Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Blog Alert!

For those of you who dig the video games - I might as well drop this little plug:

The Busted Controller

Basically Game related blogging by yours truely - should interest some of you, should mean absolutely nothing to the rest of ya ;) The first post is up now - it's a doozy of a read for those who have the time.

The regular Saturday freestyle will be coming in a few hours.


Mitch said...

Two blogs? Guess I can no longer refer to you as a lazy Canuck bastard.

Soap said...

Video game discussion was usually a part of your blog that you currently have. I just don't see the point in segregating that topic into a blog of it's own :P

PS - take of comment moderation on your gaming blog... well you don't have to but it's annoying :P

SteveTP said...

Well, i try not to talk to much about gaming in this one, and when i do, it's usually pretty basic stuff - the Other blog is to be all gaming, all the time - and of a more professional calibre.

SteveTP said...

Comment Moderation has been disabled - that was un-intentional on my part.

Anonymous said...

What if this is the END OF THE WORLD !(MUST SEE)

Are you strong enough to watch this 65 sec video ...i don't think so .. i bet you will cry while watching this ... what if all this is just the beginning .