Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shine on you crazy Diamond!

Saturday once again. I've been doing a lot of thinking today - thinking about putting pen to paper and getting back into screenwriting. (yeah, i know.. ) I'd had quite a few of these done just under a decade ago (it seems like that was all i did after Graphic Design was done). It was all first drafts - Shortest was about 90 pages, longest was about 210. I lost IT ALL(along with my entire Graphic Design portfolio) in a hard drive crash in 1998. That same week i was battered with design based job-interviews and suddenly had nothing to show - a cold week in early may i like to call the Week i wished i were dead...but i digress...

Yeah i'd started some stuff in the years since, but nothing solid every really came from my efforts. There's this one idea that's been in my head (and partially on paper in different forms) for a few years, and this morning, it finally matured. What started as a simple riff on movies like Clerks or Dazed & Confused crossed with the multiple thread madness of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrells, has turned into more of a "pre mid-life" crisis story. I have some great stuff floating around in my noggin right now - pretty deep and emotional i guess... Call it a more relaistic version of Garden State without the prententions and zany wierdness. It's about one guy - instead of a group of zany characters - and instead of trying to find 200 bucks to replace what he spent on weed for the weekend to put back in his till before the Boss does his Monday morning count - it's about coping with the "Is this all there is?" mentality of a 30 year old guy who's life hasn't amounted to much at this point. It's an escape story, it's got a positive message - it's about getting out of ruts. The title remains the same: "Going Nowhere". Maybe i'll share more down the line if i proceed with this - and man i really want to right now...

In other news, Finished Perfect Dark Zero on the ole xbox360 - it was pretty damn sweet afterall - not much of an ending, but what ya gonna do.

Had car related plans and financial plans get screwed over within 24 hours of one another this week so i'm gonna be paying student loans for the next decade or more, and no new car... yet. I don't want to talk to a bank ever again... Now that i think about it - man i've had a bad week overall. And February-April is usually the worst time of year for me... joy oh bliss! What hath I to look foreward to?

The facist is in control - Harper won the election, for what good it'll do him. Former retired Liberal party member (and former Newfoundland Prime minister) Brian Tobin has announced his return to the political forum - and is many are saying he's a shoe-in for Liberal party leadership. Yeah, Tobin screwed Nurses and fisherpeople over - but for those of us who didn't have government jobs/take EI for 4 months of the year - he was a prince, a gentleman, and he did right by us... He put this province on the map in a HUGE way. If he grabs the Liberal leadership - give it time and he'll be running this goddamn country.

We just had a Boston Pizza open up here in the city, and i'm jonesin' something fierce to try it out - but not tonite dammit! Because i have to give a week's notice before i plan on going out to a restaraunt now apparently... fuck!

Not much else going on...

Steve is:
Watching: Mulholland Drive / Mission: Impossible /
Listening to: Franz Ferdinand / Franz Ferdinand - You could do so much better / Fireball Ministry - Their Rock is not our Rock.
Reading: Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi
Playing: Legend of Heroes (PSP)/ Final Fantasy XI(xbox360) / Call of duty 2(xbox360)
Eating: Not Boston Pizza apparently
Wishing: This week would be over and done already... fuck sakes...


"Where there's smoke... there's a marooned plane crash survivor tryin to get your attention."


Mitch said...

Hey, you don't to get to make any Floyd references. That's my territory, dammit! You do it again and I'll be forced to get some fat and psychopathic wife to thrash you within inches of your life.

Let me read your script and I'll show you the one Jesse and I cooked up.

SteveTP said...

Don't mean to be steppin on yer toes :)

I just quote whatever classic rock tune happens to be playin on K-rock 9.75FM when i'm updating lately :) You keep that psychopahtic wife to yerself dammit! :)

That script exchage sounds like a solid plan - as soon as i have something presentable i'll do so - in the meantime - you n Hoss eh? I'm somewhat scared - I should let you read the one myself and Jon came up with ;) (Think 80's cop action/Shane Black taken to the nth degree)

Mitch said...

You should be scared. We were trying to come up with the dumbest idea possible and hit on a cross between a vampire flick and Boyz N The Hood. We stole bits from too many movies to count, and half the dialogue is quotes from song lyrics. We tried to make it so it could be looked at as a serious attempt at a horror movie, yet anybody who's smart enough would catch on to the joke. All I gotta do now is write the ending.

SteveTP said...

Sounds fantastic! I wanna see this!

Go check out the best of 05 music again - and IMMEDIATELY fire up a torrent search or peer to peer whatever - and download Matt Mays & El Torpedo ;) Amazing stuff that i think you'd appreciate :)
Unless you hate Folk rock and/or have no soul :)

Mitch said...

You got Sophocles? That's what we used.

As soon as I'm finished with it--or if I ever get finished with it--I'll send it to you.

SteveTP said...

I use sophocles as well (unregistered version.. blah!)

Mitch said...

Unregistered all the way, man!