Monday, January 02, 2006

New year, same Shit!

Hey folks,

Hope y'all had a good New Years eve... mine sucked :) Did manage to finish Guitar Hero though...

In other news - saw The Chronicles of Narnia last night, was suitably impressed! (Sorry Mitch, i gotta differ with ya on this one bud...). No it ain't Lord of the Rings - but it compares in much the same way the source material compares to Tolkien's classic work. It was a little heavy handed at times, and sometimes overdone - much like the book. I was impressed with the effects, the direction, and the production design, and the cast was pretty solid.

Meanwhile - Dead or Alive 4 on the xbox 360 was a bit of a letdown.

Stay tuned - later in the week we'll be presenting Steve's top 10 picks for 2005. Should be boring as hell -but I can pretty much gaurantee you you won't see another list even remotely similar online!

"Where there's Smoke... There's a new years eve barbecue in high wind"


Mitch said...

Man, you outta yo freakin' mind! ;)

Cat said...

Hi Steve!

Kevin and I went to see Narnia this past weekend and loved it!!! We were both worried we'd dislike it, like we did King Kong, but it was fabulous!

Hope you, Sarah and Abby are doing well.


SteveTP said...

Heya Kat!

Glad you guys enjoyed it! Managed to check out Kong after - at home - but was a little dissapointed myself. "Overcooked" is probably the word i'd use...

Sarah and Abby are great - we dumped Abby with my folks for the weekend and saw "Walk The Line" it was excellent if only for the performances of the leads (Resse Witherspoon was amazing!)

Hope all's well - i guess you guys are back in London now hey?

Tell Kevi sez howdy! :)

Mitch said...

I liked that King Kong had a reckless, go-for-broke, over-the-top quality to it. Then again, I can see why some people might see it as "overcooked."

Wait, am I trying to defend myself to a guy who loves Paul Anderson? Screw this, I'm going watch a Kubrick flick. ;)

SteveTP said...

Better you than me ;)

I'm gonna go watch "The Great Raid".