Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's only 7 o'clock! Time for a party!

My streak of good luck continues. Some asshole walks into the store monday night, asks Tony if he can take a look at a PS2 system. Tony takes it down off the wall, dude picks it up, bolts out the door. I tear off after the prick, I hit a patch of ice and twist myself in such a way as i don't lose speed, nor fall, but wrench myback out something fierce. I'm gaining ground on the prick until he hits four lanes of traffic, at which time i say fuuuuuck dat and abandon my foot persuit. we have a damn nice shot of the idiot as well as his cel phone number - so the cops shouldn't have too much trouble. The guy is just lucky i took off on foot instead of jumping in my car (which was parked right by the door). Didn't sleep a wink that night (curse you adrenaline!). My sleep for the rest of the week has been shit as well thanks to the mild discomfort in my freakin spine. As if the arthritis in my fingers and knees wasn't enough - what a drag it is getting old.

In other news - Sam Peckinpah! What the hell is it with me? It's not an intentional effort on my part - but a shitload of Peckinpah recently worked it's way into my DVD collection - between Warner's classic Peckinpah westerns set, the restored version of Major Dundee and the generous gift of the Ostermann Weekend - to the upcoming (and very highly anticipated by yours truely) SE of Cross of Iron. It seems all of this stuff comes in waves.

When someone asks me about western directors, oddly enough, "Bloody Sam" is not a guy who usually pops into my head initially - sure i hit the usual notes, John Ford, Sergio Leone, John Sturges, Howard Hawks, hell even clint Eastwood - but Sam always snuck under the radar. Sure i'd seen The Wild Bunch about 18 and 3/4 times, and The Ostermann Weekend was a favorite of mine back in the day, and Cross of Iron is something i'd caught once on cable and never did get to see again, but i never really realized just how important Sam was to the western genre. I started off with
Ride the High Country, which, it's been said unto me recently, is an essential western. Well after one showing i'd be inclined to agree, though i'd need to see how it stands repeat scrutiny. While it didn't dethrone Leone's third film in the Dollars trilogy, and it didn't quite beat out Sturges' Magnificent Seven, it's still one hell of a well executed story about two aging cowboys (Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea) working as hired guns transporting some gold, and getting involved with a damned attractive young woman(Mariette Hartley) trying to escape her opressive father. It's got everything that makes a classic western, more akin to the old school John Wayne starrers than the bloody carnage of The Wild Bunch, and perhaps a little less descriptive of Peckinpah's style (hell - i'd have never said it was his outside of the fact it came in the boxed set and has his name in the credits). I can't wait to dig into the rest of the set, The Ballad of Cable Hogue looks like a hoot and a half! I also have to say that Peckinpah looks eerily similar to Sarah's old man!

Norman who? I'm Sam fuckin Peckinpah ya little cockbite!

In other news, I have finally sat down and peeled open Jade Empire for the ole XBawX. Bioware's approach to the action-rpg has me enthralled at this point. The Neauveau Wuxia setting combined with some damn gorgeous visuals (which look all that much nicer on the 360!) and Knights of the Old Republic style gameplay (albiet in realtime for you button mashers) make this one a damn sight near brilliant! If only i'd sat down and layed the damned thing in april when it was released instead of waiting until now, it might have ranked very favorably on my top 10 of '05 list! As it stands - i ain't revising that shit any further. Also grabbed me some PSP goodies (Street Fighter alpha 3 and Mega Man x! WOO!)- the gates were slow to open, but open they did, and by the fall there's gonna be one hell of a solid library of games for sony's little superbeast!

Tonight Johnny Zero and mesself are checkin' out the Doom in 5.1 - allah be merciful.

Apparently, all time loser and drug addled deadbeat nominee Tommy Lee got the living shit beat out of him by a bunch of Eminem's goon squad while partying a little too hard over the weekend - 'tis a bloomin' shame really - why couldn't they have kicked the shit out of Lars Ulrich while they were at it? Or at least shattered his wrists/hands?

But enough outta me... K-ROCK is playing Hair metal for the rest of the night and i need to RAWK out! The tour of the new house is coming very soon - hopefully tomorrow... Oh god... Def Leppard... ugh...


"Where there's smoke... there's some dang fool trying to microwave potato chips!"


Mitch said...

Not to make light of your injury, bud, but the first thing that popped into my head was, "Riggs! Riggs! Get your slow ass in the car!" ;) Hope they catch the fucker.

When I was watching Ride the High Country I kept thinking that the themes that are prevalent in most of Peckinpah's films are there, but he hadn't developed his technique yet. Then again, it was only his second flick.

I still have to watch Hogue and Pat Garrett. Jesse says Garrett is fucking great.

SteveTP said...

Yeah the state of my fury was probably roughly equivalent to Mel after he got free of the whole underwater straight jacket gag - the bastard is damn lucky i didn't catch him, and that i didn't have a car door handy.

I can definitely see where you're coming from re: Sammy's themes in High Country - That whole "man out of time/stranger in a strange land" schtick he seems to love in his westerns anyway. I really need to sit down with The Wild Bunch again - i picked up the old disc IMMEDIATELY before the boxed set/2-disc was announced (like within 24 hours!) but never did get around to seeing it - yes - I've only seen the damn thing in pan n scan. I'm hearing mad praise for Pat N Billy, so i just might make that the next outing on my Bloody Sam gravy train, then again, Cable Hogue is looking promising as well... argh decisions - it's a good thing there ain't much worth talking about coming out in February ;)

Mitch said...

I'm thinking of trying to squeeze in Pat N Billy this weekend. Man, you're in for a treat when you finally get around to The Wild Bunch. It's frigging gorgeous. And I'm with you all the way on Cross of Iron.

And what do you mean there ain't much worth talking about coming out in February? Did you forget about Domino? ;) (Yes, I'm getting it, and don't you say a dman thing. You just go back to waiting for the Event Horizon SE.)

SteveTP said...

Not a word... because i'll probably have Domino myself... ;)

And after tonight - i think i have to pick up Doom as well ;) 2nd time is a charm

Kevin said...


Been playing through a borrowed copy of Mercury, last world is CRAZY.....GTA:LCS has been on hold for a while. Played through WArcraft 3...finished Battle for Middle Earth Good campaign and now working through the Evil campaign. Catherine and I have been making our way through the SE trilogy. My machine is being a right pain...gonna be buying a cooling pad as soon as I have the cash..damn Toshiba, should have researched the beast before buying it...ah well...
he stole a ps2?? hmmm...why not a PSP..would have been easier to carry.

Mitch said...

Not a word... because i'll probably have Domino myself... ;)

One of us! One of us! One of us!

SteveTP said...

Kev... do not... I REPEAT do not play Jade empire - it will steal your soul! :)
Problems with the beast makes me very sad - i love that freakin laptop man! You're having shitty luck over there ain't ya? Pack it all up man - tell Catherine we've got some extra space - could squeeze you guys in somewhere ;)

Someone else asked me that very same question re: PSP vs. PS2 - my guess is the bastard had someone waiting to buy the PS2. prick.