Friday, February 24, 2006

My friends all drive Porsches, i must make amends.

Mad props out to Brad Gushue and the rest of his crew (Mark Nichols, Russ Howard, and Jamie Korab) for taking the Gold medal in Mens Curling in Torino! This brings Canada's meda take to an Olympic best of 20 medals (six golds!) . Also the first time since 1998 that a Newfoundlander has nabbed a medal! These guys were happy enough to even be going - and topping it all off, Brad's mother has recently started chemotherapy for cancer and was unable to travel to Italy - This was a hard earned, well deserved victory for these guys. I wish em all the best, and hopefully a speedy recovery for Mom Gushue.

In other news. Sat down and caught a flick last night, Tony Scott's Domino. Kiera Knightly stars as the former fashion model and daughter of veteren actor Laurence Harvey, Domino. After wandering aimlessly through her Beverly Hills existance she winds up becoming a bounty hunter, in the employ of legendary Hunter Ed Mosby (Mickey Rourke) and laitino firecracker Choco (Edgar Ramierez). Also in there is an awesome supporting cast including Lucy Liu, Christopher Walken, Delroy Lindo, Dabney Coleman, and 90210 pretty boys Ian Ziering and Brian austin Green (in a hilarious turn as themselves) plus Tom Waits in a goddamn brilliant cameo. The film is a mish mash of non-linearity, barely comprehensible at times, and yet it all careens to a conclusion with purpose, and what a conclusion. The film echoes Tony Scott's 1993 film, True Romance, right down to the whole fateful shootout between multiple parties. Take True Romance, add the flash and psychokinetic editing of Man on Fire - you get Domino. Yes, i liked it. Not enough to revise my top 10 of '05 - but it was a damn good ride!

If you liked Man on fire, or you dig Scott's recent discovery of filters, overexposed film, hyper overcranking, time lapse, and general hyper-editing - than Domino is the most extreme of his films thus far, and you'll find much to enjoy here. On the other hand, if you're one of these curmudgeons who still dismisses MTV-style cutting and camera tricks off-hand (face it, it's here to stay, and in a few decades will probably be just as revered as "deep focus" photography and all that jazz) then stay the hell away from Domino, it'll give you a siezure immediately before your black heart explodes!

It's been said (by me) that Sir Ridley Scott (the God of Directors) - is a finely tuned Maserati - a machine of pure performance. While, his bro, Tony Scott (never, ever, to be referred to as Sir Tony) is a '99 Civic Si coupe - adorned with shiny rims, nitrous oxide, plastic body add-ons, a shiny pearl paint job, vinyl racing stripes, tinted windows, neon underlighting, and stickers, stickers, and more stickers. Sure both are built for speed - but they are completely different machines - and it's all about wether you prefer precision built power in a luxury package, or a riced out street car.

Frank over in weather tells us we have more snow coming. Really Frank? It's fucking February! In the goddamn North Atlantic! There's always fucking snow coming you twat! But seriously, blizzard warning in effect for tomorrow. UGH!

My dear officer, you could not even give me a parking ticket...

"Where there's smoke... there's Humphery Bogart, holding that cancer stick purely for atmosphere..."


Mitch said...

Walken bitching about the fucking font being changed and Green getting punched in the nose were good enough for me. And the shotgun arm amputation was pretty cool, too.

Soap said...

Oh Kiera... *drool*

Love the 90210 actors in it. I used to love the show but it was funny seeing them in this.

Jon The Uncool said...

Tony said...

All those crazy filters and effects made my head hurt. Not even Mickey Rourke could save this movie. You want a movie? See "March Of The Penguins"! =P

Jon The Uncool said...

Oh're suspended pending investigation. Turn in your man-badge.

SteveTP said...

And your secret decoder ring

tony said...

Not the RING!!!!! I need that to decode things! Just not why people like that movie. =p