Saturday, March 04, 2006

Carry on my Wayward son! There'll be peace when you are done.

Saturday - freestyle time!

Paul McCartney and his wife have become the latest batch of celebrities to start some sort of holy crusade against the Newfoundland Seal Hunt. It seems like every decade or so we get a few big name celebrities picking up where blowhard moron Paul Watson and movie bimbo Bridgette Bardot back in the 70's. Seals are cute - hence they must live. I notice there's never any sort of a protest when someone wears cowhide leather jackets or boots. Our own premier faced off against McCartney and Wife last night on Larry King Live, and by accounts he handled himself very well. The problem with these people is that they're impossible to deal with - no matter how rational your arguments may be, no matter what sort of impact the actions of cancelling the commercial hunt may have on human fucking beings, an Ex-Beatle's wife thinks seals are cute, and they just don't like what's happening. Rational thought cannot prevail. Here's my advice, if you celebrities are bored, looking for a cause, why not do what the rest of your ignorant ilk are doing and have at George Bush a few more times - or wax poetic about our poor children coming home from Iraq in body bags some more - and leave the livliehood of my fucking home out of your little spotlight grabbing Jihads. The saddest thing of all, you're all being used by fucking parasites like Paul Watson and his Sea Sheppard cronies... wake the fuck up. Go back to singing and dancing, leave the real world issues to grownups with the mental capacity to handle rational thought.

But enough about that.

Frank in weather tells me it's sunny today - more snow tomorrow... We're running out of places ot put it - i think i'm gonna ram the next 30 centimeters or so (that's about a foot there Dan. ) up Frank's asshole!

Could this day be going any slower? I feel like i've been at work about 4 hours, and it's only been 2.

Meanwhile in music, everyone's favorite wahsed up has-beens, Metallica, are ruomred to be in the studio recording their latest offering - no Bob Rock behind the boards this time (not that i blame Bob for what's happened to the once almighty forces of 'M') - Producer duties fall to none other than Slayer/Danzig/Cult veteren Rick Rubin! I'm excited! I still feel these guys have at least one GREAT album left in em, and if anyone can get it out of em it would probably be Rick, and we don't have any foolish distractions like Wars on piracy, re-hab. I ca only hope Lars watched some Kind of Monster, realized what a self-encompassing prick he came accross as, and decided to just shut up and play drums in the studio. And i hope James is over this "newborn baby" complex that he had developed post-rehab. I'd love to see them release a kick ass metal record, blowing the minds of the old fans (impossible i know, since even if it is vasty superior, they'll always hold that Master of Puppets candle and wish it were 1987 again). Put themselves back on the metal throne, and then give the whole thing up. That would be the ideal.

In other news, Sarah and Abby both have some kind of bug, which means i'll probably have it tomorrow.

The rundown:
Watching: PTU / The Fly / A History of Violence /
Listening to: Sam Roberts - We Were Born in a Flame / The Cult - Beyond Good and Evil / The Tea Party - The Interzone Mantras
Reading: Nothing this week
Playing: Jade Empire (xbox) /Black (xbox) / Grandia III (ps2)
Eating: A Frosty! (Thanks Chuck)
Wishing: I could go to Boston Pizza - Delissio will have to do.

Don't even try it son, you're not that fast.

"Where there's Smoke... There's Paul McCartney smoking a hempie doobie..."


Mitch said...

Give Paul a break, man. How else do you expect him to stay in the public eye? I mean, it's not like anyone cares about his music anymore. :)

To quote George Carlin, "The wrong two Beatles died first."

Stick your head out, cottontail.

SteveTP said...

And Carlin was o so right!

He didn't really say much on King, his wife wouldn't shut up though. She had her ass handed to her... which is nice.

One of the quotes floating around already:

"his name is Stephen Harper! And we're talking about Harp Seals!"

they also mistook Newfoundland for Prince Edward Island at least once... and called Danny Williams a liar... fun times... if she only knew William's history.

Soap said...

here's the link I was talking about in regards to Rubin and Metallica:

Table Mountains said...

your lead off to the thread.."Carry on my Wayward son! There'll be peace when you are done." now Kansas!that's a band!

SteveTP said...

Gotta love K-Rock! If only they'd play MORE Kansas and less David Wilcox! :)