Friday, February 10, 2006

Hey Mr. Tambourine man play a song for me!


Which means SFA to me... but, ya'know, happy Friday or something anyway.

The week from hell continues unabated - around noon yesterday i started to get that "feeling", you know, like someone is running a straight razor up your spine? Well - long story short - by about 5 i was in the grasp of a goddamn cold. Today i feel like shit. I don't get sick too often, usually once or twice a year, and when i do, it hits me like a sack of bricks. Thankfully my good man Mitch (Gun polisiher, and class-A minority opressor) is watchin out for the Steve, and shared some bountiful goodies with me. Also gave the 'ole Rock a bit of American flag-wavin love - and topped it off with a solid Led Zeppelin quote to brighten my day - i think he feels sorry for me. You my dog Mitch!

So in honor of the shit month that has been Feburary, an in honor of Mitch's good friend Jesse C. Bowdoin (Great American)'s casting coup, i present:

Billy! Find me a way out of this hole...

In other news, i managed to load some pics from the camera of the new place, so i figured i might as well share a few shots of the film-bunker - let the bombs rain from the sky, we'll be safe and entertained:

Stairs! Excitement! The entranceway to the bunker.

First thing you see as you enter the bunker. Notice the classy glass coffee table - which is sadly no longer with us. And the wall o movies at the rear. It may not look like much, but man is it ever comfortable, and the sound is fantastic.

A view of the Tele from the sweetspot. From here you can also see the game collection and my front speakers and subwoofer... wow! You can also see that the wall is in desperate need of a paint job.

A view of the comfy couch, which doesn't look like much, but it's clean, comfy, and that and the love seat as a pair cost me 30 bones! You can also see my nice Last Samurai one sheet. It's mounted on pressboard and hung on a screw that happened to be there when we moved in ;) I have Seven Samurai and Raiders of the Lost Ark posters i plan on giving the same treatment.

Last, but certainly not least, a shot of the bookstand hidden in the corner by the stairs - home of my old vidja games collection - some Nintendo, super Nintendo and Playstation stuff - plus you'll see Sarah's Walt Disney Treasures tins huddled on the bottom shelf there.

Now for Sports, Myself and Johnny Zero scoped out the Doom: Unrated DVD - and a good time was had by all. It's the same sort of brainless fun you get from stuff like Resident Evil, but with a few pleasant suprises. The gore was solid, direction was pretty good, and when The Rock loses his mind he's actually pretty fun to watch. It's trash to be sure, but it's fun trash. The screenwriter credits should read "Alcohol & Barbituates". When asked "what the hell is someone who writes something like this thinking?" Johnny Zero replied, "*snooooorrrttttt*"

That's all for now, have a good weekend, don't take any wooden nickels.


"Where there's smoke... There's Racheal Wiesz wearing nothing but a snake... ssssssss"


Mitch said...

I'm your dog, Steve! And damn proud to be, too.

Nice work on the bunker.

SteveTP said...

thanks man!

Give it six months!

Sara said...

Beautiful digs! I want to see more pics of Abby though...she's an awfully cute little tyke. And yeah, I miss the days when Friday meant the start of the weekend. Take care!

SteveTP said...


I'll see what i can do re: Abby pics ;)
Yeah - like i need much arm-twisting to show her off.