Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hey Hey what can i do!

Saturday freestyle!

So over at the DVDVerdict jury room forum, there's this little thread about how The Norway newspaper that published these Mohammed Cartoons, and how they've capitulated and made it so that further publishing of such things is not going to happen. Of course the "freedom of speech" outcry has hit in full force, and for some reason or another the subject led to Canadian laws re: free speech and what not. Now, I love my Verict peeps, they're all class acts, but every now and again I see something that has me scratching my head - particularly one post in this particular thread about Canadian Laws. Now I don't expect an American to have any clear understanding or concern for how we do things here in Canuckistahn - but sometimes the degree to which people misunderstand or misunderstand has me scratching my head in wonder. Who in god's name would really believe that we arrest and jail anyone who says something even marginally derogative? For 14 years no less?? A 3rd degree murder (manslaughter) charge has seen sentances as little as 3 years, and yet we'd through someone in Jail for 14 years for saying they don't believe in the Jewish Holocaust? No my friends - we are not that retarded. Now say you publish a Nazi propagandist newsletter which leads to the formation of a cell of Neos who wind up beating and killing a family of jews? Then you're going to jail buddy. Bottom line - Canada is a goddamn awesome place to live - We have a degree of freedom that would cause many an American head to spin - when i hear stories about "Canadian Law forcing people to be polite" i laugh. But enough about that.

Unnamed Canadian Politician

In other news, Yes i've started a seperate blog. This one dedicated to the Video Game scene. Why? Well, i read a few gaming news sites on a daily or semi-daily basis, and i'm sick to death of the prattling marketing lines and NDA or first dibs castration of the major sites, and the fanboy rambling or acidic favoritisim on display by the underground joints - so i've decided to throw my hat in the ring - as it were. What can you expect - (Hopefully) professional writings of the editorial sort - commentary on the state of the industry, non-biased reviews, News recaps without the bullshit spin, and review roundups. Basically i hope to entertain and inform anyone who sees fit to pay me a visit. Should see updates at least twice a week - maybe more frequently if i come accross stuff worth sharing. Rest assured that Blowin-Smoke will not suffer - if anything, you may see slightly less Vidja-game content in this neck of the woods. So feel free to check it out.

Over to Sam in Entertainment, Watched a spot of Lethal Weapon earlier this week with Mark n Andy (whom Johnny Z now plans to slay most violently). What a great goddamn flick. The amount of character onscreen in what was basically a Cop Actioner is what makes the film so awesome. The fact that they kept pretty much the entirety of the surrounding players and sets throughout the series endears it all that much more to me. But the first film was tight. Well scripted, beautifully directed, a solid all around flick, one of the few films of the 80's i'd really call a genuine classic. The magic of the first film was definitely carried over to the second, but after that the series waned a little. I once said i found it superior to the French Connection... i still do.

Also caught Sarah watching the Magnum P.I. pilot... Why the hell isn't TV this good anymore? And where the hell is Tom Selleck these days?

the Rundown:
Watching: Lethal Weapon / Magnum P.I.
Listening to: Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set 1 / Metallica - Master of Puppets / Dio - Holy Diver / The Tragically Hip - Road Apples
Reading: Grendel: Warchild by Matt Wagner
Playing: Jade Empire (xbox) / King Kong (xbox360) / Grandia III (ps2)
Eating: Chai tea
Wishing: Once again, i'm pretty content.


"Where there's smoke... There's Mr. Joshua, arm extended, and a cigarette lighter."


Mitch said...

Get that shit off my lawn!

I hope 16 Blocks doesn't suck. It would nice to see Donner nail another one, especially considering that he's getting on up there in age.

SteveTP said...

Yeah really. The trailer looked pretty impressive - and i find Donner has got a little more visual "flair" these days. Lets hope it's more Lethal Weapon and less Conspiracy Theory ;)

Mitch said...

No Julia Roberts, so that's a step in the right direction. And it's nice to see David Morse getting a little love. I'm just kinda worried that they took the last 20 minutes of The Gauntlet and expanded it into two hours.

SteveTP said...

I'm just kinda worried that they took the last 20 minutes of The Gauntlet and expanded it into two hours.

You say that as if it's a bad thing ;)

Mitch said...

Two hours of The Gauntlet: Good.

The last twenty minutes of The Gaunlet stretched out to two hours: Bad.

Soap said...

Listening to master of Puppets? I was under the impression that hell would be freezing over before that happened.

SteveTP said...

Tell me about it. Pretty damned boneheaded stuff ;)

Jon The Uncool said...

He's just stgeeling himself against the sight of me turning you and Andy into spaghetti sauce Mark. A little boneheaded metal can do wonders for your can seeing a man purposely botch a brainbuster.

Soap said...

I never once pushed Lethal Weapon in for movie lotto, though it was my idea to watch it the other night :)

kevin said...

i miss movie lotto

SteveTP said...

I'll bet you do - we miss you at Movie Lotto! :)

jgodsey said...

i liked lethal Weapon like i liked Die hard. both were simple well made films that kicked off a generation of clones.
I find donner is a hit or miss guy.

tom selleck is gonna show up on Boston Legal and try to get it on with Candice Bergen.

SteveTP said...

Awesome! :)

Jon The Uncool said...

yeah, as soon as I'm out of the room...judus.