Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ooooh.... Barracuda!

Well, it's Saturday afternoon, i'm at work, time for an update!

You know what really sucks? Being the laid back kinda guy that generally doesn't get all up in arms about what's going on in the world around him. I mean - outside of bitching about work or talking about what kind of bowl i had corn flakes in this morning - i have nothing interesting or of importance to say... really!

I mean, sure i could regail with my thoughts on the current Canadian elections (thus alienating 75 percent of my infinitesimal following) or perhaps i could delve into my thoughts on the latest release from Osama Bin Laden's home video diaries (i wonder if Osama has a blog? He really should) - and risk the ire of the US State Department and possible deportation. Besides - i really have nothing of import to say on either of those issues - outside the fact that it's freakin hilarous that Osama is sounding more and more like a tabloid reporter with each auido/video release - and if Canada's government actually had any real power that wasn't governed by the people (God loves a socialist democracy!) then we would be royally screwed! :) (come on people - a facist, a mobster, and a moron - i hear Harper, Martin, and Layton may be involved in the upcoming Hollywood remake of The Three Stooges!)

In other news - the housework continues apace - the bathroom is no longer "ARGGH MY EYES" Green - it's now a pleasant earthy maple color, which goes well with the navy blue shower fixin's etc (Fuck Martha Stewart!). Up next is the grey-blue dreariness of the basement and the remainder of the "argh my eyes" green in the basement stairwell - all replaced by the nice pleasent maple earthtones... Soon... Mark another job off the list.

Meanwhile - Sarah just recieved word that work hours may be scaled back sgnifigantly within the next little while - so the hunt has begun for a part time job. She's looking at retail - which i think is a great idea myself. She's a fulltime Child-care provider and has been for the past 5 yeasr or so (not a shitty teenage after school babysitter or something - she makes mad coin - and has a college diploma in this stuff!). But the retail thing could be a nice change for her - between work and home, her waking hours consist of interaction with toddlers and young children - that can be a little maddening. A shot of healthy adult interaction outside the fantasy land that kids generally inhabit can be seen as nothing but a good thing in my book. She's headed to Pets Unlimited, resume in hand... I think a pet store job would be awesome since we're both animal freaks! And i'd love to have a nice huge fishtank :)

And back on the ranch, I finally broke down and grabbed "Go Tell the Spartans" an old vietnam flick starring Burt Lancaster which i've had fond memories of. Man the disc sucks - the picture is atrocious, sound is "there", and the goddamn thing is bare bones Fullscreen! Luckily it was dirt cheap, and the film itself is so damn good. Also Started in on the Final Fantasy XI beta test on the xbox360! Those who remember the old days of Eldorado Steve and the Website of Doom will know that the PS2 version of this game has owned my soul since it's release in 2003. (hell - since i beta tested that version way back when!) It's great to be back - and with a server full of over 2000 new players, all on a pretty even keel - man it's great! I can't wait to get a new "posse" together and go out exploring. The game looks a good deal nicer than it has on the PC and PS2 - the differences are subtle - but the more you play the more you notice.

Back on the Ranch - i finished Guitar Hero! Then promptly overwrote my save games and lost everything! ARGH! Back to square one!

Last but not least - i updated that antique pic of me in my profile - the new pic was taken a few days ago and shows off my relatively new "I'm too lazy to shave" beard! Abby wants me to keep the whole beard instead of my classic "goatee" look. We'll see i guess...

Steve is:
Watching: Go Tell The Spartans / Battlestar Galactica Season 1 / The Flash Season 1 / The fly

Listening to: Oasis - Be Here Now / Trouble / Trouble - Manic Frustration / Shadow of the Colossus OST
Reading: Zip!
Playing: Project Gotham Racing 3(xbox360) / Final Fantasy XI(xbox360) / Guitar Hero(ps2) / Call of duty 2(xbox360)
Eating: I am gettin kind o hungry...
Wishing:I could be more frequent/less mundane with these blog thingies...

"Where there's smoke... there's a toddler, a butterknife, and an electrical socket..."


Mitch said...

I watched my copy of Go Tell the Spartans and dumped it the next day. I didn't know the damn thing was full screen until it had already shipped. That disc is a frickin' travesty, although it was nice to see Marc Singer (who, by the way, is the nicest guy in the world) in something good for a change.

kevin said...

dude....i dig the beard! email me your new phone number will ya?

later skater


Dunnyman's Castle said...

Thank you ever so much.
YOU finished a household project, now I get all guilty feeling.
Now I gotta finish my tub and shower reglaze.
You bastard.

SteveTP said...

Get crackin on that - you don't want water gettign into yer porcelain - that stinks like you wouldn't believe :)

Dan Mancini said...

Nancy Wilson makes me want to buy a rubber. Or used to, at least.

Also, Cameron Crowe's a rat-bastard for stealing her from me. Even if he did create Lloyd Dobler.