said...

Hey man, congrats on the wedding date! I can't wait for that wedding dude, what a party that is going to be! LOL

SteveTP said...

Dan - approximately 2 feet accumulated snowfall - factor in winds of about 75-80 mph blowing that shit around and you're talking some nasty snowdrifts :)I shoulda took some foe-toe-graffs.

next time for sure :)

Jondre - it's gonna be a bit nuts i'm thinkin' :)

Dunny- muchos gracias mi amigo!

SteveTP said...

Armageddon Criterion! Hot damn - i never turn down a Criterion (especially one that retails for 80 bucks local!)

When i watch that flick i just don't wanna close my eyes... i don't wanna miss a thing!

Mitch said...

You keep talking like that and you'll end up with the Kubrick box set.

kevin said...

catherine is looking for tickets, i just GOTTA see that Autobot in person!

a groomsmen?! i am seriously honored. makes me feel like a 4/4 flier with Haste. :)

and if you purchase the Criterion Armegeddon...i will have to kick your ass with Trample..

SteveTP said...

Excellent News bud! I'd have to call the whole thing off if one of my bros didn't show!


Mitch: God wouldn't let that happen to me ;) Then again - he does hate me so.

Jon The Uncool said...

I dunno man...that many Gouldigans in the same place...there may be some police showing up. Just to make sure the trike liscenses are all in order.