Friday, December 23, 2005

Man - this was a wierd one...

Ok, so i'm not one of those people who typically has any sort of vivid or profound dreams. When i sleep, i snore like a bear, and generally i wake in a confused "where am i?" state, my only thoughts being "Pee... orange juice... reactine..."! But this morning i had a doozy... I wake up alert, the entire dream still fresh in my mind... So Lucy(the character from Charlie Brown/Peanuts) is walking somewhere bright, could be a park, could be a Costco, and she bumps into Schroder (the piano playing Kid she wanted to marry in the Peanuts strips), who happens to be with his parents - DR. HEATHCLIFFE FUCKING HUXTABLE AND MRS. HUXTABLE! (That's right, Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show!). At this point Lucy loses her mind and freaks out on Schroder becuase "YOU DIDN'T FUCKING TELL ME YOUR PARENTS WERE BLACK!" and proceeds to whip the shit out of Schroder with his tiny piano (which, i think, actually happened all the time in Peanuts comics).

Also oddly enough - throughout the entire dream Lucy was calling Schroder "Schrodinger"...

I woke up sometime around here - asked Sarah if Lucy and Schroder were brother and sister - still fully asleep, she answered with a resounding "fuck off... no..." and continued snoring.
That's it... And no - i ain't a racist person - in the slightest! Somebody analyze that shit please and tell me i'm not insane!!!

In other news - 2 sleeps till Ho Ho comes! WOOT!

"Where there's smoke... There's Lucy burning a cross for the Huxtables" (yeah... i'm goin to hell)


Mitch said...

What the fuck?!?

Mitch slowly backs away, forgetting he ever heard the name Steve T. Power. ;)

SteveTP said...

So what yer saying is there's no hope right?

jgodsey said...

man you know you aren't supposed to eat a heavy meal right before you go to bed.

Mitch said...

So what yer saying is there's no hope right?

Sometimes you huff the glue, sometimes the glue huffs you.

Parklife said...

it's obvious. You have uncovered the dark secret of Peanuts and the subtle Lucy as unwieldy Nazi protagonist. You see, Schroder was the americanized Schroginger of East German fame. Lucy is clearly outraged that the blonde haired Schrodinger would have blacks as parents (blacks not being popular in Nazi Germany). Lucy then goes on to ceremoniously beat Schrodinger with a piano (turning his weapon against him).

You can expect to be visited by 3 men in dark suits and earpieces shortly.

Thank you for playing.

SteveTP said...


And to think - such profound realities would come to me in the dreamtime! Must i now spend the rest of my days with my head turned over my shoulder - persued relentlessly by an unspeakable evil? Is this what is to become of Steve?