Wednesday, December 28, 2005

all the young dudes carry the news...

Hey Y'all.

Does anyone find it disturbing that the symbol of goodwill towards men is a jolly fat man with an insatiable thirst for Coca Cola Classic and who's a little too friendly to young boys n girls? No? Ok - kindly disregard.

Well Christmas has come and gone like a bolt from on high. Satan Claws was good to me this year - in list form:

- An Xbox 360 Platinum!
- Guitar Hero (PS2)
- Serenity
- The Island (which i have to mail in for a replacement disc)
- The David Cronenberg Collection
- Sin City: Uncut, Extended
- The Warriors soundtrack CD (Thanks Beth! Luv ya!)
- A Transformer (woo! Gotta have one toy under the Christmas tree)
- AC/DC Boxer shorts! RAWK! (no pics you silly bastards)
- Assorted odds and ends that would bore you silly.

I'm certainly digging the 360 a LOT more now that i've found a few games i enjoy - Quake 4 and Perfect Dark Zero are awesome - and Ridge Racer 6 brings the classic Ridge Racer action with some gorgeous visuals. Also hooked up on Xbox Live - which is extremely cool (the marketplace is GREAT!). Also love the feature that allows me to stream music from my computer to the 360 - though i just finished setting up a wireless network and it doesn't seem to be working anymore... :(

Christmas day was great - Sarah cooked Dinner for both sets of parents, Abby was opening her own gifts from about 10 AM till 8 PM - and Deeann (the "other woman") and I got some mad crazy Geetar action on the go. Rawkstar Johnny Zero showed up at some point with his own copy of Guitar Hero and much multiplayer madness ensued. Truth be told, it was Boxing Day before i really got into the 360 - Guitar Hero is JUST THAT GOOD! If you own a PS2 and have any pencheant for rock n roll at all - you MUST own this game! (Mitch you'd LOVE this shit i'll bet!)

It's all over now - didn't get a day off this year (Christmas Day and Boxing Day fell on my average everyday weekend) and i'm feeling it... can't wait until the weekend!

Hopefully i get to check out some new flicks this week - Still haven't managed to see Narnia, King Kong, Syriana, Munich, or several of the other films which have opened in the last two months or so that i've been wanting to see... I may end up cheating a little again when the big year end finale kicks off next week.

Anyone out there familiar with Windows XP: Media Center Edition? I have a copy and I'm contemplating installing it - though i am scared... But the temptation of watching my avi and windows media files on my 360 is far too tempting!

Watching: Sin City / Crash / Naked Lunch

Listening to: The Warriors Soundtrack / Band of Brothers Soundtrack / The Tragically Hip - In Between Evolution

Reading: nada this week

Playing: GUITAR HERO! / Quake 4 / Kingdom of Paradise (psp) / Perfect Dark Zero / Neverwinter Nights

Eating: Kraft shells with cheese

Wishing: i could buy a few more psp games!

"Where there's smoke... actually it looks more like fog."


Mitch said...

Skip Narnia, dude. It ain't worth it. My nephew ate it up, but I was bored out of my mind.

SteveTP said...

That breaks the heart... i was kinda looking foreward to it :)

Mitch said...

I'd been waiting 25 years for it. I think my fond memories of reading the book when I was 10 are actually better than the story itself.

Kevin said...

and dude..we have to talk about king kong when you see and catherine were fairly dissapointed..