Tuesday, February 21, 2006

He said fuck this, and fuck that... this guy's a diplomat!

Tuesday is my Monday. It's my first day back to work after what's usually a nice relaxing weekend. I hate Tuesdays. I get to open shop, usually clean up the joint from the night before (because Pete leaves the place in a state... Just cause he's the owner he thinks he can get away with it or something.) Put the new DVD's in rental - and hock candy to the junior high idiots. Joy... all i have to say:
Thank God for hot beverages laced with Caffiene.

I'm getting into all of these crazy teas these days, green tea, Chai, all that fun stuff. Loving the Chai, Roobois not so much so - that stuff was pretty nasty. But yeah, a nice hot cup o chai and a toasted bagel with skippy - now that's a DAMN good way to start your Monday! I'd recommend it to anyone.

In other news, We took Abby to see her first theatrical feature this weekend. It went amazingly well. Being how myself and Sarah always felt we weren't gonna shelter the little one, we felt it important to teach her valuable lessons about the nature of man, and how vengeance solves nothing - so we took her to see
Munich! Kidding!! Like any good parent, we took her to see Curious George - and i must say i enjoyed myself as well. It was a pretty charming little flick, and Drew Barrymore's awesome voice doesn't hurt either - love ya Drew!

Hell, how could i not?

Ahem, anyway - it went so well, i think we're gonna make it a monthly thing, The little fart didn't make so much as a squeak, she sat perfect in her booster between Ma and Pa, and stared fixated at the screen, smiling when apropriate. There are a zillion or so of these CG flicks coming in the next 8 months or so - so we should have lots of material - Doogal looks pretty fun! ;)

We have the edge cochise, they think i'm dead
"Where there's smoke... There's a curious little monkey who got too close to the toaster oven at breakfast-time"


Mitch said...

Let me quote something you left on my blog:

My fiancee would ask questions if i spent my free time surfing the net for pics of hot chicks.

So how'd you get away with it this time?

(I don't consider Drew to be a hot chick, but I'm just saying. ;) )

SteveTP said...

I'm at work ;)

Drew rocks man - i'm all about Drew.

Mitch said...

I'm a work. That's a convenient excuse. ;)

SteveTP said...

But an excuse nonetheless :)

Soap said...

Drew makes my eyes bleed... well not really but I wouldn't call it candy. To each their own.

SteveTP said...

Man, i've given up on understanding you! ;)

You can have your Bea Arthur and Judi Dench - as disgusting as it is - i'll take Drew!

Jon The Uncool said...

I'll bet he'd be all over it if it was AN-Drew Barrymore.

Jondre the GianT said...

Man, I think Drew is pretty sweet. She has that cute innocent look but then she got 4 or 5 tattoos underneath it all. That's pretty cool in my books.

SteveTP said...

And she got Donnie Darko made... so there!